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hello welcome to a new tutorial in Inkscape if you follow us on SD and on Facebook you've probably seen that we've started to create something called design elements the purpose of this video is to show you what to do with them for those who aren't sure what to do with it I'll just show you a very simple way of assembling a template or an image using these design elements I'm gonna use Inkscape for this it's a free software for working with vectors let's grab a few flowers and a few leaves you can just drag and drop now we can work with these flowers and this is the design element this is the design element it's all clipart it's all just files so there's nothing really fancy about this except for the name obviously and you can see pretty much anything with it I'm gonna tell you or I'm gonna make a paper cutting template a regular stance that I'm gonna print out and I'm gonna cut out later with a scalpel you can cut this with the word machines or any other paper cutting machines now full paper cutting by hand at least all the parts need to be connected so I'm gonna bring this flower just up up here and let's bring this one here you can watch all of our other Inkscape videos which are all about making these flowers and leaves yourself and for design elements it's real easy because you just draw a drag and drop them into the software and then you just need to assemble them if you click on anything once you can drag it around if you click twice you'll see the arrows which are going to enable to rotate your object I'm not going to use this one so just press Delete and I press twice on it and rotated now if you use the syrup it's going to deform the whole leaf or your object so I'm going to press on control and then I'm gonna scale it this is just for the purpose of this tutorial just to show you which what you can do with this clipart okay so let's say this paper cutting template this template is for celebrating somebody's wedding day so I already let's say I really like this and that I want to add some names on banners now let's say that I can't draw a banner or a label or anything else and I really want to a banner and that's when clip art or design elements come in handy because now I'll just go to my banner collection this is the new collation available in our shop I want this banner so I imported it to this document click on the text tool and alright Alex and James I don't know Alexandra and James forever name you need to put on change it to white change the font and let's say I want this skirt people usually do that letter by letter so they delete this Lex and James leave only the a and then write the l e X and rotate them along the line you don't have to do that simply grab the Bezier tool and follow the curve of your banner to create a new path gret select it press shift + select Alex and Jane so text go to text and with on path I already explained this in one of my previous tutorials but since I'm making a template today I'd wanted to show you this again because it's really handy especially with banners when you have that curved shaped okay I really like it and if you don't like how the letter is turned out press or a double click on the path the past year with you made with the Bezier tool and these little squares will appear trying out the monolith see the text moving up and down so adjust it until you like the way it looks I'm pretty happy with that I leave it and I want a spanner or let's take another one different one connected to the flower it's pretty centered if you don't know if your object is centered go to the ruler on this side and drag that you'll see vertical line and then you can check if you did everything right and you can align your objects easily by helping yourself with these lines you can again use the curving hack I showed you earlier and that's alright template so you can see how easily we can put anything you can create anything with this clipart the design elements but again every artist likes to just do their own thing but for those who aren't really confident and don't know how to draw or at least they don't think they can draw this is something really handy if they want to make their own projects their own templates their own stencils images whatever I'm using this in a black-and-white version you can of course color it and enscape in any other software's if you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment down below I'll always help if I can and if you have any suggestions for the next Inkscape tutorial feel free to say thank you for watching bye


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  1. Michelle Sears says:

    Thanks for your tutorial. Do you know how I can save something like this as an SVG for upload into Cricut Design Space? I keep getting an error: Unsupported SVG Items Will Be Dropped! — Auto flow text. — even though I'm selecting Path – Object to Path

  2. Joan Kett says:

    I have enjoyed watching your videos

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