Design a T SHIRT TEMPLATE in ILLUSTRATOR #IllustratorTutorial

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t-shirt templates and it's my specialty and chances are if I made a t-shirt designs in any software I definitely made a t-shirt template to go along with it because I like to work natively and you should too I know I tell you guys to use Photoshop or illustrator together but if you smash the like button and we get to like 100 likes on this video I'll work on another software's which is pretty much a one-time buying and you can do the exact same thing with it anyways if you guys like this one today this will be listening on my patreon you can pick this one up you would also be helping out this community but would that be in saying don't forget to Like and subscribe and bail me sitting on my next tutorials come out but let's go ahead and get an illustrator so we can get this video started so here we are in Illustrator right and we have our t-shirt so a 14 by 18 document is what you start with then you insert your photo so I have my photo right here I think this is what we're gonna use so what we need to do is cut this out the background in a way that we do this is we take the pen tool and we go around the shirt and then put a transparency mask on it so that's what we're gonna do I'm gonna take the pen tool and I'm a girl around this make the shape and then we're gonna go from there okay so now that we got this shape we just need to go ahead and flip the strokes to a field and basically go into our layers panel we're gonna copy that layer and then we're gonna lock that layer down this layer is very important so now we're gonna go into our shirt file which is going to be named link file and we want to hit this transparency icon right here now if you don't see that you want to go into window down to transparency and click that it will create that transparency icon for you oh and before we move forward make sure that you turn off the icons for that path that you just made okay now in this transparency you want to go ahead and make a mask that should take everything out the game right if you click on that mask or that black spot and you hit command F you'll paste in that shape that you just created if you invert the mask you'll get the t-shirt cut out the background so cool I just told you guys how to cut things out the background in Illustrator now if we click back on this picture right here it'll bring back our layers panel now a lot of times people will be like okay well I want to make sure that this is actually cut we don't want to worry about the transparencies and that's not a bad idea so if you're like that what you want to do is you want to go on an object and you want to rasterize and in this rasterize icon make sure that you hit transparent for the background and then you hit OK doing that gets rid of the transparency mask and if used to move the t-shirt outside of the box you will see that the background is gone like permanently going okay cool so now that we got that we're gonna take the image we want to rename it I'm gonna name it t-shirt and then I want to make a copy of it i'ma click and hold this layer and bring it down to this icon here just to make a duplicate copy and I want to bring this copy above the path that we created now of course we don't have clipping masks which means that anything that we make will affect everything up under it but because this t-shirt is cut up to a shape nothing behind all this will be disturbed if I put something behind it so what I'm saying is when I put this t-shirt on a multiply layer in the transparencies of course the t-shirt gets darker because it's affecting the actual t-shirt layer I don't have this icon here on but if I was to unlike the path and turn on this icon is only affecting this black layer so if I was to change the color of this black layer to like maybe a red we just changed the color of the shirt and this looks pretty good so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna name this letter t-shirt template and I want to lock that layer down for a sec now I want to go into layer two and I'm going to use this side of the artboard to start doing some art so what I want to do is I just want to paste in some art real quick you guys can get this art off a patreon it is there I'm gonna go ahead and put a black background behind it as well so we can see what's going on and this looks pretty good I think I like this in black someone change the color shirt to be black as well so if I copy this layer real quick and I'm just gonna go ahead and lock that down and go into my t-shirt template right here above my path and just make a new layer I could just go ahead and hit command F and paste that in and as you can see the artwork works really well with the shadows of the actual t-shirt but with that being said you guys that's basically it definitely pick this one up is on my patreon you'll love it and charities what anybody who's trying to get a t-shirt designs on illustrator and they need this template this will definitely help them out and you'll be helping out the community as well what that man said you guys have to get up out of here so stay amazing stay creative above our lives stay awesome


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    I bet in the future everyone will buy your clothes online and you'll be able to design it everytime!

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    as all ways quix nice and precise! And dats why Im LOYALE!

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