Discord [Typography Animation]

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  1. Laura C.C. says:

    …and sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon

    Well, I mean that is kinda normal for Rainbow Dash..

  2. this cisha gurl XD says:


  3. Allison uwu says:

    WOw you are super underrated!

  4. Peggy! says:

    I hate that caricature but I love that song.
    But of course, I like your animation 😉

  5. The Maryland Goatman says:


  6. Gracie says:

    I love this animation!! Nice job and did you know that I'm being something similar to discord for Halloween?

  7. sqirer says:

    I look up discord and this is what I find please fix this YouTube

  8. Kiwi says:

    Rip my replay button

  9. Offical Jacob says:

    why did i search discord and why dis i have discord on pc (chat app)

  10. Milo The Operator says:

    Me: in fake bostonian accent Yeah, and take a bullet with ya. fires .357

  11. SpunkyAquarius says:

    Love Discord… Or he will bring chaos upon you!

  12. gacha starz says:

    This is the best thing hapeed to ice bear

  13. Just Monika says:


  14. Galaxy's Lps says:

    i dislike mlp but like this song 🙂

  15. maberik 2016 says:

    Great animation!!!is awesome!!

  16. Jennifer Mcroy says:

    Right Freddie fads bear pizza

  17. Cloaker says:

    LOVE IT!

  18. Cool Cool says:


  19. Gaster Queen says:

    People should REALLY make a full pony animation of this,I already see and awesome video waiting to happen!

  20. Discord from My little pony says:


  21. NCR Gunslinger says:


  22. Tina R says:

    tlt made this

  23. Juan marcelo says:


  24. Mfluffydogge A says:

    lol I love this

  25. Golden_FNAF_Gamerx1264 FNAF_Girl_Pro1986 says:

    hey you coped from another youtuber men.

  26. Solar HOOman says:

    I FUCKING HATE mlp but… This song is freakin awesome!

  27. TheRedPanda says:

    Whoa. XD and I just noticed the name XD so its ammusing.

  28. It's real crackhead hours, boys. says:

    i always sing with the song XD

  29. Jeriel Edwards says:

    I love this video

  30. Fireflie Avenue says:

    It's a good song
    I just wish it wasn't based off mlp
    Is anyone with me
    Or am I the only one

  31. Online profitz says:

    omg this should be Zane's theme song off Minecraft diaries

  32. BLITZER959 Simsek says:

    is it when i say this one is better?

  33. Andrew777doom Gamer says:

    this video is absolutely 100% super duper awesome just imagine Pinkie Pie saying that

  34. Maxboom 0511 says:

    Love the vid and the animation it's pretty cool

  35. Professor_Jake says:

    I like it 😊

  36. Heterochromia says:


  37. Heterochromia says:


  38. Galaxie Mädchen says:

    I'd so live in the chaotic realm of ponyville. Shit, I'd be by his side drinking chocolate milk! Honestly I love the Discord way of living better. It looks fun!

  39. kittipaw says:

    love the animation . I also saw Mr loopdeloops ver

  40. bungo dude says:

    cool animation

  41. DaFireMangu says:

    SUCH IRONY!!!! D:

  42. Àñńý Ly PîķåÇhű says:

    Thumbs up

  43. Stills says:

    OK, i hate mlp but this song is to awesome to hate! XD

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