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what's up everybody Dorjee here and today i'm using the new version of magic that's kind of the purpose of this video well one of the reasons I'm using the 2.0 64 bit version on Windows 7 Professional right yeah so I wanted to play around with it because I just got the updated version and I figured I'd make a quick little tutorial about using image the image import option which I have set up over here on this screen here like so I imported this image I'm just gonna jump right in for everybody it's the basic tutorial it's nothing fancy really going on here this is just a desktop background I grabbed off the internet here's my folder I have a whole bunch of graphics that I've grabbed over the years these aren't mine they're just free desktop background so uh that's all I'm using you so put this image in here you can see that it doesn't necessarily reach you know the edges of the of my aspect ratio here it's got different aspect ratio so I scaled it out and I stretched it and I squeezed it a half it's half its height and you know 1.2 on the width and then I translated it to the top half of the screen and then I imported another image the second image which looks like this one and again it's a different aspect ratio and it comes from the same folder same desktop website I stretched it I didn't squeeze it see how I didn't squeeze it because I I put it down here and then I tilted it back like that so now it it covers more than half the bottom here but this one is above it so it gets I get a perfect centerline cut across the the middle here by doing this and so that's my scene one I set up text which is just gonna stick in the corner like that again all done with magic you can change the text right here wherever you want you know whatever you want it to say you can just keep adding text modules and all the apply all the effects apply to the text to color changes rotations whatever know so I just translate this down to the corner there just to have a little text option in the video here's my two image scene which are two imported images and then I have my scene here which I set up us just your standard spectrum which let me click play you won't hear anything because I got a muted but I just loaded a track in to have some bounce on them on the meter here and I scale this out I flipped it pushed it off to the right and then I hit the Kaleidoscope on there and HSB module with the best pitch alphas halfway down so you get some whiteness in it and stuff shines through it and then the trails that's where the Alpha works with the trails and then you add seeing one which is the images that's the background image scene and then seeing two which is the text and there you have pretty much now granted you could take these images and I could you know I could put this on a bounce like that see see that it's working off my mic not working off the yeah yes see that see what I'm saying so there's all kinds of things that I could do you could um again just a quick quick hit up a little synced option here and you get all all this effect just from some images and it's really easy to to add another image you just go to special no media image and then you just browse through another image and put it wherever you want and do whatever you want with it now I'll just pick one and stick it somewhere I'll put it on top and I'll copy this rotate tax as knowledgeable you know paste it here no turn it on and let's check why instead now we got that going on what does it look like if I move it to the bottom you can't see right and then you get that going on out there and of course you know you can go on and on this I'm trying to keep this short and basic because you can really control this image dynamically how you want so it's not just sporadic jumping with whatever I have playing here I forget something old-school Fat Boys but that's beside the point yeah so there it goes with all the other options this is just the basic two image layout I should probably just get rid of this right and a little text object scene which kind of looks cool no too like you can play around I was playing around with a good floor magic music visuals for any kind of audio sync visual system display this is really the program you want and that's all I have to say about it and with that I hope you learn something thanks for watching until next time peace love and gratitude and namaste a tall



  1. william doust says:

    Much appreciated 😉 Gr8 video Keep up the good work. Peace to you 😉 May the Universe return you good karma multipllied by a billion 😉 Would you consider making a video to show how to install FreeFrame video plugins?

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you. Please make more. 🙂

  3. william doust says:

    looking forward to watching when I get access to headphones l8tr on . peace ✌🖒👏

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