Designer vs. Non-Designer- Episode 1

July 31, 2019 posted by

(upbeat music) – Welcome to the first episode
of Designer vs. Non-designer. Well we have a Design Pickle designer, battle it out with a
Design Pickle employee that’s not a designer. In the designers corner we have Maiko Sy, and in the non-designer corner we have Corin Pope Both of them got the
exact same design request from a real client, and none of them have seen each other’s work. Their design request is to combine two images together and create a graphic that’s good for Facebook and for Instagram that is targeting aspiring artists. Alright, let’s get ready to design. (upbeat music) Alright so we’re off to
the races, here we go. Our designer is blacking everything out. Looks like it’s a easier
way to mask everything out. Where our non-designer
going in and trying to select every little piece around the arm, and deleting everything one-by-one. Which, is actually a big no-no, because that’s very destructive, cause if you want to go back to that, you’ve already deleted it. So, not sure what the designer did, but I’m sure they didn’t
delete – oh I think they created a mask. Yeah. Okay, so here we go,
creating some gradients, with our non-designer. While our designer looks like they’re already done with the effect. They already created another project where they’re adding in the text. What’s our non-designer doing right now? Oh, struggling. Trying to cut things out of the photo. We already got words
up on the designer one. Our non-designer is creating, a pen? More pen to the pen? Deleting background. Looks like our designer is almost done. Adding in the words that’s a cool font. I like that. Added the logo already, while our non-designer is still trying to figure out how to delete the
background and add gradient. Our designer is done.
That’s a cool design. Very simple, very clean. And our non-designer here we go. Come on, we’re rooting for you. It’s a little different than what our designers approached it. I’m not digging the font though, I think our designer
picked a way better font. Come on you’re almost done. I think if this goes to show anything, to leave it to the designers to do. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the designer, our designer, no offense Corrin, did a little bit better job than the non-designer. Just because they were
able to do it quicker. And probably go back
and make further edits if they need to. Cause they didn’t delete
a whole lot of stuff from images, it just
looks cleaner and slicker. And probably just took a lot less time because she kind of already knew how to do all of those things. So if you’re looking for a easier quicker way to do design, probably go ahead and pick Design Pickle instead of trying to do it yourself. (upbeat music)


26 Replies to “Designer vs. Non-Designer- Episode 1”

  1. Jayson Rondina says:

    What's the purpose of this video? Sorry, but your like comparing apples and oranges..

  2. Roman Swan says:

    I've taken classes on design lol bon designer is a bit jumbled and the text isn't the best but other than that the non designer won.

  3. Haag Johnson says:

    Of course the designer was faster, you sped that side up

  4. CRYJedna says:

    thats stupid

  5. Jan Myslivecek says:

    Both sucks…

  6. NoDna says:

    I really don't like the designer's though

  7. Jose Garcia M says:

    what was the point? Are you trying to tell us that professionals are better than amateurs?

  8. Bens Tech Reviews says:

    The non designer is 10x better
    You should hire her

  9. J Frilot says:

    So this is meant to discourage effort and rather just "leave it to the pros"? Allow yourself to be creative vs let someone else be creative.

  10. hey ohh!! says:

    No shit Sherlock

  11. Dangerous ish says:

    Wow, really? Designers are better at designing than non designers? It's like they do it for a loving or something! This was stupid. I actually had to find this video after seeing the ad to remark on how dumb it is. This is just a video to hate and discourage personal creativity.

  12. Niki Noodle. says:

    Hey! Great video….. Love this so much! (p.s your mic was covered a little and muffled the sound here and there in the intro)

  13. John Lizaso says:

    I love this concept, should do more of these

  14. Voltergeist says:

    This ad could have been clearer in the point it was trying to make, thereby making it shorter and more concise. Of course someone with no designing experience would be less efficient.
    But this video isn't any more efficient in telling us that. It was long winded. Please make it clearer for next time!

  15. rikulight90 says:

    Look I get it. You want to make a video that showcases your design team and how amazing they are at doing their job. The problem with this type of video is that it's not really showing us the viewers and perhaps potential future clients that your design team really is the best as you claim them to be. It doesn't take a genius to not only see but understand that of course the one with the knowledge, talent and years of experience is going to do so much better then the one with little to no experience. If you really did want to bring in more future clients at least do a video where you pit your designers against each other which would show us how great or amazing your team really is.

  16. Acaicia Hogan says:

    This video was made by a non-designer

  17. Cosmic Kidd says:

    Designer composition feels unbalanced. Also looks lame af. That font is awful aswell. "Non designer" looks more consistent and balanced.

  18. Keith Blunt says:

    I have no malicious words to share concerning this production, I understand the value of time and hiring professionals most definitely conserves that most precious resource; however, I did have one question, is it possible for you to share the font(s) the designer used in their design.

  19. Angela Zhang says:

    Not sure what's garnering so much dislike. Thoroughly enjoyed this video and thought it did a good job showing the advantages of getting a professional designer over trying to produce something mediocre yourself.

    I'm not a professional designer by any means, but I do have some years of experience with photoshop and illustrator and I'm currently interning at a small business. In my free time I help out with their marketing/branding. You will not believe how often I butt heads with my company's marketing director because they insist on using horrible design concepts (currently trying to convince them that a bright highlighter yellow is NOT a good choice for a logo color, despite how much you want to "stand out" to your customers…) while still keeping brochures, powerpoints, and handouts with designs very similar to what the non-designer made in this video. Yes, it's obvious that a professional will be better than an amateur, but I think the issue this ad is trying to highlight is the fact that many small companies will be too stubborn or too ignorant to truly realize that they are in need of relinquishing some of that control to a professional.

    Also completely, utterly bewildered by why people are saying the non-design piece looks better….it's way too busy, there's no clear center point of focus, the font is trite (futura…okay…), and it almost took twice as long to make. Even though it's not anything mind-blowing, the professional design by contrast is farrrr more clean, simple, and easy to read.

  20. George Steviano says:

    I think the designer win in term of speed and technique due to their experience. But the nondesigner is also a skilled one. . . Puting things and mixed that is great idea, just a little bit more refinement – lighter background to make it contrast with font or the opposite.

  21. Saloni Doshi says:

    This is so biased

  22. Mike W says:

    Am I the only that noticed the non designer went into AI for the remainder of the project like the requirements said, while the non-designer stayed in Ps? Which makes sense since most non-designers I’ve run into don’t know how to use AI let alone why it’s used. Cant even follow directions but design “so easy”, isn’t it.

  23. Jay Kingman says:

    Is this how design pickle really view and treat their customers? As potentially crap “non designers”?
    It’s obvious that someone with no design background will be less able to create a good piece of work. I’m shocked that this is how design pickle advertise their services.

    As a professional designer I want my customers to know I’m here to provide a service which means you can focus on their main task which is running your business, I don’t design because you are crap, so crap I’m going to make a design pickle YouTube video to show and tell you how crap you are so people can have a cheap laugh.

    This is why I’m a professional designer who doesn’t work for design pickle, and feel sad for those who do.

  24. Gacha Games 555 Yeet says:

    Hi i just found you by a ad

  25. Hugo Nongbri says:

    You should get Zimri Mayfield to host this show !! 😀

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