Difference between Minimalist and Lazy Logo Design

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hello people you’re welcome to ProUp
Masterclass my name is Tola Alabi today we’re gonna be talking about the
difference between a minimalist designer and a lazy designer you’re welcome back to ProUp
Masterclass now
there’s been this point of conflict between clients and designers where clients are feeling
that designers are being lazy and designers that feel like clients do not
understand them because they are being minimalist now we need to define that
word minimalism now in my opinion minimalism in design is taking out
what is not necessary and focusing on what is necessary in an identity now
being minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean being simple or being boring or
using only one font using only one color using gray using a lot of white
now that’s clean but that’s not particularly minimalist now if you look
at a logo at the Olympics logo the Olympics logo has five colors and that’s
because it was necessary for it to have five colors but it’s still in its own
right a minimalist logo look at the Toys R Us logo the toys or logo is also
a very colorful logo it’s minimalist in its own right in the industry it’s in it’s a minimalist logo for a toy company it would be highly improper for
the Toys R Us logo to be in gray now you can’t say you a minimalist designer you’re going
to do that in gray because you are minimalist and that’s what’s trending
right now that wouldn’t work for that company sometimes it’s necessary to have
a colorful logo but you as a minimalist logo designer
can make it work for the company even by using several colors I like talking
about the Unilever logo the Unilever logo has over 30 images in it or
about 30 images in it and it’s still a minimalist logo because it was necessary
for it to have those 30 images those 30 images represent what the company values are so if you as a designer approach such a brief and say I’m
going to use only one image because I want to be minimalist then
you’re defeating the essence and the core the ethos of the company so minimalism
in itself is not about being boring it’s not about being overtly simple it’s about
as I said initially taking out what is unnecessary and focusing on what is
necessary and what is necessary might be a lot of colors might be a lot of images
now being lazy on the other hand is not giving all your effort into a design
saying I’m not gonna research my fonts I’m not gonna research how many images I’m
gonna put into this logo I’m not gonna research the story of this logo I’m just
going to type an alphabet A and send it to the client now that’s going to be
lazy because it doesn’t represent the company you’re working for and it doesn’t enhance the company values so we need to be able to distinguish
between being minimalist and being lazy if you have other logos you would like
to share that fit into what you term as minimalist and other logos you
feel are lazy logos please feel free to drop a line in the comments and don’t
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    Awesone class sir

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    Weldone Sir

  4. Japhet Onojie says:

    wonderful as always sir. I remembered when you first explained this to me on instagram. thanks for sharing and digging deeper into it.

    I'd like to drop a link to one of my latest logo design projects, if be glad it you talked about it, I'd like to hear your opinions; minimal or lazy. thanks sir


  5. Somto Onubogu says:

    The Nike, adidas, Under Armour are my top minimalist logos

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    Awesome Video

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