Denis Dyack: Crowdsourcing Is The Future Of Game Development

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  1. Kugel says:

    crowd funding can go two ways; people are exploited by shit developers who want to make a quick buck by making grand claims, or the consumers become smart enough to weed out the bullshit from the solid material and force developers to push the envelope in terms of innovation. as far as i know, AAA publishers would throw money on the next CoD rather than take risks on something like Minecraft or Journey- but thats where crowd sourcing would come into play, (hopefully)

  2. JudasBenPesach says:

    Its the future for the broke ass that is dennis. 🙂

  3. Samir Malik says:

    not anymore.

  4. Gage Eakins says:

    In fact, I failed to mention that many of the Kickstarter projects also give you extra perks, which depend on the amount of money given.

  5. Gage Eakins says:

    Thank you.

  6. gyloir says:

    There's a problem with the games coming out making a profit?

    My point is that if you introduce returns on investment (IE giving people money back that fund the project) you will end up with people wanting to call the shots and wanting to do things for the sake of making a profit, rather then letting the dev's make the game they want/what they pitch.

    WE already have the normal publishers for this kind of system.

    Kickstarter is a way to allow them not to have this burden to investors.

  7. Albert Chessa says:

    1:58 evolvement?

  8. ItsMcDude says:

    He means crowdsourcing is his only chance at a future in game development.

  9. DarkPhychic says:

    Kickstarters are also making a lot of profits.

    Many of them have now got expensive phones and ipads from the money they got instead of making the game more better

  10. DarkPhychic says:

    Crowdsourcing Is The Future Of "POVERTY"

  11. erector500 says:

    Yes, you "donate" an amount of money, but then you have to pay again to purchase the game you founded, while the publishers do the same thing but they get more money than the developers (and play the game for free lol).

  12. Aki says:

    well said.

  13. Aki says:

    Gamespot is way better that IGN

  14. KeviNOlighT says:

    Got little bit angry there.. just a little bit.

  15. KeviNOlighT says:

    Thumbs up hoping to take at least one of those stupid assholes from the top comments and putting a reasonable person there. I don't see how is it so hard to see the differences.

  16. Razgul The Kind says:

    You obviously haven't played the many great Kickstarter games…

  17. Sarthak says:

    kickstarter is a waste of time

    I will stick with gaming publishers

  18. Gage Eakins says:

    I do agree on the premise. However, I am not sure if that is what is going to happen. It really depends upon how much you give to the developer. If you are only giving as much as it would to buy the game, then no, I think that the game is your return. However, many people give much more than that and I think they should get some return on their investment. However, the people who are doing that clearly think that getting the game is enough. So, it will be interesting to see where this goes.

  19. thousand_cycle says:

    silicon knights lol

  20. gyloir says:

    I think some of you asking to get a return on your "investment" need to understand the point of kickstarter is that it doesn't hold the developers to the goal of "making a profit."

    You want this? Become an Angel investor, nothing is stopping you from doing that.

    However kickstarter allows the developers to make a game without people over them telling them what to do in order to "maximize" their profits.

    We already have people doing that in the industry and look what games we have.

  21. Sirax123 says:

    Stock Market.

  22. Sirax123 says:

    how about you expand on the "piece of shit" expression before you bash it for failing a kickstarter.

  23. FirstAce says:

    This isn't a stock market. Its out of pure generosity that you give money. If you wanna get cash back from it then contact the company for business relations.

  24. mightlife says:

    It works if your product is good and marketing & community is managed correctly.
    Start Citizen is now on $14.8M (and rising) of crowdsourced funds.

  25. Habination says:

    lol hes not a dali or a Picasso or a matise or anything like that….he painted one nice picture…other than that hes whats called a hack.
    is it still art,if only half the painting is finished?not because he didn't have any paint,but because he used the paint elsewhere.

  26. Habination says:

    if you give this guy money…your a moron.

  27. BurritoTester says:

    … maybe the future of indies but not AAA games.

  28. UncalledForGabe says:

    Jeez. Replace the battery on you mic

  29. kira dead says:

    skyrim best mod game

  30. Mike Bailey says:

    This is the future of gaming?Sorry who the fuck are you??

  31. Lynx Lynxov says:

    As i see it, kickstarter is not investment, but preordering stuff as a consumer for a price of your choise. Nobody forces you to do it. And all the profits go directly to devs, bypassing majority of publusher's management. The other thing is where this profits will end up. If they will be used to support development of the company, consumer just improved quality of the next game. I doubt that devs management is interested just in a quick buck. They kinda bet there rep on this.

  32. REMANENT Stand says:

    read this thank ok

  33. Kamil says:

    Think of it as a privilege to get your name into the credits, or as a pre-order.
    When you pre-order games, they aren't finished, same goes for crowdfunding.

  34. ArunSG1910 says:

    Crowd sourcing? As in a kickstarter type thing? Sure, I will give you money to kickstart your project, but I want some money back seeing as I invested in it. I don't see why the developers keep all the profits from something they didn't have to pay to create.

  35. Ben K says:

    obviously he's trying to be pretentiously kiss the asses of the "fans" to appease them to fund his piece of shit since he failed the first kickstarter attempt.

  36. Ben K says:

    he must be retarded

  37. emlmm88 says:

    It's more of an example of bad titling than what the video actually covered. Does point out how poorly the audience of these things actually assess the content of the video and thus the importance of the titling in the video that so many would point that out.

  38. Amod Kala says:

    Haha, I get it: crowd-SOURCE-ing!

  39. MVP MAGAZINE says:

    Cleopatra amazing….?thats one of the most racist movies in history f*ck you dual!

  40. RevanGabriel says:

    Right, because he is such a successful game developer to tell us what the future of gaming is.

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