Demonstration: DWT of images

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13 Replies to “Demonstration: DWT of images”

  1. Rishav Sharma says:

    that's a nice video

  2. Alexey Kokh says:

    So when we highpass filter a signal and then downsample it, then we get mirrored frequencies because of alasing, am i right?

  3. Mehdi Hussain says:

    I am thankful to give such a detailed and easiest way to explain DWT. Take Care.

  4. Dstarena Info says:

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  5. Siabi K. Ebenezer says:

    Nice video. Kindly contact me [email protected] for some information. Thank you

  6. Harry - Music & Stuff says:

    Source code for Matlab please?

  7. Harsha vardhan awari says:

    how to identify this is different bands sizes. from the total resultant image

  8. lakshmi priya says:

    Explained very clearly. Thank you

  9. Khalil Al-rahman Yossefi Darmian says:

    This is perfect! watch it 100000%

  10. Anum Aleem says:

    explained very well. thanks alottttttttttttttttt

  11. Riya Kumari says:

    sir why we down sample by 2? what will happen if we down sample by any other number

  12. Shivani Oza says:

    Explained with detail… thank you so much it helped a lot!!!!

  13. Dhea Joenaedy says:


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