Decent PC + Super low graphics = 100+ FPS?

July 30, 2019 posted by

So a question a lot of people have been making
around the channel as a joke, slowly turned into a curiosity that has lead into one of
the weirdest, most useless video ideas I had ever tough of. I have shown plenty of games on super reduced
graphics that make them playable and a lot of low end computers but, for real… what
sort of performance do you get when you try these graphics on a decent system? One problem tough, believe it or not I did
not own any decent external GPU. Luckily for me, the guys at Bang Good, you
might remember as they have sent some review units for past video ideas, decided to come
to my rescue and hook me up with this. This is a Chinese Onda GTX 1050. According to Wikipedia this is the weakest
of the mid-tier GPUs from Nvidia’s current lineup. If you are interested in checking this out,
the link is in the description. While I have seen this GPU marketed as a “budget”
option for modern games, in comparison to what I usually use this GPU can be represented
by this. So, I am going to combine it with the i5 750
I have used in past videos to create the most modern system I had ever presented on this
channel, which is good enough for purposes of this experiment. Great. Let’s get started. Let’s start with Bioshock Infinite, the
modern classic, but using the super low graphics achieved on the video linked in the corner. Oh dear, I don’t think I have ever seen
an FPS that high. Wow. God, this is fluid! Well that’s for sure, if you got a good
monitor, you might actually get a good use of that. I mean, this looks BEAUTIFUL and performs
somewhere between 100 and- woah! Look, it dropped to 70, that’s too low…
and completely unacceptable. Well, this is something pretty interesting,
isn’t it? Next, Skyrim using the super low mod from
the video in the corner and with the FPS lock disabled. Wow, Holy! 160?! I didn’t expect this game to be overperforming
Bioshock. Hm? Oh, Ok, that’s perfect. I mean, this isn’t too bad…. What the fuck? Oh ok, huh. I don’t- I don’t even know what to say? Oh, bollocks! Ah! It seems to work again. Woah! What the fuck? Right, oh shit! Well that was not expected. And now, super low Payday 2 using the configuration
file from this video. Ok, so this one was curious. Because this game can get extremely chaotic
so I wondered if I can keep it over 100 frames per second, but yeah, that’s clearly something
that happened. Ok, I gotta admit, this is much funner than
I expected. Wow, even with smoke this just drops under
100. Utterly and completely unplayable. And of course, I am going to try super low
Witcher 3, using the mods in the video in the corner Oh god, it’s so weird, it’s so fluid,
so quick. Now, I was interested to see this one because
this is not currently low end friendly and fair enough it can’t even scratch that 100
fps. Is it just me or this camera moves awfully
fast? It’s kinda hard to control. So this might the only time that you might
hear me say something like this but that 70 seems a bit lower than I expected, am I hitting
a cpu bottleneck? … Nope. It’s purely a gpu thing well that’s seriously
not what I expected. Guess this gpu is not as strong as I thought. And finally… let’s see just how far we
can get on Half Life 2 on the super low graphics that I tried on the notorious video I did
in the corner Let’s see… and go. We are achieving almost 300 fps! …also,
I think I just crashed the game. Well that was unexpected. Ok, ok, now we’re talking. 300 FPS confirmed now that’s… I expected more. Oh bloody. A stable 300 FPS, in fact there might be more,
there might be some reason why this game can only do 300 fps. Wait, I think I might have figured it out. Yes, it’s limited to 300! I wonder if… Oh, we’re so close to 1000! We are- ok, I crashed the game again. Oh god, well we got close. Well that’s a little bit disappointing. If we turn to this corner over here we get
reeeeeeeally close to 1000 FPS but not quite breaking it. Ah that’s so unsatisfactory. Yeah, that is the only time you’ll hear
me say that less than 1000 FPS it’s not enough. Thank you to all the people in Patreon who
supports me even though I make weird videos like this one sometimes.


100 Replies to “Decent PC + Super low graphics = 100+ FPS?”

  1. LowSpecGamer says:

    Tune in next time as I put this GPU in a shelf and never use it again on this channel

  2. Random Channel says:

    run The Rust in 2GB RAM

  3. cancelled forever says:

    how can i get that ingame overlay in pink you had in the witcher 3 when testing what part the problem is

  4. Simon says:

    Now get an i7 8700k and a 1080 Ti for 3000 fps in HL2.

  5. Samuel Duran says:

    Do csgo at 640×480 min graphics :u

  6. Einfach Yannic says:

    This GPU is so ugli!!!

  7. Chris S says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Omg keep it up man! Love what you’re doing! 😂 I know this may seem far off but I do see you climbing up the GPU ranks after gaining some traction on your youtube, and eventually start using those high end video cards one day. But please don’t ever forget the shenanigans you keep doing on super low end tech!

  8. BeeTheImmortal says:

    Fun fact: HL2 runs with constant 1000 FPS on a GTX 1060 on maximum settings including MSAA 8x

  9. ship another ship says:

    I feel sad you don't actually have a high end PC 🙁

  10. sick l says:

    Just WHY! That gpu design!
    So ugly 2 fan design.

  11. HQ Z says:

    “倩女幽魂” version……Well, as a Chinese, I can't stop laughing……

  12. Mdkb1971 says:

    Thank you I never thought I can play with my hd 6450

    Now I have my RX 550

    Thanks a lot

  13. Jarodi says:

    I got the same asus gpu i mean the red one XD

  14. Jordanadventure1 says:

    Is this real life?

  15. Pigeon Magique says:

    It's a 1050, so it's normal i suppose? Come on, it's not LowSpecGamer anymore 🙁

  16. Serj Star says:

    its actually a good midrange gpu i had it before its nice i loved it

  17. WhiteZe says:

    Meh. I remember GTX 770 giving me 30-40fps at 720p lowest graphics on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, though keeping in mind I have Linux on the desktop, which could have affected the performance.
    (Now that the computer broke stuck with a terrible laptop though 😉 )

    Anyways, my point is: I don't think this pc should be considered even decent, these days I think decent is GTX 1060. Everything just devours your GPU.

  18. sim_ tastic vids says:

    the i5 750 is the bottleneck in Tes skyrim

  19. El viejo Sanik says:

    900 FPS….U N A C C E P T A B L E

  20. SimplyStimulating says:


  21. Ethan Shockey says:

    All valve games of that era are capped at 300 for me.

  22. cookiemonsta212 says:

    my 1800x and gtx 970 only get around 600 fps on the train level at the start of the game, all of those commands and only 600…. my gpu is running at idle clocks at like 20% usage for whatever reason, if I run the game with no commands, no matter the resolution, or the settings, I get the same fps (maybe like 30 more fps n 720p) but my gpu usage goes way down as well….

  23. Cardinal Seven says:

    U should oc the i5 750 to 3,8 or 4,2 ghz ;lD

  24. Infernape 79 says:

    Iam watching a full ad for u my fellow gamer

  25. PCgamer2456# #iampro says:

    I feel like its bottlenecking

  26. iNk says:

    oye amigo puedes hacer un vídeo en unas cosas?
    1 idea de vídeo= test de el AMD e-300 con AMD 6310 hd
    2 idea de vídeo= test de el AMD Turion x2 64 con ati 3200hd Radeon graphics.

    Por favor amigo!

  27. JbbJ Nanners says:

    Pls show "can you game on a netbook?"

  28. Batavia says:

    Can't wait to get a 1000 Hz monitor to enjoy HL2 the way it was intended.

  29. RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more says:

    Welcome to the video, where lowspecgamer complains about the 1050 and crashes hl2

  30. Bhubesh . M says:

    Please do me a help. My laptop has 8GB RAM, an Intel i5-3rd gen, and Intel HD Graphics 4000 and also it has turbo card port. Please tell me how to improve my gaming performance. I am thinking to buy and external graphics card and use the turbocard port to connect but I need it be cheaper. Please help me out @LowSpexGamer

  31. Sherbert says:

    you get a better framerate if you use net_graph 1 and not cl_showfps

  32. Aniket Chahande says:

    Didn't know this is Jose Mourinho's channel

  33. H1kari Senpai says:

    honestly i like modern games because of the amanzing Graphics i dont wanna buy like Ac origins and lower the graphics to mario 64

  34. MrBroxMan says:

    I tried the 200+Hz monitor at one of those gaming expo. I think it has 2 GTX 980 in SLI and the game was so fluid i feel like its real life.

  35. Exi1ity says:

    Is bang good payments safe?

  36. ReckLess says:

    Ouch i use a 1050 🙁

  37. Novaluck says:

    B A N G G O O D

  38. NonsensicalVids says:

    skyrim with unlocked framerate is a deathtrap when you walk into a room everything explodes off the wall

  39. tech helper t.h says:

    ok thanks

  40. Your Dad says:

    I want to see this done on one of those $5000 future proof PCs

  41. PanJake says:

    How with the gtx 1080

  42. vaisakh M V says:

    Go go disco mamoth

  43. TheErciyaslar says:

    You should make a satire "highspecgamer" channel.

  44. Serj Star says:

    I love the card the design looks awesome

  45. Aryasena, says:

    You should change your yt ch name into budgetspecgamer

  46. Farhan Ega says:

    Hm, that half-life 2 makes my eyes sick!

  47. Killian Fisher says:

    my god why would ya get some super ugly Chinese trash like that of all gtx 1050s

  48. Faranox says:

    For valve games type fps_max lol nvm300

  49. Faranox says:

    To make the fps limit unlimited in vale games, set fps Max to 0, over 1000 and it auto drops it to 1000

  50. Boketo Zhimomi says:

    That's my pc

  51. Oversurge - says:

    You should have lowered hl2 to 480p to get over 1000

  52. BRY4N says:

    just Why every guys try the config file but they know you get a speed boost but if you run the games in big picture if you not on your boat the big picture can make 14 to 35

  53. Duckbilled Walrus says:

    I know it won't happen on this channel, but I'd love to see half life run on those settings on a Titan V to see how many FPS it can achieve

  54. Liopo says:

    Hmmm , I know this is an old video and you maybe already noticed, but you couldn't reach 1000 fps because it was capped, if you look at 5:51 you can see it , maybe settings didn't save …
    But still it's Incredible to see that kind of FPS
    Keep up the awesome work!

  55. Sachin Manivannan says:

    Suggest some external GPU for laptops plz plz

  56. Andrés Figueroa says:

    What about a 4way Titan xp oc?

  57. hey you says:

    Watching while playing PUBG in 4k, max settings on my high end gaming PC, while having 40 – 70 fps…

  58. Vlizerd Tie says:

    The half-life2 mod makes my eyes bleed

  59. coldsore says:

    it only dropped to 73 frames because there was only 73 frames

  60. SphinxGames says:

    Your putting to much strain on the gpu by going to these extremely low settings. If you set them to medium, high, or in some games even ultra, you will get performance ranging from a little worse to in some cases even a little better. The Witcher 3 on ultra runs at a solid 30 plus fps, which is definitely lower, but look at the visual improvements.

  61. dareks keire says:

    Oh did you know that you can get an equivalent card to the 1050 for about 35-40$? It's called the R9 270 and it's actually pretty good

  62. Nate A says:

    try portal 1. might pass 1000.

  63. BreiK says:

    tienes algun tipo de estadistica para saber cuantos hispanos ven tu canal?
    porque creo que somos bastantes

  64. The StickMan VA says:

    Assassins creed unity on low end pc please

  65. Lucas Silva says:

    this shows that low graphics or super high end systems doesn't always means more FPS in all circuntances, sometimes you are just subutilizing the system.

  66. Alex Frideres says:

    my eyes would literally rupture and fall out of my head if I came back to 60 hz after getting used to 1000 hz

  67. POnale CocktailS says:

    thinking about to test low end laptop or a budget laptop what about u test the acer spin 1 it has petty much some kind of low spec

  68. Shaun says:

    Omg that means my computer is worse than this

  69. Kye Justice says:

    Surely you have a better gpu than a 1050 in your main pc

  70. PeenX69 says:

    The source engine Capps out at 1000 fps

  71. RaiserGTR says:

    What kind of pc do you use ? You seem surprised by 100 fps plus on BioShock

  72. Fran Diaz says:

    PayDay 2 its like Ravenfield

  73. elma aa says:

    your high-end is still low end perfect 🙂

  74. SHADY. AMV says:

    Mext video gtx 1080 ti or the rtx 2080 let s see how that goes!

  75. Benjámin Péter says:

    I once almost got 1000 fps.

    On a loading screen…
    Close enough.

  76. xD4nkGl1tch says:

    Oh yee yee

  77. MN DracyanYT says:

    if a RTX 2080ti did it

  78. Anthony Paxi says:

    tiene la misma textura que resident evil 4 en ps2

  79. North East Tech says:

    Insanely CPU bottlenecked

  80. [email protected] Munsuf1 says:

    use amd radeon hd 7670 1gb gddr5 or 7000 series its low end but run all games!!!

  81. Liberty City Series says:

    Most people cry about 60fps when they have no idea that they're playing on a 60hz monitor

  82. Josh12342 says:

    U can do this already, it's called leauge of legends low settings or overwatch with a modded file

  83. Nexus Warrior says:

    I play games with 2gb vram and 4gb ram and an i5 xD

  84. :D :D says:

    0:44 where's GTX 1070 Ti?

  85. SK92300 says:

    hl2 can run at nearly 120 fps on my toaster
    (i7 6500U intel hd 520 8gb of ram)

  86. P4551V3 N37 says:

    I see some video tearing going on…

  87. mzf 11125 says:

    Do AMD RADEON R5 M430

  88. IxaNya says:

    Just imagine a high end GPU (like 2080ti), with this conifgurations xD

  89. Thomas Conroy says:

    This video should've at least had a 1080

  90. School Life Gaming says:

    Highspecgamer now

  91. Emerson-Biggons says:

    I have a super low end PC… But it is higher end than this build. gtx 1050, I7 860, (excluding ram since I have 8 gigs of DDR3 1333mhz. It could run any game if I could get a better cooler and overclock it.

  92. raditya Glass says:

    fps_max 0

  93. Erik Britz says:

    hmm i was actually really curious imagine this setup lol

    CPU: i9 9900K OC to 5.2GHZ
    RAM: 64gig DDR4 3200mhz+
    GPU: Nvidia GT 210 256mb DDR3 or something worse

    what would it run lol…

  94. xfiremoon says:

    gtx 1050 even if its lower budget should run all of those games on like max

  95. Cardinal Seven says:

    was the cpu oc'ed?

  96. Zero says:

    So HL2 is unplayable on a 1000hz monitor?

  97. Yamada Stone says:

    Skyrim physics go nuts if you unlimit your FPS and your FPS is higher than 60. Old engine problems.

  98. candido silva says:

    At 2.55 it looks like days gone.

  99. Jerryc. 17 says:

    Linus has 700fps on GTA V
    Linus: as you can see this performance is unacceptable

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