Designing Animated Posters with Amanda Wangersheim – 1 of 2

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hello guys hi welcome to adobe life I'm your host julia moussaka and today we're having this wonderful talented woman and it's her birthday by the way so leave her some nice birthday wishes in the comments and we're always happy to answer questions so be active and yeah support her during her work she's gonna be creating some super cool motion posters over the next two days today she's gonna start with the design part and tomorrow we're gonna move into the motion hi hi Sam hi Kate hi everyone thanks for having me hi Adi wow we have so many people over here it's amazing thank you guys for being here for tuning in well um let me introduce myself real quick my name is Julia Misaka I know my last name sounds a little bit weird because Ukrainian so I'm a graphic designer here in San Francisco working on a freelance basis I have my own business for two years now and Amanda who is a really talented designer she works I currently works for Dropbox she has been working with bigger clients like eBay for example and yeah she's gonna introduce herself in a little bit so guys as usual you can submit the entries for the daily creative challenge and today's task will be creating drama in a landscape by using gradients so let me switch to my computer real quick so I can show you where you can submit your work so you can find the daily creative challenge on behind that net slash challenge slash Photoshop there is also an XD challenge going on that you can also submit for there it will be behind net slash challenge slot slash XD so whatever you guys are interested in we're going to be reviewing some super all designs of you guys in about one and a half hours and in about half an hour we're gonna have a sticker give away from sticker mule where you can win super cool die cut stickers a hundred pieces and they're completely custom made so ya participate in the chat and we are also very happy to answer any of your questions so Jack oh hey Jack oh yeah I know him as Miller Kai Anthony great great to have you all guys kita Jones keep that Joan sounds about very familiar I think maybe last time he was here as well Brittany Lewis Wow it's great that you guys are here well Amanda so let us know where are you from what you what are you doing what are you aiming for the next two days hi guys I'm originally from San Diego area California and moved to San Francisco for college and never went back started working here in the design field and I'm so excited to be here with you guys and I just want my main thing for you guys to take away today is something as small as something to help you with your workflow to hopefully inspiring you guys to start maybe a personal project or some sort of series that can help you express yourself and really help you grow as a person as well as in your design also so amanda has this amazing project where she's creating posters every week this is her Instagram page Amanda Lee please your your second first name right it's my middle name yes awesome so you can follow her on Instagram but also on behinds she has a couple projects there as well and yeah tell us more about your project I can see a bunch of super cool motion things happening right here thank you so much yes so almost a year ago now we're on week 43 out of 52 today so we're gonna get more into that as we start working but basically I created this project almost a year ago in I believe September and I called it 52 by 52 because I actually had a kind of very intense personal difficulty happen where I lost a very close friend of mine and he really inspired me to better myself as a person everyday and because of that I wanted to honor him and do something for myself where I'm learning new skills and expressing myself every week and just kind of something to hold me accountable every week to put something out into the world and so whatever your reason is I really encourage you guys to do something for yourself whether it's to express yourself forever learn new things and that's what got me started so from there I've really fallen in love with the process and today that's going to be helping me create week 43 out of 52 awesome yeah Francisco is asking if it's after-effects and yeah it's a combination of Illustrator Photoshop where you create the actual design right yes thanks for the question we're going to be using a few of the Adobe programs today today since this this is a two day stream today we're going to be focusing on Adobe Illustrator and a little bit of Photoshop whereas tomorrow we're going to be using those two as well as Adobe After Effects so the motion is going to come tomorrow where today I can show you guys how we're going to do the design as well as the setup for the poster itself yeah awesome Kyra Jones is saying amanda has a great ease of color I cannot only agree it's very versatile it's some bright colors up here but also very subtle so it's very yeah it's very versatile and I really I'm looking forward to this really excited what its gonna be in the end I'm excited too Julia all right should we jump in yeah let's jump in who else uses blue light blocking glasses okay so I prepared a bit for today and I have a mood board for you guys so something I'd recommend if you're feeling lost as far as starting something new I know that can be daunting go ahead and make yourself a mood board and you can have something specific in mind or you can honestly to start pulling things that speak to you excuse me and it can be anything from images photos that you've taken yourself anything that you find on the internet reading magazines anything out there that speaks to you so if you guys see here I created a little template that we can go over and if you see on my posters I have let me pull this up really quick I have a framework for my posters if you see this small print around here I'd recommend you guys setting something up like this if you're planning to start a series or even just a poster in general well what's the combination sorry that was command semicolon oh wow okay I didn't know that one what is this called a semicolon this one yeah okay it's the corn with the yeah I think I see me calling it need to work on our lingo okay so I would recommend you guys setting something like this up and if you see here we have week 43 and the theme that I decided to go with today is change because there's a lot of change happening in my life I'm starting a new job if you guys follow me I can get more into that another time but starting a new job is a big change in life and it's really exciting so that's what I decided to focus on this week and it's also cool to look back on if you can remember looking at your own work what you were going through at that time Peter John is saying that your glasses glasses look dope thanks I got them here in San Francisco and by the way hi cloudy hi jasmine hi Michelle Kyler is saying that you are a beautiful person thank you guys you guys are beautiful as well and so these are pretty green here all right cool I think that looks awesome I really love the different typefaces it goes like from from zero to a hundred from San serif to the super crazy surfs here thank you yeah so I kind of had when I was looking for my inspiration I had the idea of change in mind so for me it's like for example here if you guys so you can see my mouse the the letters on this piece are moving so that represents change here it's more of a form that's changing as well as here gradients also change scale because some interesting type and so you can kind of see it's a little bit of everything and if we continue going down something that I have started on my week one of my series is that my work is also influenced by music so this week I decided to I already decided on my song this morning I'm actually seeing Odessa tonight for my birthday so this song called la ciudad via desert is going to be the song of the week yeah unfortunately I can't play it here but you guys can maybe open another browser window and listen to it if you guys feel like it so you get an understanding what its gonna be I love Odessa this kerning bugs me okay I'll stop myself week 4352 so that's not something you guys have to do but like I said it's good to just have some sort of framework and now we get into color palette so this can come from anything again just like anything in life there's a lot of opportunity and a lot of things to explore so I pulled some inspiration from my mood board for this palette but I also kind of looked around a little bit more in and did refine it on my own so something you guys can do for example I do want to show you how you can do that so say you have a mood board wait so so this pattern is something that is going to be a gradient afterwards potentially uh-huh okay we'll see yes so when you're going through you kind of want to have in mind what you're gonna make and also when you're making a palette you want to make sure you have a diverse range of colors at least something that's going to show from light to dark and of course it doesn't have to be this extreme but you do want something that's gonna have contrast yeah contrast yeah so what you could do for example I'm gonna go command-v because I copied and pasted these circles here and for I known that doesn't know how to make a circle you can go here ellipse tool it's also command L as the shortcut for my Mac users and you can also option shift drag if you want to create a little slide palette for yourself and then command D command D command D for all my OCD people that want it evenly spaced wow that makes it real quick that's awesome and then say I want so say I don't have this this palette already right I want you guys to learn how to do this so if you select one of your circles you can go I so that's gonna grab my eyedropper and say I want this orange here look at ESCO we already have one color so you can just continue to select from your mood board whatever is calling out to you what do you think Julia what what chart card I using to to take the eyedropper tool so you select whatever it is you're so you're you want a color and you press this press I that's it just I I and then you can go ahead and select awesome and then to release you can press a B mm-hmm and then say I want to undo that command Z huh awesome that's cool what do you think of this palette Julia I think it's very interesting it has a lot of purpley tones so this pink and purple I think could be the contrast to this very light green and this red also kind of sticks out so that could be like the contrast see part of it right so just to show you guys this is this could be your palette saying happy birthday oh thanks Cory love you see you later he's coming to the concert later okay so yeah I mean this is a cool palette I'm just I just wanted to show you guys that it could be that simple if you're really struggling with the palette and then you can refine from there does that make sense okay so what I did here I just created some random shapes to kind of see how the colors are actually working together cuz it's kind of hard to do and they would outline them and then he got those uh let me bring round shapes right yeah so all I did here I just pasted it okay whoops let me bring this down here okay so all right great so having something just so you can look at helps to see how the colors are working together so all I did was grab my brush tool so that's B on the keyboard Brazil and the house said Brazil I left from Brazil the beach sounds nice right now happy birthday Amanda from ootds thank you she's also happy about any messages on Instagram yeah if you guys feel like it wish her a happy birthday thanks guys and thanks thanks Axl for saying you love the way we're starting the project I really hope it's helping you guys so any feedback you can give us is great yeah ask us any questions send us your favorite colors so what's your favorite color so what I did here was I grabbed the brush tool and you can change the size by grabbing the bracket so this is me holding the right bracket and do you see that getting larger there so if you want a real chunky line here that's what you can do so remember V and then I I'm gonna grab another color V again be for brush and what what this illustrator program does is it actually smooths out your line for you so if you see when I'm making it's kind of like jagged no then it smoothes it out for me there's a way to set it right how much you want it to be smoothed out right well let's not get into that now okay I think this color combination is super interesting this is very light green with this lipstick red I think it's awesome I'm just excited here oh yeah okay so there you go and this you guys there's no right or wrong way to do this I'm just trying to show you maybe something that will potentially help so just like anything in art there's no really right or wrong yeah that is true just draw your random shapes yep so now we're gonna I'm getting to see how these are working now the only one that's missing is this one B for brush okay cool so within Illustrator there's even fun things we could do with this to create the design but today I want to stay on track with what we're actually going to be doing for this poster is we are going to be creating gradients with a gradient gradient mesh tool so this here where do I find it I will show you okay I'm overly excited as I'm just excited you I'm not very big on making gradients so for me it's really cool to learn right now yeah and let us know if anything is not making sense or if you guys need us to go slower or go back on something just let us know so I did take the time to create these already because I wanted it to look a certain way and show you guys what it's going to look like and then right now we're gonna go through and actually create it so you guys can see every step and what I decided to do is use these three gradient meshes here to represent change so for me obviously the the dark purple is kind of overtaking the sphere and that's for me representing change in an abstract way so why don't we go ahead and make a circle so that's how you start and why don't we use this color palette for now just so you guys can have a little variety in your life okay so command V and why don't I walk these just so I don't mess them up which is command to yep see now they won't move and same with this let's make it a little smaller so if you guys don't want to mess up the shape of your circle just press shift there you go that's a little small right okay and two okay so the way you're gonna start to create this I know it looks kind of maybe intense is you're just gonna grab the L which is a circle tool and hold shift like we just did to keep the shape otherwise it's going to be an oval or something crazy Rico is saying my boss will kill me if I would say I do something random never never admit that you're experimenting on the side yeah you know exactly what you're doing yes there's a there's a purpose for everything right I guess you can walk Malcolm address vodka oh hello long time no see hey Marilyn see okay so we have a circle right why don't we start it with a color because it's gonna be easier that way so what color do you guys want me to start with okay shoot your colors what colors you started with do you guys think all it here red pink green blue or light pink what is that light pink yeah shoot your colors we need a decision now okay so let's try something out so they have something to pick from mm-hmm lime green from Brittany all right thanks Brittany all right there it is really good purple green okay green definitely we have two greens okay we have two Pink's now oh okay green purple purple okay everyone sing well okay why don't why don't we just okay purple I think rebel isn't the majority now so that means this one correct yeah okay so just a rule of thumb if you're creating some sort of gradient like we are it's better to have a slightly darker color like I'm using here just to give the eye some some hard edge there compared to the white background so I would say either the orange the pink or the in this case might be the best so let's go ahead and start with the red oh yeah I love that color yeah oh cool it was an amazing super classic lipstick color guys looks good on every skin tone especially on light skin tones okay so I think it looks good on tan too yeah I need some tan okay that's this orange touching it I love it so the way we're gonna create this gradient if you can see just kidding I can't click on it cuz I locked it if I did click on it it shows that there's more of a complex grid here so what that's called is a gradient mesh and that's something that's new on the newer versions of Illustrator that you couldn't do before before you could just do kind of more a more of a smooth gradient so this actually gives the artist the or the designer the liberty to create the gradient by themselves rather than have it computer-generated so what you're gonna do is sometimes if you forget where stuff is you can just go to help and say gradient see here we love death you guys it happens by the way guys only 7 minutes and 53 seconds until Chad and wind where you just have to type comments and then you can be considered to win the 100 stickers from stick removal so stay tuned Oh stickers that's awesome yeah okay so do you guys see how even just typing the word gradient it shows up the first thing so create gradient mesh that's what you're gonna do you're gonna click it and then if you see you're to you were to go the long way you just go object to create gradient mesh so it's right there for you okay and then you're gonna get this little window here and it's gonna say rows columns appearance highlight so if you mess with these a little bit you can see it's gonna change the look of your gradient hide an hour then they're saying hi girls hey I thanks for saying hi guys body amend this you Roberts ready to win Alex kochenko probably also Russian or Ukrainian yes okay so I I started this either flat or Center if you see the center option kind of gives you a little bit more of a start on the actual look of the sphere so why don't we go ahead and go with that and then if you were to edit this just to show you for context it would go ahead and add more points for you so what we're gonna do is to go in and select each of these points and change the color but for the sake of today let's just stick with 4 4 is more than enough to create what I did here okay cool so look at this it's already kind of coming to life right so what we're gonna do is select it again and to select each point you're going to press a on the keyboard and what that does is you know how V kind of selects this whole thing a is going to allow you to select one point at a time but you can also select multiple points at a time with it so why don't we start with kind of going in here and just see what happens so I'm clicking here and then we go ahead and hold shift if you're gonna select more than one at a time and then remember something we learned earlier I so that's gonna allow you to use the eyedropper and go to your palette here and see what's gonna happen oh I love it oh yeah it looks like somebody put on a highlight on ooh yes I don't have highlight you guys know so Alex saying he followed us both on Instagram great thank you so much ring Felix we could begin stuff is saying that he needs some stickers to cover the screen off of his boss you want to cover your boss with stickers I hope they're friendly sticker anyway in only 5 minutes and 10 seconds you have the chance – all right ok does that mean we have 5 minutes to create this fear Julia yeah no we have some time after this don't worry yeah oh god we sweating over here ok yeah I also laugh at my own jokes it's really bad okay so you're good reselect each point again with a and then remember if you're selecting more than one shift I then I'm Riley I'm suggesting this through the eyeshadow palette color oh yes I shadow actually I think tomorrow if you guys tune in tomorrow I'm gonna wear like peachy eyeshadows okay let's do preachy eyeshadow tomorrow yeah okay huh we could be matching yeah we can be matching okay sounds good so ooh this is already kind of working right but we we kind of have the dilemma here that unlike my palette up here we have a lot more variety in the palette so the blue is a lot different than the light pink for example or in the orange so we need to start building in the blue somehow so why don't we start building the blue on the outside and again there's no right or wrong but in general I think the darker tones look best on the outside just to give this for your some depth so why don't we go ahead and click these here a click shift I'm holding shift just clicking after I selected a eye for eyedropper going at the blue welcome mark Hutton hello mark sorry just joining don't worry man at the right point and just getting fun a shift I okay this is actually gonna work I'm glad right now I didn't test this before so oh this looks nice no it's starting to kind of work a little bit right well it reminds me off the space off like planets thanks jack thanks for saying I can laugh out loud yeah I thank God we're not forbidden to love here what do you have to do to win the stickers so in 3 minutes and 2 seconds you can just type any comment to be considered for for the stickers so that's what you have to do just type in a comment that's it but I'll let you guys know it's that far okay some interesting things happening here it's kind of like a sherbert ice cream if you like you're weird just kidding hey uh or it it also looks like shaved ice you probably you know how they put the different colors and the different spots and it creates something very similar looking mm-hmm actually reminds me of that looks very tasty yes do you guys like sherbert ice cream yeah who likes sherbert ice cream okay so why don't we go ahead and stick with it so I'm kind of actually liking how there's this weird shape in here so every time you do something it's gonna be different than it was before and that's not a bad thing that's actually a good thing because it's being created organically and you're expressing yourself for that time so to copy this over rather than just starting from scratch that would take a lot of time right so to save yourself time you can select it just with the regular V tool and then I'm gonna click with my mouse option shift bring it over okay I want it to line up right and then V to release click yeah there we go awesome so Juliet how do you think we should change these so if the theme has changed right since this is different than the top here yeah how do you think they should change moving forward do you think it's jazz Lou or I would suggest to to make this bright color grow because that's kind of like a positive change right if it's getting brighter and then like all the darkness kind of like fades away so I think that will be really cool if we could do that okay I like what do you guys think she is a sunny girl it's her Instagram oh yeah my Instagram is just another sunny girl you everything is just another sunny girl yeah check it out we must appreciate each day true okay and we only have 52 seconds until Chad and wins so stay tuned and only 52 weeks in a year okay so we're gonna add the pink more so shift shift okay jugglers for the shower bag can can get enough I can see that love you doc Britney Lewis yay make the light color bigger yes she agrees Arianna is saying so I think I need more green here hi Betty Betty Brooks just joined us hi hi we're working with gradient mesh and illustrator and we're gonna be green and waiting Oh happening you guys that's awesome but we have a chatter win because there's my work so we're gonna do a china win so you guys just have to type any kind of comment in the chat window just type anything to be considered for the 100 stickers from sticker mule way shanna win type away just type anything anything any favorite color any favorite name favorite name fireworks type your own name if it's that if it's your favorite name type your favorite actors name if that's your favorite name does it need to be a name it doesn't have to be a name just anything you can type anything you want what's your favorite color you guys what's your favorite color yeah what's your favorite color my favorite color is blue but I also love black oh I love black too Black is kind of like many people's color but then they kind of also like a color color yes Oh guys type type type not already what Corey say just type anything you want a hundred three by three and the winner is Angeles Rock congratulations congratulations Angela you're winning 100 die cut stickers from sticker mule and from for everybody else that didn't win you can go to stickum you'll calm slash Adobe life 19 to be cut or no you don't have to be considered because you don't have to win anymore you can get 10 stickers for only $1 Wow there we go and now we can finally continue with our super cute gradients alright so finishing up the third one here I'm gonna click a shift shift shift maybe some more green oh yeah what do you guys think about that yeah what do you guys think which color should be dominant in the end I think the bright colors super nice especially because it's not a very typical bright color usually we work with like warm tones but this tone is kind of greenish she kind of cool but also very bright kind of looks like a light in the end of the tunnel well I really like and then you can always rotate so to rotate why don't i redo that click it and then click are and you can rotate it that way as well animation we're going to be doing tomorrow today we're going to be preparing all the design that we need with it with illustrator and tomorrow we're going to be jumping into After Effects ok so we're gonna go into the next step here we have our three bubbles so if you see the way I laid them out here they kind of look like bubbles and bubbles change right so that's something where we're gonna use moving forward and what you guys can do is grab one of your bubbles and mmm excuse me if you guys are going to copy this exactly you can otherwise I'd really encourage you to experiment with the tools I'm giving you today and create something new and that just kind of will push you a little bit to get outside your comfort zone rather than just copying something exactly but you're totally welcome to if you want to start this way as well so I would say just looking at the three of these this one here is the most interesting what do you guys think yeah Alex was saying that the last one they were the green looks pretty overpowering mhm I agree but if you see it as a process where something changes it can be sometimes overpowering right I'm wondering what if we add another pink in here I'm wondering if that helps it just kind of creates a weird shape here so I kind of liked it when it just takes over the whole thing we can use these up this one as a small bubble so we can go ahead and copy this and paste it command V and remember when you're scaling press shift to keep the shape and then you can grab your other two so let's go ahead and copy them the cool thing is that the color scheme is similar so it doesn't matter how the gradients are built they're always gonna kind of like have this connection of color so I think that's awesome right and we have a difference in scale here where the top ones larger than the bottoms let's go ahead and keep that and then this one can become smaller and you guys this is all abstract there's no right or wrong way to do anything exactly and so something I like to do is not take things too literally but do you have a reason for doing thing I think that looks really cool right now that small of the small bubble kind of looks like it's pushing into the big one yeah it does right so see how the readings can shadow yeah without even really trying and what we can do what would actually make even more sense is if the blue is on the other side but let's see if it gets lost yeah it kind of does get us all this so it's actually good to have that contrast if you guys see mm-hmm so it's good to have the contrast against the darker color okay alex is still confused how to find the gradient mesh can you show that yeah let's try that again so Alex let's grab a circle so go ahead and press L and shift then you can have a circle doesn't matter what color it is go up to object create gradient mesh mm-hmm boom okay and what I did for this one is for for Center highlight a hundred don't worry about it so that's gonna create this for you and then to change the colors like we're doing you're gonna press a select one point or multiple at a time if you select multiple go ahead and press shift click I change the color okay okay all right and I know this is kind of daunting because you have all of the control at your fingertips whereas before the the computer just kind of created the gradient for you so it can take sometimes you get used to and to kind of create something that you like the way it looks so just be patient patient with yourself mm-hmm and dresses saying it looks like Neptune on a nice summer day wow that sounds very romantic I would like to go there Oh Cory says gorgey colors thanks Cory yeah I love the colors they're awesome thank you so what did I do next here I'm starting to explore type because I know that I want to incorporate some type potentially in this poster maybe maybe not we'll see so a good way to approach that why don't we bring this over here yeah I think text can really make this the message even stronger than just the shapes right right so if you have something you want to say and some of my posters I put song lyrics or some cities that I've traveled to or anything that's kind of standing out for you that particular week or a day that you're creating something you can put one word you can put multiple words on your poster and that way you can communicate a little bit more clearly rather than abstract isn't there a way to change transparency off the colors edit in the gradient mesh circle Tim was asking yeah there is so I believe you would need to go ahead and change the transparency of the whole thing which I don't want to do for this purpose but you can I believe that is here yeah so if you just click on it and you're on the transform section you can edit the opacity so do you see how that made it lighter so I mean if you're going for more of that look and that actually creates more contrast as well mm-hm you can do that and then also something interesting so say this is at 61% what if I want to make this top one 61% you're gonna start to see the background a little bit as well mm-hmm yeah right yeah so see that so that actually looks like like bubbles yeah right so bubbles bubbles awesome okay Wow we got so that's cool actually it's kind of cool and here you can see how the color palette can create such a different mood I mean if you look at the right one and really look super happy super friendly and the left one kind of looks like like this Dark Side of the Moon and it has this dark side that's very intense and it kind of like it's kind of like coming out which one do you guys like better do you like the transparency yeah I like the full one one or two guys let us know which one you like better I love color we want to create something that's very motion like it's emotional content right so emotional content usually is not very light it usually has to do with with any kind of intense experience so I feel like intense color really fits to it so I feel like yeah I would not go for the bubbly look more for this yeah it's a very kind of change that's happening in my life so some people are saying they like this one some people are saying they like this one huh do a lot of to majorities too so far someone awesome the one looks like our world in 30 years that's dark mica oh wow well who knows how it's gonna look like hopefully hopefully it'll be a better place hopefully yeah awesome yeah okay Karolina I sing I like the transparency one but the colors are kind of girly hmmm maybe I'm feeling girly today she's feeling girly well we've been talking about eyes shadow Zasa okay Michelle says if we're going for change than one okay yeah I think it's a very drastically change from this dark purple to this very very light sky-blue I think it's I think it's actually really cool we know we could actually do is mess with it as well so option shift what if this one was the large one so see here it'll completely change the vibe of it this more drastic one is a large one this is saying transparency is the new black well it's at another variable to the whole game huh mm-hmm awesome so you could even do something behind it as well if you wanted Wow I think that's cool hmm I like that a lot I like that color scheme a lot shout-out to my friend who I got this color palette from thank you hmm I feel for me personally this top one is too much contrast to the bottom one and it's not flowing as well as this I agree so why don't we just delete this I think the left one is really balanced in terms of color I think that same amount of color of this dark purple that's in a big one is also in the two small ones so that kind of makes a bit a good a good combination totally so you guys so since this is the poster that I'm creating on change I think I'm going to go ahead and choose this one just because it it represents that more for me personally and that's not to say that this wouldn't represent change more for you that's totally your call and something that you can think about when you're creating your own and so moving on to type what I like to do usually is put kind of a large one word and just try out some different typefaces and see what what you're liking I'm actually learning hand lettering right now so I've been interested in black leather but I don't think it's really working for today I'm kind of more interested in potentially a serif like this I love sorry oh yeah I've been into this this lately this typeface is called OGG Roman then I have some classics here I have a veneer next if accidents get grotesque my favorite typeface of all time it's hard to Kern but it's worth the effort and you guys can check out the typefaces on fonts fonts that Adobe com you can just download them it's very very easy and it's gonna be applied to all of your Adobe applications so yeah check it out yeah so just kind of encourage you to look around on type Adobe Typekit and/or Adobe fonts comm and explore what stands out to you and go ahead and use that yeah there you can also filter for serve so censor so a black letter whatever you feel like yeah so how are we doing on time Julia you've were doing good I think we're doing great we have some time for experimenting cool so what we want to do today we'll see how everything goes with time but it looks like we have plenty of time to put together the static poster today and then tomorrow we're gonna add the motion so we want to give you guys enough information today on creating this static poster and tomorrow we can go ahead and make it move so that's gonna be really fun yeah so let's go back to photoshop we can go over creating a template for yourself so what I did with mine personally I knew I was going to be posting this on Instagram so I went ahead and looked up the specs for the large format Instagram post so you know how you guys can zoom out of the square and create kind of a larger rectangle post so what I did was I looked that up and if you go to image canvas size you can see my specs here so it'll fit perfectly if you create a size that is 1080 by 1350 and that's in pixels so make sure your increments are in pixels and it's only a 1350 sorry and it's only 45 minutes left for the design feedback for the daily creative challenge so submit your work you only have 44 minutes and wait to see your 55 second and you gotta be reviewing them a little bit later it's gonna be awesome I can't wait to see your guys's work alright so you set the size now yes hey Junaid I knew I okay so yeah we have the specs here and again this is just a suggestion if you want to do Instagram otherwise do whatever size makes you happy inside and what I did here as well as I created a margin that is consistent that gives me some room to put the type but also gives me plenty of room for my image here on the left side you have an extra guideline right let's ignore that for now okay but usually you can also put something on the on the side right is that for further or two orientation for the type that goes like vertically oh yeah you can so okay if you did want to put vertical type you could put analog miss line so do you think we should create a new canvas so I can show them how to create sure okay okay of course why don't we do that so we can teach you guys because I want to inspire you today to hopefully start something consistent for yourself if that's what you want so hopefully you can create the template today and then you can have that to move forward and continue to use for all of your artwork and so what we're gonna do is command n so we're in Photoshop just to clarify here command n that's gonna give me a new document and it's going to kind of spit out whatever presets you have previously so I'm just gonna do it manually and say I have pixels what did I say 1080 by 1350 and pixels per inch for web you usually want 72 but I just put 150 just to be extra safe and sharp right on doing default print yep 72 for screen but you can go up to 150 mm-hm alright increases the size of the file as well so you want to go as low as possible and as high as necessary yes well said so create okay so now it's giving me an empty canvas right and there's many ways to do this but what I did is I just created my own little square here so to create a square you can hold shift and think about how many pixels you want your margin to be and keep in mind it's tempting to like make a huge margin but that's gonna get in the way of your artwork so I'd recommend something kind of maybe between if you're doing this size maybe even as small as 60 to as large as 100 is the most I would go so let's go somewhere around 70 pixels and you can click press B and then you can go ahead and drag your guide here so if you guys don't have the rulers showing up you can go command R command R so that makes it that show up for you uh-huh just made my psyching this and then I'm just gonna drag this over this is my personal way of doing it you guys there's plenty of ways to make your template and the rules only for your orientation that means if you export the file the rulers rulers are not able to be seen so it's just for your just layout orientation so then we can get rid of this little thing here and command R I'm sorry command : command : that shows the rulers for you it's awesome it's fun to play with that super cool okay so they're disappear appear disappear so then what you can do is decide what you want to have on your type on your poster on your template so what do you want to say and what do you want to be consistent and what do you want to change so if we go variables huh so we have your project name right right so we have 52 by 52 that's the name of my project we have the month and the year and we have the week and right here what I decided to do is kind of name each poster with one two three words that kind of represent what that poster means to me so that's something that you can do something you can leave untitled it's totally up to you and then this is where I did listening to and then so this is where the artist is and I decided to put the name here so it just creates that consistent and then I put my name so again this is totally up to you why don't we create something a little bit different this time so I'm going to make a text box so I clicked T here drag a text box then it's going to put some lorem ipsum so why don't we start with name so why don't we put Julia's name just for fun oh it's going to be my new poster series and it is mas ALS ka MA sounds okay MA so wait can you say that again mas a LS ka there we go I'm probably pronouncing my name everybody's asking okay yeah and then you can change the typeface here whoops and you guys just so that doesn't happen to you can you can hide your illustrator just so it's on the way and you can drag out your Photoshop just personally I like to have it big so I can see what's going on yeah and then if you want to zoom in to your canvas command of whoops that's open don't do that command zero okay so that's gonna make it as large as your window okay so we have Julia's name here and we want to change the typeface just so when I copy and paste this I can have the correct typeface so we're gonna go command T and it's going to bring up the character settings here and if you see we have Helvetica neue which obviously is a classic but for this sake why don't we just change it to show you guys something new personally I like to have more of a classic as my template just because you don't want to take away from the at work exactly exactly so why don't we go with something like accidents go test my favorite typeface so if you guys go with this hand serif it's gonna give you a little bit of a modern look this is a classic typeface so you really can't go wrong but it's totally up to you and I'm big on kerning so if you guys want to make sure you turn your type two so it looks extra clean and what you can do is go into the text box and press option and then the right or left arrow to kind of nudge those over so why don't we zoom in here option shift and Hutchison shift oh yeah sorry not shift arrow that looks good so we could go on all day doing this but just kind of want to clean it up a little bit Russian people in the house Eddie's Agnes Anne is writing in Russian please use English here but he is actually saying I really need to learn English so that's that's a joke in itself well Julia actually knows Russians so why don't you say hello in Russian privyet leave yet well there we go international international team okay so to copy this we're all about efficiency right so let's not make more work for ourselves than we need to so why don't we command J and that's gonna copy Julia's name here so come at J do you command Julia's name Amanda yeah so do you see it being a coffee here that I'm just gonna go over and drag it over so then we're gonna have something right aligned over here so over here why don't we do the name of the song okay so we said let's see you died by ode is it kocchi shadolla is asking how you aligned the kerning again yeah so let's go ahead and look real quick we have to do this for that less you do that as well right yes totally so we're gonna go into the text box and I'm gonna press option + left arrow in this case do you see how that brought the D over and so with kerning you kind of want to squint your eyes and what you're looking for is is somewhat one of my mentors told me once squint your eyes and it you should have the same amount of as if you were pouring water on top of the characters you would want the same amount of to go through each letter so it's not necessarily like mathematically the exact space that is between it's going to be optically spaced so it's all done by your eye and you could sit here and do it forever so I'd encourage you just to kind of get in the habit of practicing that and you'll get faster at it awesome but this really I believe kerning shows a detail-oriented designer from from not so I think it makes a huge difference you will see once you start to notice this you'll see bad kerning everywhere and it will hurt your eyes or when something is not centered yes or not centerline or properly aligned along the line line line line who knows so does it all caps or is it not it is yeah yeah sometimes it's not it's interesting Oh de s Z hey so save us Z s o des oh yeah correct sorry yeah so you want to make sure if you are doing artist make sure you credit them properly and have their their name spelled correctly correct I agree so all caps it's a little bit easier to Curran sometimes but also I love all caps so I decided to do is put a dash here just to separate the name of the song with the artist and then you're gonna shift right arrow to bring it over so you can optically align it to the right okay so we have a template coming along here so in this case if I were creating a new template for myself I'm really tired of having the square that I have honestly just I feel like as a designers we get tired of things easily but for the sake of control-z for my project I'm keeping this but if I were to create a new one maybe next year we'll see with my next year of posters potentially uh-huh I would create a new template just because are you planning MasterChef yeah and I think it's super cool probably some of you guys have seen some artists actually do like a series of artwork and I think you can really see the improvement in practicing it over and over and over again even everyday just making a different thing different experiment every day you learn new tools and I think it's really great to practice designing and learning new tools yeah yeah I can actually agree to to that I agree with mrs. cow so why don't we why don't we play around a little bit so command T this is gonna allow you to transform the type so then let's go ahead and turn it sideways and if you guys want it to snap snap to correctly or exactly vertical hold down shift then release okay so then why don't we have something like this what if we did that uh-huh yeah that creates kind of like a frame of text which i think is super cool right so this is something that is a lot easier said than done and if you guys have ever done like editorial design you'll you'll understand that it like things like this look easy but to make it look right it takes forever so for the sake of time we're just gonna kind of leave it something like this for now but I would probably go ahead and finesse it some more if I were to actually use this okay so I just wanted to teach you guys how to create that template and then what you can do is command s so you want to save it so why don't we say one and you can go ahead and save it on your desktop wherever you want and that way you have this template saved and then for my next poster and obviously you guys wouldn't have the same thing twice II would change this to whatever other information you want to have but then you would have this template where the next week you would change the song and yeah and we use this template that's great okay so let's go ahead and close out of this one go after this one so let's get back to actually designing our poster of the day so we have our bubbles here we have some type that we're gonna mess with and only 31 minutes to the design feedback so you guys should submit your work submit your artwork so we can review and give you some feedback oh no those colors I think there are mine I was thinking what they remind me of and I think they remind me of actually like the sunrise and the sunset because when you have the sunset you have this dark purple dark blue and then you have the day sky which is light blue and then the in-between actually has the similar colors that's why I think it was reminding me of a sunset oh thanks Julia but a sunset can also be a sunrise this girl is such a good friend she always makes me so happy she has such a positive attitude on life oh I'm guys wanting friends that are positive people that's so well said oh I'm really happy to have you in my life [Laughter] thanks likewise okay so what I'm doing here if you guys missed that I did shift oh and that's gonna be my artboard tool on illustrator and it allows you to copy artboards make new artboards have more flexibility so this whole thing is your canvas here right so what i'm doing here is i'm going to kind of mimic the proportions of my poster it's not going to be exact but this way at least it gives me a sense of space of what i'm actually going to be creating hmmm so we decided this is what's representing change right so why don't we mess with this a little bit and see what we're gonna do here so I actually don't know let's figure it out okay and that's part of the process you guys don't be scared just start doing things and see see what you like and what's working for you yeah I just find that the circular shape if you guys can tell about all of my posters almost I just feel like circles look really good on rectangles and they can represent a lot of things and the only fun – oh yeah so I just really think it's a really nice ganic sheep Saudia metric shape but it's endless – yes it is endless okay so I think I'm going to have this kind of large but then I feel like this needs more elements of texture and layering here so we're obviously going to do something with the background but we need to decide what we want to do with type thanks Sam for posting my Instagram you're the best so what do we want to say with type Julia do you think we should say change there's a lot of options so we kind of decided we want to maybe go more in either this direction or we could also look up the song text oh we can why don't we do that let's look up the song lyrics that's something I've done before so la ciudad des yeah lyrics there we go I'm pretty sure there would be something super amazing that we will find right now that we can definitely use no Google we don't want this right now how about this oops that's a reddit we don't want that I love lyrics what's your guys's favorite music I really love tame impala I'm a big fan of tame impala oh yes I think their songs are very lyrics are amazing and you can really literally interpret so many things in it I think it's amazing so we're having some trouble finding the lyrics here it's maybe a little bit less popular of a song possible it's possible yes or we can just take the title of the song we can we can can I somehow sort let videos or recording by language because asking um I'm not sure so what the video the recordings by language potentially yeah just make sure if you're googling a song just make sure you put the the name of the language that you want it to be in and it will probably come up okay so rather than saying la ciudad that means the city I think I'm gonna probably just say change for the sake of today so why don't we try mmm tame Impala's videos will be something looking very similar to this poster super crazy videos yeah I agree hmm hmm so you can kind of just start to see like what it would look like if I were to separate separate these layers I'm kind of I don't know about you guys but I'm kind of liking this area more mhm because I feel like it complements mm-hmm the bolder imagery with a lighter typeface so it means the weight is lighter and also it kind of has more of a positive feeling to it and also I feel like the sensor specifically the one that you picked is very fragile I would say it's very very light and I think it kind of has this lightness in common with a circle with a the bubbles but also but also it has this complexity in it which is a contrast to the to the bubbles which i think is amazing totally oh I love the caps yeah I think I'm gonna play with the caps here so what we can do is get rid of this mm-hmm and then let's group this for now so to group something which means it can't come apart from each other let's select it all it's a command G and then why don't we blow this up a little bit and then object we can go expand object infill and what that's going to do is it's going to create this typeface into outlines and then object ungroup and what that does is it now allows me to grab each individually okay so then you can mess with it more mm-hm so why don't we make it bigger so what if I want to separate the layers because change is a process right it's not something that happens all together so why don't we start doing something weird with this uh-huh whoops oh yeah oh I like that actually behind behind the sphere behind the sphere the change is hiding mm-hmm so I think before I get too carried away I'm not gonna want too much size variation between the letters because there's already a lot going on with these three sizes so why don't I go there go ahead and go back and maybe I'm gonna make this a little bit bigger and potentially leave them all the same I don't know but we'll see we are experimenting yes so maybe maybe it'll work maybe it won't we don't know but you have to try it right yeah I think that's pretty cool I love it and you have to decide if you're using type do you want it to be legible do you want people to be able to understand what you're saying right away or do you want to use the type more as a texture mmm me honestly I have no idea right now we're just messing around okay so that's cool to me that's kind of cool it's also weird right so I haven't really decided you know what you can do is you can have a mess because the CH is pretty far apart from the a and this circle is also kind of dividing them so you don't really start reading from there I would start reading from the e array and a magna that's what I would read right see totally so that's that's something that's totally accurate and you have to decide if that's working for you or not which for me I don't want people to read ignite when they're looking at this so yeah maybe we should take a step back and use the type more as a texture so let's create more space by making this a little bit smaller okay and what you can do is align and this is gonna align to your artboard if it's like that let's go center center mm-hm Raphael is saying that an animation of these floating and elements we're pretty cool too a gift for a post that's the plan we're gonna be animating this tomorrow what if we animate these you guys so what he doesn't even spend too much time with with this type right now cuz I I feel like it's gonna take some time to make it work mm-hmm okay and the circles can be floating too or do you think you want to leave something steady right so I need to decide right now whether I want to be animating the orbs we'll call them or do we want to be animating the type mm-hm I think I will honestly choose we should animate the orbs because I think with the difference in scale and the nature of them it's gonna be really interesting to do that so I think we need to create some sort of background that's gonna work with the tightener and the background texture that we're gonna out later so who this is a challenge Cynthia is saying of your design thanks Cynthia I love it too it's amazing now I have never really practiced motion so much the only thing that I've been using is a the Auto animate on XD which I find really cool by the way you guys should check it out XD check it out I think it's quite a new feature ok so check out what I just did i centered everything and now it's doing this overlapping which could be cool but I think I want people to be able to see the difference and letters or the letters come together to the word whoa you guys are so many options here mm-hmm change so now do you leave the single objects like that and put them together and after-effects or do you already put it kind of together here and then animate it and I'd really recommend depending on the project that's gonna vary obviously but for our purposes of posters you usually want to have a pretty solid idea of your layout before you animate otherwise you can spend so much time just kind of redoing the same work that's just my personal opinion but you guys can play around with it I mean if you have time and you're learning then go for it me personally I like to kind of have a plan but totally up to you so what's important to consider before moving into Adobe After Effects I'd say mainly we need to set up the layers so that's something we're gonna do tomorrow mmm so these Adobe programs work really well with each other and they're designed that way for a reason so you can go ahead and seamlessly edit your work so that's what we will be doing tomorrow so I'd say that's really important and then also just having clean layers so not having much of messy messy stuff on him on a bunch of different layers you want to organize them which we'll talk about tomorrow huh those are the main things awesome maybe we can create some variation of this for tomorrow so we have something to experiment with and for you guys we have 19 minutes and 40 seconds until design feedback so yeah make sure you submit your artwork yes can't wait to see it me too and that will be also about poster designs with with a use of gradients and creating some drama with gradients I think gradients create a lot of drama to be honest if you look at this poster design I think it looks pretty dramatic yes guys change in life is dramatic so you need to I just like to try to represent whatever it is you're doing so if if this is happening where you have artwork that's not showing up behind something else you need to go ahead and unlock and that way you can command shift bracket oh it's not working let's see sometimes you need to move stuff to the front kamancheh front bracket let's see so what we might need to do is put this on new layer Oh duh see you guys usually in my early stages I like to not really worry about layers just because I'm creating but they're gonna be important later important later so if you see that why I was having that problem the orbs were on a layer in front of the night so Katherine is asking what do you do when you're stuck like this but your but your due date is near that's a great question yeah it is a good question you know there is always like I think Amanda knows how to answer this question yeah I mean I would say push through there's a few things either take a break go to an art exhibit go for a walk call a friend call your mom walk your dog eat a snack so you could do those things if you're really on a time crunch soap bubble break yes big enough but I would say something that's really hard to do but really effective is push through the struggle meaning don't give up right now so yeah an experiment some more yeah yes brakes are very effective so get your mind off of it and come back to it and I'm pretty much guaranteeing you that you'll have you'll have an idea of what to do just by having that mental break but at the same time don't don't take away from it too long like a week or even a few days because then you might just never finish it right mm-hmm so if you have the due date go ahead and take a break come back to it and and you got it mm-hmm what do you think Juliet I to be to be honest I usually take a break go for a walk look at something completely different and then bubble and usually you find connections to other things in life because our nature our brain if we have a problem that we have to solve a brain will look for solutions so the more inputs you give to your brain and this break the more chances are that they will find the solution for you so you don't have to do much just try to stay away from this work for a couple minutes or for an hour you know just let it go a little bit and then it'll come back I kind of like what's happening with this type nothing is working yet but I kind of like the way it's looking clustered together yeah and you can still read it uh-huh so why don't we go ahead and finesse it a little bit and try to make this facing more even mm-hmm I think right now you kind of have this cha-cha-cha-cha but is that a problem no I don't think so charge it could be a reading like yeah you could you could like read it wrong then we change what it is is actually change tre you have a very long chain just might worry about putting it all like this yes seriously no you know maybe we can modify the a somehow change and she's obviously not saying do this but like sample or something yeah yeah or just a distance or the width I mean just experiment because he's a dashing away mm-hmm okay so 15 minutes before you guys challenge yeah submit your artwork and we gonna be reviewing giving you some tips on how to improve yourself okay 15 minutes and ten seconds left make the text on an arc where it is now steve is saying mmm we could make it an arc mm-hmm so what if we put this behind mm-hmm so what if we made this bigger and made it more of a texture and put it behind the spheres is what I'm thinking uh-huh so what if we make it really big mm-hmm and then you can really read it oh yeah I love it actually oh I love it and then when when you do that animation it kind of gets revealed a little bit yeah oh my gosh I love this yeah you guys just keep pushing through the struggle and you'll figure it out yeah oh this is cool I love it I love it yes okay so right now it's on front which is totally kind of ruining the the depth of the sphere so why don't we go ahead and put it underneath and so what I did is I just dragged that later mm-hm so that's one challenge we're gonna encounter when you're making a motion poster is when it's static it's gonna look very different than when it's actually moving so for now if I show you this you're gonna be like what is that why can I see a scene of me but we're going to be animating this so you're gonna be able to see the letters tomorrow through the actual we could already start preparing maybe for tomorrow yeah so the next step we need to do today which probably will end is creating the background yes so we don't just want to white background of course you can if you want but I think it's not really giving me the feeling that I want right now it's just a little bit too stark white okay so why don't we add another layer so if you guys see this little create new layer it looks like it's turning the page let's go ahead and click that and so that helps as well as starting to name your layers if you get more than two it gets a little confusing so by clicking this ayat turns on and off your layers so this is gonna be I'm gonna call it my orbs and tomorrow we're gonna be putting the orbs themselves on different layers okay we'll see if we have time today Samantha's saying teamworks make the dream work oh that's true yeah angry totally constructive teamwork yes when you're building on each other's ideas oh and you guys protip do you guys see how all of my art boards are being weird now with the layers it's because I didn't create a new document for this so why don't we go ahead and do that in Illustrator so we can start to actually make the poster the correct size and that's something you want to do if you're gonna be animating you want to make sure you have the correct specs on your layers otherwise it's gonna mess up your artwork so we'll go illustrator file new or command N and again let's it's already set to my correct pixels 1080 by 1350 pixels say okay so now I'm gonna have my correct artboard size and what you can do is just go ahead and copy what you need one by one so let's do that so command C command V and this is gonna be my type so I named that type this is gonna be my orbs command C command V new light whoops delete it create a new layer and man yeah there we go or organization this key yes so when you're preparing files to be exporting and to after effects make sure that you make that nice and organized organized and put the different elements on the different layers yes correct and so what I like to do personally is I like to keep my desktop clean which means just not a lot of stuff on my desktop and I like to easily just save things to my desktop but you can save it to your creative cloud files you can to your documents whatever you like personally but what I'm going to do is save this as 43 because that's the week that the poster is in this way if I ever want to access my files again later I know which week it is great so I just say if the Photoshop file for this week 43 so it's 43 dot PSD this one be 43 I and then after effects it'll be 43.8 so guys not save that okay you don't really need to pay attention to this okay so now you need to add we have about 10 minutes so we're gonna add the background rate and this can always change so don't put too much pressure on yourself if you feel like you're not sure right now you can always change things later by the way after the design feedback we all have to still have some time okay so don't feel I'm just getting too excited okay I'm getting really excited for the animation part actually yes so look at what that just did mm-hmm you created a lot more depth mm-hmm and it's a stroke so I didn't even plan to do that but it shows you how much something as simple as that came to completely change the aesthetics of your work so you can go and press V I don't know I kind of honestly like black but let's see what if we made it purple so I'm gonna do I select that purple huh you kind of lose the edge there right so this is telling me if I want it to be dark it needs to be somewhere probably between black and this purple or I can just do black we'll see but I just go ahead and double click this here and you can select a color so since this is RGB you can select any color you want and it's not really gonna make a difference but if you are printing you need to make sure you're seeing white k values are going to be a color that's gonna print well but I won't get into that too much since it's gonna be an online publishing RGB is the right color scheme for us hmm see I kind of feel like that gives it a little bit more life than black and of course don't worry about the type right now we'll figure that out next what do you think Julia I think we should try both yeah I think we should experience was one the bright and maybe even the background can change yes oh now that looks really cool actually with the type so it makes it the type to stand out way more and I think it makes it way more dramatic with a dark background so I agree actually okay cool is awesome we can go to align put the type in the middle and again this is gonna change tomorrow everything is gonna change and tomorrow things I've got to change again constantly changing so to me without the orbs this is looking a little bit chunky okay which means the type is a little bit large in my opinion okay so why don't I go and edit that so I'm just gonna press shift and make it a little bit smaller Center centered I think with this background and the typeface in white it looks less chunkier than if I will be black on white background so we can actually experiment so let's go shift oh and then I'm just gonna yeah let's see how it looks and white copy it over I held command shift by the way to copy it over yeah and I see to me in the art burke's artboard selection to actually copy the artboard and not just artwork oh thanks top cat it's amazing to see how excellently women work as creativeness yes thank you thank you so much Angela's saying this is going to be so good tomorrow I agree Rafael is asking do you often use a lot of shortcuts to the tools or commands I'd say generally yes but the same kind of simple ones it just saves you time so you can get there yeah and we only have six minutes and 52 seconds until our design feedback so make sure you guys submit your artwork you have only a couple of minutes left ooh if it was pink Oh what if it was like a really light that's cool that is cool it's too late right mm-hmm I think why just do that yeah that is interesting and the change is not visible at first but then when you look closer it changes there it's happening or we could make the type even almost like tone-on-tone so it could be like way less noticeable mm-hmm oh yeah as well and then and then the orbs could be moving mm-hm and then you see the change behind the orbs what do you think I think that's super cool I love both to be honest what do you guys think do you like the black background or the light pink background let us know I honestly I think the black background makes it really dramatic the pink background makes it very light and change I mean change can also be if you go into the philosophy of it can also be something very light for some people you know some people love the change and for some people it's very dramatic so maybe it's not like that it's some more contrast but it's not too dark yeah it's kind of like a mix between this pink and purple it gives it some more depth so we're getting a lot of comments that people like the pink but some people like the dark background mm-hmm I think you guys like more Airy lighter feels from what I could tell today you guys like the bright colors the like Zelly uh-huh honestly my tendency is also further to the right one so to the pink one because I'm a person that loves change I like I like change in my life so it's like laces are like traveling I like trying new food new anything so I what do you think I mean it's your personal personal food so I think that's a great question and honestly I think I started with these drastic and darker colors because I had like stress about change but as as you accept it it gets lighter and more exciting so I'm honestly leaning more toward this direction mm-hmm now that I kind of work it out so do you guys see how how creating something like this can be therapeutic for you you can learn about yourself just from creating artwork there's a suggestion also to use it next to each other oh so which is awesome right so if we wanted to get crazy with animating we can even go what if like the background change from dark to light or something like that or what if it's half and half yeah I mean it could good there's a lot of or like diagonal line that kind of separates the dark off from the light black says cosmic that's what someone says things topcat yeah it makes those orbs look like planets uh-huh yeah so I think I think in reflecting on what I want to express I'm kind of leaning toward the lighter color but again we could we could change it later mm-hmm just depends on the mood right and only three minutes left until the design feedback for the daily creative challenge I can't wait yeah I think I think this Bink really works well with the colors that are happening inside the orbs I'm gonna complement it it's super cool and this dark deep purple makes it stand out and creates a like a three-dimensional effect to those orbs right which i think is super cool and we can take a step back and look at this facing here because we didn't spend too much time on it so you can object ungroup and what do you guys see I kind of see Li there's a little more space between the h and the a so I can go ahead and move that over mm-hmm and between the a and the e right if you look at the C on the end yes and a and E way more space yeah yeah it's very important to make it complementing for the eye to have this perfect amount of spacing between the letters especially if they're arranged in this way and that's the thing I do a lot is you can go em that's going to create a rectangle and you can just use this rectangle as a spacer for yourself so see here so see there's way more space so between the top and bottom row we want the same space between the letters and then also vertically but there is going to be some optical alignment going on as well it's not just going to be exact because the shapes of letters themselves are different so the way that you spaced them needs to be optically aligned rather than exactly a lot of the time okay kind of digging it right yeah I love it do you see anything my needs to fix I feel like maybe but like I feel like the G takes a lot of space for himself I could maybe move it a little bit further to the right because between the N and the G mm-hmm the N kind of has a very sharp angle on this round G which makes me a little bit uncomfortable right so I could even move the e over more right yeah create some more space there and maybe the G also a little bit to the right otherwise I think it's awesome I think is very balanced now hmm I still know I'm feeling like this e is too close see you guys this just takes time and yeah it all as a matter of patience and time mm-hmm so true liking those colors samozang I think Sam awesome Stevie hello Stevie Casa boom our Steve hello Raphael says he loves shortcuts yes mm-hmm shortcuts make it so much faster yes Rafi and I love it too so see my layers are getting messed up now that I copied our board but we can fix that oh yeah no it looks like it's time for design feedback counted Hey we're giving some design feedback on our great artworks that have been submitted so again the task was to create drama in landscape by using gradients creating a poster series or posters and I think this one is a really cool example how you can yeah increase the drama through gradients what do you think I think it's very intense I think you did a really good job creating that drama with these gradients yeah I feel like at the top there is some kind of light coming in and then underneath there is this yeah this shadow that kind of creates this very high contrast yeah it's very intense it looks like something is exploding some kind of natural disaster or some kind of natural explosion happening I think the gradients here are really good and used especially like the top part is very very intense and kind of highlights this intensity of an explosion through the contrast awesome yes whoo wow I love that I love the use of this of this rectangle in the space yeah it's very I mentioned us unexpected yeah I love it and I also think it's cool how you included the lower part underneath the water instead of just put like really adapting it into the 3d space which i think is awesome and well of course the sky at the top looks really intense now because of probably some kind of yeah gradient use at the top and I like the colors honestly and this this rectangle gives it such a modern modern appearance what do you think I'm in bath yeah totally I think it's very unexpected and I like how you use the transparency as the rectangle goes into the water and it kind of disappears at the bottom mm-hmm I think there's even a seven well that's that's for the day day seven over daily creative challenge awesome yeah I think it's cool I also like how this how this little house here sticks out from all the others I want to live in getting a house it's definitely very thoughtful and yeah I like how it sticks out from the black and white I think you did some great experimenting in this picture it reminds me of Italy or Griese oh there we go and now here it's cropped which is I think super cool to kneel in the bottom yeah and this rectangle is disappearing under the water mm-hmm I think this is super nice and I actually prefer this version uh-huh just because of the way the cliff bleeds off on the right side that's super interesting yeah it's like the water on the left side is spilling over into the into the void yeah and the frame this wide rectangle frame is really framing in three-dimensional space and not only at the front or at the back so I think that's super cool well good job go for it yes I agree we only live one or do we that's a that's a maybe another question for another day I love it I think this is super cool the use of type here I think is really awesome the gradient here at the bottom makes it more well more dramatic and I love how the circle here has been cut out and turned so you have this balance kind of like a yin-yang yeah it's super interesting and I love how you put the seven and project name underneath which is something similar that we've been doing today yes I think my template and I will also really like this typeface I love how you use the typeface here I really like how how they created the the word going vertically and then the seven going horizontal yeah I think it's awesome works really well works really well it looks very professional it could be some kind of print ad yeah Sam says it gives it some really nice depth having a circle there for sure and also it kind of centers your attention onto what's happening in the center which is the surfing lady right you can see it right here yes I can't really see I think it's a lady yeah it's awesome I love surfing and this water looks super clear and super nice awesome super cool great job I have to say this looks very professional the end of days okay so here's what I see a murder mystery okay this is actually supposed to be some kind of book cover or a movie movie cover I think this is uh this is a really cool use of of gradients it definitely makes it very dramatic and that was the task in this challenge so definitely a good job I like the way you aligned the type here the end of days so you kind of because weird we tend to read from right from left to right correct so we kind of have the hierarchy starting from from the left side and going down to the right side so I think it's a really cool job here what do you think I'm enough I think it's very intense and experimental yeah that's awesome maybe the only thing that I would do is because there is a very high contrast between between this these corner pieces and this almost looks like a evening sunset light so I think there is a big big contrast here maybe I would soften up a little bit the gradient so it looks natural that's the only thing otherwise I think it's super cool I can actually imagine this as a book cover hope hope Wow I feel hope from this image yeah this is awesome I like how this light is flowing here and you probably use some gradient underneath to kind of Center the attention to this lighthouse so basically the structure of this yeah if this mountain of the shore kind of falls into the background and you really can focus on the important things which is this lighthouse and this light that's like flowing out of it I think that almost looks like Northern Lights yeah I want to go there someday have you been there no I haven't seen it yet but it must be nice yeah and one thing I noticed here that I might point out is I feel that hope and the number 7 they're very similar in size they're competing for me a little bit like my my I doesn't know which one to look at first I'm not saying that's wrong but maybe just something to think about maybe if you wanted hope to stand out more the 7 could be slightly smaller but overall I think it's really great yeah yeah it's very important if you're creating something like this that you have the control over the hierarchy of information that the person views means if you're creating something in the same size the chances are that we see things at the same time or if you put something further on the left side we tend to start here and then continue to hope so I would I would really use your control of the situation and the control of the viewers I how we perceive things so you really it can be really your tool in terms of for example when you're creating ads you're putting the more important information and further up in the hierarchy so what do you really want to say that's that's the more important part so in this case I would maybe even make the 7 a little bit smaller so because it's not very relevant of an information for us for us right now and this picture is important to get this idea of hope and this a gradients that create this light that stands out from it so yeah I think you can really play with a hierarchy here oh I love it this is our stood to shine yeah well you guys are deep yeah you guys aren't being very intense today this is really cool I like it and I I this just makes me excited I agree you should decide to shine every day if you spread positive energy other people will will notice that and and you'll make a positive impact on people stay yeah and I love how the masking here was executed you can see the shape of the of this mountain in the foreground is very clear because there was a gradient and used in the back which makes it stand out even more as Catherine showed us today morning so I think this is a very great use of what you've learned today I think it's really cool and also this yeah the typeface in the background it kind of like collides with this with the mountains I think it creates a really cool effect something the only thing that stands out to me is that the word shine is you know we were talking about kerning earlier and the the word shine is very tight together whereas decide into there's a difference in scale and in spacing as well so I'm wondering if there is a reason that you wanted to try and to maybe stand out more because it is closer together and I believe the opacity might be a little bit more full my eye kind of goes to that shine but I'm not sure it's fitting as well with the overall poster as the other two words it's just something to think about mm-hmm yeah and here also the the type was an end caps means if you decide for something to kind of belong together try to put it in a similar format so you really read things in a hole instead of reading just words right what you could have done here which will make it way better fit it to this other type it's for example using caps or using the same kind of spacing or use the same kind of call I mean yeah of course you wanna you wanted to make it shine a little bit more but a similar format will help it to belong together I feel more integrated into your piece right yeah and the yellow frame really reminds me of like how how things shine you know you want to make them shine awesome alright that looks like it awesome thank you guys so much for submitting your artwork we're looking forward to way more and you guys can also participate here in the in the challenge feedback and also of course ask questions get tips and tricks yeah this is our discord channel here called Adobe Photoshop just tuned in and stay connected to the community and yeah thanks again for submitting all oh we have one more whoo sorry yeah can we go back we have one more submission here that we missed – a gradient I love it yeah I thought that we have to do this this is awesome I love the colors here this is amazing Amanda what do you think well I think it's really interesting with the difference of scale of this rectangle in relation to the figure in the bottom right and the birds as well as the vast ocean I think it's just really interesting and you know not something you see every day so I definitely appreciate that mm-hmm I can see this also as an animation where you have a color flow inside this gradient so maybe there is something you can take from tomorrow when we're gonna be actually animating things maybe you can even improve it into a motion picture poster I think it's awesome I love the color the color that's like very poppy and in contrast to this very gray and very one-one tone background saya I think it's a good job oh and Remus esters I think she said we missed hers yeah okay all right okay so these two I hope ester is one of those yeah okay let's get to these as well Oh quick yeah again here the use of this three-dimensional space where the letter S and this letter s kind of gets hidden behind the rocks I think it's yeah it's pretty cool it could be a little bit more dark behind the behind the typeface what do you think I manned up yeah I think overall the type could be a little bit more integrated into the piece I think maybe a way to do that would be use a lighter drop shadow I think it's looking a little bit dark personally and then maybe the placement of the word stars could be a little bit more flowing with the background but overall I think you did a good job separating the layers and kind of integrating it into the piece rather than just having it kind of flat mm-hmm yeah what I think here is a little bit confusing is that stars and the have a drop shadow which makes it stand out more but the background actually does not have the same depth which makes the and stars stand out more but then they are in the background which makes it a little bit confusing so I would just create masks between between this part and this part of the of the mountain so basically create another darker spot right here to create more depth and the same thing right here behind the word stars so basically the sky needs a little bit more depth here or you can also just make the drop shadow between the text a little bit less so yeah just try and play with it and you will see that it will probably improve yeah the understanding of the of the visual alright and one last but not least last but not least you guys have been using a lot of frames today which is I think awesome it might have been part of the template that we have given you here again we have this M that kind of disappears between this mountain line but it's kind of is in the foreground right here so if you want to create this visual separation and in the space I would I would rather maybe put the text maybe behind the mountain or maybe find find mountain a mountain range here that's kind of on the same level and level the word with a with this part so means if I will go into this picture specifically I would mask it from here to here create a whole mask here because it seems like they're on the same level and put this word behind it so basically yeah so it's so it's on the right spot in the space yeah just just make sure that's that you have the levels of the space right foreground middle ground background right yes okay otherwise I think it's really cool use of a fashio for gradients over here is greatly masked I think it's a good job good done well done guys all right now we're gonna jump back to your Magnus posters yeah and sorry guys if we didn't get to give you any feedback today we only have time to go over a few but hopefully we can get to it always someone else on the team can get to them or keep submitting your work and we could get to them next time so Excel is asking if someone can give him feedback yes you can you can join our discord channel it's called Adobe Photoshop and you can go under design feedback or a pass challenge feedback where you can get feedback from our admins and yeah okay so you guys are my perfectionist and I feel like a lot of designers are and this something about this type is just I'm not sure it's fully working for me yet and I think it's gonna take some more finessing so I might be working on it a little bit before tomorrow and we can kind of maybe try to visit it a little bit now and if not if we don't have too much time we can see what we come up with tomorrow but when one more thing I want to do as well is create a little bit more depth in this background so what we can do is copy this over to photoshop or you can always just I drop and create a new since it's just a solid color why don't we do that we can double click the color here copy the hex command C go over to photoshop here's my template right so also you guys one thing I didn't mention on your template go ahead and create all of your type for your template on in one group so what you can do is if you have all the multiple pieces on layers you can select them all just like this so I just press shift from the top to the bottom and then you can go ahead and click this little folder here and it's gonna create a folder for you I won't click it now because I already have a folder but go ahead and do that just so it'll be a lot easier for you when you're creating your poster to kind of lock it and get it out of the way so anyway we can go ahead and do that so why don't we lock it so we can go command and then the slash key so this the diagonal slash who knows the correct word for that okay so you can also use the eyeball here to see it in unsee it and what we want to do is edit the color of this background right so we're gonna double click this command V I already have that hex color copied and then option delete there we go boo it's pink okay so why don't we command J this so they just made a copy let's Lock this command slash remember slash slash yes okay so you can make a dance out of that okay so we didn't create some texture by using effects on Adobe Photoshop so why don't we go up to effects or filter noise add noise so do you guys see how it's creating about speckled effect you know it's kind of hard to see on the lighter color but what if I were to make it really dramatic obviously you can see that okay but I never just a rule of thumb I kind of feel like it looks really unnatural when you add too much yeah so let's just be let's be conservative about it and I was like no more than three try that okay so if you zoom in you can see that texture there know what so I just kind of it doesn't look like a TV anymore yeah it was personally like like a broken TV screen and then what we are going to do is grab this you can just see how it looks right now like I said we're gonna be preparing the layers for animating tomorrow so right now we can just kind of see how it's looking so I copied that so you can use the Adobe products just like this where you command C and then go into Photoshop command V it's gonna ask you if you want to paste pixels or smart object pixels is just going to be direct pixels which gives you more editing power but it also can potentially edit the quality of the artwork whereas smart object it's going to make that object a vector a vector and so that's going to add it to your library and it's going to protect it from being altered for the sake of right now assisting pixels we're not really gonna be editing it in here it's just faster yeah beginning there so do you see how Photoshop now this is an improvement that they made recently with the newer updates when you're scaling things I don't have to press anything no I'm a free hand boo that is awesome whoo yeah so before you had to press shift yeah so go ahead and do that return so now if you do want to warp it all weird you have to press shift so it's kind of like the opposite awesome okay so do you see these guides that show up that kind of helps me to Center it but I would probably just optically vertically Center it okay and personally I just like I like some breathing room around here you could have use angry you could always like bleed it off or do crazy things it's kind of interesting right yeah so you could just like play with it command Z but I personally like this it makes my eyes happy awesome yeah and then as far as the timing well I'm super excited for tomorrow yes so so now do we exported file or what do we do with it so we have it ready for tomorrow um right now you would keep everything in Illustrator mhm so what I'm doing in Photoshop right now is just kind of messing around with the texture of the background but as far as animating we want to keep everything in Illustrator and put it on different layers okay so we can go ahead and go over that now I just personally prefer it's kind of interesting if we add the grain to this in Illustrator it kind of looks a little different than it does in Photoshop so I just personally prefer the way this looks as far as editing the layers we can go ahead and make a new document because if you if you copy an artboard it's gonna kind of create things on the same layer do you see that yeah so or we can be bold and delete this but why don't we just four well we have long acres we have only I think one minute left okay yeah we have to go over yeah let's go over the the layers and everything tomorrow and just whenever you're about to close out to save your files so commander yes and you can be ready for the next day thank you so much for joining us I hope you guys will join us for tomorrow all of you we need all of you back tomorrow when we're gonna be creating the animation of this wonderful poster and yeah I'm looking forward to this I'm really excited for for the after effects session tomorrow and we're gonna be doing some portfolio reviews as well so make sure to submit your portfolios and yeah we'll see you tomorrow yeah I did enjoy here we appreciate you


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