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everything jostling with the fuck am i all my fellas I'm letting y'all know now huh niggas got started getting jobs everybody can't be trapping them you working with that low outs bringing home that little two hundred artists it's not paying no bills like I'm the fuck missus I'm just talking to my mind had to add some some fuck you've been up to you know me from out here yeah you already doing what though I had to tell some the lower half ounce you got slim you under way you were diversion slow you bring a home TGI Friday money slow then what really threw me off nigga capture add up to a full with you mean what you say ain't you ain't getting no money on it that's exactly what the fuck I'm saying you not getting no money how he you're doing the same thing ory my fucking day funnel in the next man blossom rolling up his wheel out there just live in a skinny life trying to go half with niggas on bottles Avion and bastard and then got the nerve to scream I ain't working for no man working for myself working for you ain't working some say you need to go put some time in somewhere else that's what niggas come out to cope with excuses fool you know I got too many charges work for them people what charge fool last night you been to jail you was 16 I was a youth charge misdemeanor start with the fuck you're doing I'm the fucking missing it

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