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Hi everyone its Paola so I am so sorry
I didn’t have a video for you last week, I was on this roll with videos and then I had to stop and be like wait, what am I doing next? Let’s make sure it’s good and let’s
sit here and plan. Take a step back. So now I am doing it for you guys.
I am here and better than ever. [laughs] So I thought I would talk about business cards
today, and how to brand yourself through your
business card as an artist or designer or even if you just want help making a business card- tips from a graphic designer to you, and also if you’re not subscribed to this channel, subscribe, because I am a graphic designer and I give advice to graphic designers and artists, and I’m here to help and I’m here to talk about
fun stuff in art and design – and fashion! So subscribe if you’re not, and let’s just talk about business cards now, shall we? So I have business cards right here, and I’m very excited because I recently did mine and it has gold foil on it and I’m just obsessed with it.
So I wanted to give you 3 tips, helpful ideas, to get your business card to the standard that
you have in your head onto a piece of paper that people are gonna want and yeah, let’s just get going! So the first thing you have to think about when you are designing a business card for yourself is what kind of info you want on it, and how much information that you want to put on there. So for example, I recently designed for my mom’s business card, so she has a business, she’s not an artist or designer, but she has a business and I personally designed the card. So for her what she really wanted was, like all of the places that you could find her because that’s where you can connect with her, and it has the title of what she does and
so I put little symbols of where you can find her on, Instagram Twitter,
her website, for example. So I put that all on there – it seems like it is a lot of information, but I tried to make it as clean as possible. And it IS quite a bit of information and sometimes you know, you have your phone number on there, sometimes you have your email address, sometimes you have all these different ways that people can reach you depending on what kind of work you do or how accessible you want to be! Another example
is my friend Linda who has her website, her email and her phone number all on here because she wants people to reach out to her to get in contact for a graphic design and photography. Because obviously if you’re working with a photographer you want to be able to contact them and call them, you know what I mean? Like it’s probably good for weddings and whatever, I don’t know but she has that so she is easily accessible to her clients. So if you’re doing client work You obviously want really easy ways for people to reach you on your card. Now, getting to mine as an example…
I don’t have a lot of information. I have my website, my name and my @
which is just basically the same on, well, cross-platform, so that’s all I decided to put on my card. So what I decided to do was have as little information as possible just because I want people to find me on the internet and find my work on my website and find my youtube channel. So it is just a way for people to find me and check me out, like my Instagram,
check out my Instagram. [laughs] So the second thing you have to think about in making a business card is working with both sides of the card, obviously. And there’s nothing wrong with having a one sided card. Trust me. But I find that it’s more visually interesting to have two sides and it obviously opens you up with working with a tiny space to having more space, both sides. So a great example is my friend Amira. I love her logo, she created it herself with stamps
and then translated it into a card. So what she has here is like, yellow, and then it’s a really light grid with her logo on one side and then on the other side is her info with the inverse of the grid and yellow just sort of on the side to tie it all together. For my card I have the pink that is usually part of my logo as a main feature of one side of the card, and then just with my name, It’s not my actual logo, but I feel like it kind of ties together my whole brand. If you don’t have a logo don’t despair, you can always just write your name or put some sort of image of your work. Say you are a painter, you could put one of your favorite paintings as an image on one side of your card and then
have your info on the other side. So I feel like there’s so many possibilities with business cards: you can put just your name, you could put just your initials, you could put just a color on one side. It really doesn’t matter. You can even have it one sided, but I feel like to
open up yourself to more interest into your brand you might want to choose to have some sort of logo design or image. And my third tip for creating a business card is the Type aspect of the whole thing. It is very important.
So what you want to do is, you do not want to just type in all your info, plop it on there in 12-point font – boom call it a day. You definitely want to work with the size of the card.
So a business card is very small It’s like 3 inches, So you want to make your Type as concise as possible while still being readable. So I would say like 8 to 10-point font usually works, if you want to have like a big title, maybe up to 12, but definitely don’t go crazy with the Type. Don’t over clutter it. You still want to leave some negative space. If you are not a graphic designer and this all seems crazy to you, a lot of these websites that you can get your cards printed on have tips for what Type you should put on to make it
show up for best printing quality. So they have those little tips and tricks online. So just think about your card being like, the info you want to put out there, the essence of your brand in as little words as possible. But again, these websites are very very helpful. I got mine printed on Moo and Moo has really good quality paper and there’s different options, and also Vistaprint, if you’re going
for a really inexpensive option is great, and there are ways to design the
cards right on there on the websites I don’t know if I 100% recommend that, obviously they have their business that works for them and I feel like they know
what is best for their printing, but with me I designed mine on InDesign and then I put it into Moo, uploaded it. So there’s ways to do it on those websites where you can do your own design, or get their help. So that’s what I would recommend.
And then you just have an amazing business card that you can hand out to people and feel really good about. So hopefully you can get some cards and love them, so I hope this is helpful for you. If you are an artist or graphic designer, and even if you’re not, if you’re in fashion, you know, if you want to break into fashion, having a business card is very important in any sort of business. It’s important. So I’m glad that you watched this video if you enjoyed
it give it a thumbs up and comment down below what you want to see in future videos for artists and design, and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye! There was a little bug on my
camera right as I started recording. Scammed.


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    Never designing a business cards before.

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    Love videos like these! Always look forward to your design videos 😇 thanks Paola!

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    I love your videos girl! thank you so much <3 your fan from Brazil

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    Love the video!! what app or website would you recommend to use?

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    1 Like for her cuteness!

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    Look at that subtle off white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark.

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    Business card maker is a very good app for making a different card.

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    This was a big help, thank you! Right now I'm currently designing my own business card and while perusing YouTube I'm glad I found your video.

  14. AaronMetallion says:

    you're really kawaii :3 Great tips, would also like to add, graphic design aside the quality of your paper / materials / print can really make half the impact. If it feels premium, you are perceived as premium, if it feels cheap, you are perceived as somewhat inexperienced and mediocre. The other half definitely goes to the design & typography. Try to keep things clean.

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