100 Replies to “DEAN – I Love It (ft. Dok2) Image Video”

  1. Ashari Wade says:

    I’m in love with this man❤️ he all in my favorites!

  2. 조용준 says:


  3. Isao Hoshigaki says:

    can anyone tell me what kind of hat dean is wearing?

  4. slieva says:

    I like your voice nore in english its not my first language but at least I can understand u

  5. Bitch U Thought says:

    This is Dean's first single ?

  6. Bitch U Thought says:

    Just 1:31 and it made me travel to heaven and back DAFUQ I NEED MOOORE

  7. eloquexquisite says:

    I'm get Chris Brown vibes from this song, old but gold

  8. 우진 says:

    he is korean

  9. CHILD FANXY says:


  10. alexia traduzioni says:

    2018 any damn onee?

    This song is so underrated ugh

  11. palette wave says:


  12. Justin Dykstra says:

    Deans music in 2015 was my FAVORITEEE

  13. Miss Misa's Korean World says:

    I love it I love Dean. yea yea yes.

  14. Jailin Martinez says:

    Fell this song is underrated… this Song is awesome!!

  15. Diths An says:

    2018 and still GOLD.

  16. Kpop_child 2 says:

    yes yes yesss

  17. Mi-Cha๑김미차 says:


  18. dumb bitch says:

    Dean makes hella good baby making songs oml…especially Bonnie and Clyde..i'd fuck to that

  19. Choux Riz says:

    Oooooooh gossssshhh this is sooooo beautiful

  20. Henryismy Husband says:


  21. HONEYOONGI says:


  22. Cyn says:

    So sensual…

  23. sabrina says:


  24. Anastasia Lee says:


  25. Alexis Nkwocha says:

    This song makes me wanna swing from a pole into a full split 😕

  26. Queentina bb says:

    Dean 💕💕

  27. Emi Yanap says:

    OMG DEAN!!!

  28. MultiKpop Enthusiast says:


  29. luntik_96_ luntik_96_ says:


  30. 이블EEE says:

    역시 딘

  31. 이블EEE says:

    빨리 앨범 나왔으면 좋겠다

  32. i love my husband Dean and his friends Fanxy Child says:

    Why this song is so good..Dean voice is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. 伊君 says:

    lit song

  34. mitsa says:

    What a talented man

  35. 이유미 says:

    딘💛 멋있어요

  36. Suzan Nuri says:

    others: MuSiC ViDeO
    dean, an intellectual: image video

  37. Salve Christy Dalapag Bana-ay says:

    this is soooooo goooood.

  38. Eloi Ramirez says:

    y al día de hoy, sigo Amando su voz 😍

  39. Ligajahouy says:

    Wishing for my boyfrand to sing this to me ;(

  40. d idit [DΞΔNtrbl] says:

    진짜 므싰따

  41. Solange says:

    방금 스페인어 자막을 발견하고 더 좋아합니다! 젠장,이 노래는… ~ un capo, Dean

  42. Cristina Estefanía says:

    Why. Have. I. Never. Seen. This. Before???

  43. 밍이 says:

    딘..당신은 대 체..

  44. zawn - says:

    이뮤비 도끼랑같이했더라면 진짜 매일볼듯..

  45. SHINee EXO NCT Smtown says:

    Got into kpop 2years ago, I listened to pretty much EVERYTHING and this DEAN song is one of my favourite Korean songs EVERRR

  46. AManwalkinghisOwnPath says:

    This is so damn good but the MV too damn short.

  47. Nysa White says:

    I cant stop listening to his songs, plz, someone send help.

  48. Face by Courtney says:

    who told him to go off like this?

  49. Ro se says:

    I love this so much 💜

  50. Gaishuwbs Jsmasibsl says:

    A bop

  51. 배현지 says:

    헐 뮤비 보면서 아무 생각 못하고 노래만 들었었는데 에이틴 끝나고 나니까 예은 언니가 보이네…

  52. mouli says:

    i stumbled upon gold. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SO SHORT

  53. Gia Shah says:


  54. Antonia says:

    Love it 💜💜

  55. emily young says:

    dean looks like a baby in this video

  56. esra says:


  57. BELLEFREAK says:

    I'm not even wearing panties but they're still on the floor with the quickness

  58. 귤귤 says:

    노래 너무 좋다

  59. 꾸꿍네 says:

    오랜만에 들었다가 갑자기 다시 빠졌다… 하나 빠져드는 것도 깊게 빠지는데 하… 요즘 듣는 순서 하루살이 하루살이 하루살이 i love it i love it i love it 무한반복ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  60. 김マミ says:

    LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️

  61. Joon eautiful says:


  62. Fineapple dot says:


  63. Wonho Bubbles says:

    my hoe anthem of 2018 and 2019

  64. lil u4ia says:

    not only is he hot, but this song is a bop skks

  65. water_ sage says:


  66. Illionaire Baby says:


  67. Nouhaila Chimchim says:


  68. disgrill says:

    All I can say about this song is: I love it…

  69. Ralita Tarigan says:

    I love his voice, DEAN ♡♡♡

  70. hocus pocus . says:

    ik ive said people need to stop sleeping on so many artists, but with HIM, I MEAN IT SO MUCH MORE

  71. Alina Suhood says:

    Dean's main goal: to kill us with his visuals

  72. Ashero- San says:

    I still like this it’s been year of me listening

  73. Kebin Wen says:

    Even after 3 years the usher vibe is real in this vid

  74. shitdoown says:

    this is art

  75. Amy says:

    hey Dean, guess what? I LOVE IT

  76. Amaani Illiyyin says:

    This song so good

  77. Tl Hy says:

    Chill 🖤…thank you dean for these creative projects!

  78. Variesta Eta2 says:

    i need this song 3 minute :''''''

  79. NAZ JAMMING says:

    dean! its unfair, why the full version cannot be watch here in Philippines? whats the problem?

  80. Kenya Havannah says:

    I love it and I like it whoooo

  81. Neslihan Derya says:

    Am I the only one still listening to this?

  82. 훈훈 says:

    도끼랩 들으러왔는데 왜 없냐

  83. fogo_da_sm says:

    É incrível como a heize parece ser muito mais velhas que vc

  84. renjin says:

    why am i just getting into this song-

  85. MY - NO says:


  86. jazmine tyler says:


  87. 코콩코 says:

    노래 줠라 좋네….ㅎ

  88. TSE says:

    Can we this dean back please?

  89. SASSY QUEEN BISH says:

    The music started
    Me:please don't do this please don't do this .
    He starts singing ME :CALM DOWN HORMONES!!!!!!!

  90. Becca Klop says:

    Stan This King of K-RNB/K-HipHop

  91. 최현아 says:

    비단길 듣고 귀 씻으러 왔어요

  92. joon size says:

    Almost 4 years guys!!

  93. 25 8 says:

    비단길 듣고 귀 정화 하러 왔습니다

  94. 양아취 says:

    Dean은 등장부터 존나 대단했다
    오피셜 뮤비 뜨자마자 커뮤니티는 뜨거웠어

  95. Taehyung's SHINee V says:

    😭😭😭 Dean 😭😭😭 You. Are. Everything.

  96. Kawazaki sama says:


  97. catapillar girl says:

    eu te aaaaammmmmooooo

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