1. Cdforlife says:

    4:51 “Even her boobs wobble”- SpitRoastSmith
    LOL 🤣

  2. vouch chheng says:

    I want you to make more VDO about cyber hunter iwant it so much

  3. yousif aljoulani says:

    i klls 34

  4. Aaro Play says:

    Thank you for download link. I didnt know what to do!


    as i asked to cyber hunter they released cyber hunter pc try now www.cyberhunter.game

  6. synyska says:

    Yuo're aim is very shit

  7. Elly Sanchez says:

    Cd is better boi

  8. Elly Sanchez says:

    U Main it trash not cd

  9. JohnnyPrimeOne says:

    it has bullet drop dumb

  10. AdikMusic OfficialTM says:

    Super mecha champions is better than Cyberhunter/C.D/ROS/PubgM etc.

  11. Wahyu Budi says:

    Yay im in indonesia !!!

  12. dark_blue says:

    How to change the graphic in emulator? I have changed it to best and it not changing

  13. Muhammad Haque says:

    First game asswell

  14. Muhammad Haque says:

    You are mad at this game you bassically one while showing us how to play. You are the cyber hunter Ninja

  15. Muhammad Haque says:

    Where are dances

  16. Muhammad Haque says:

    Yo what emulater you use

  17. Muhammad Haque says:

    You need a better intro. Great video

  18. Bobby Andika says:

    Emulator players who ruin all the fun..please guys,you can play fortnite,pubg or anything on PC…dont ruin mobile game players who play hard with fingers and you destroy them easely with keyboard and mouse

  19. mjahretn2 says:

    I can't see the difference, I have to get my eyes checked..

  20. Z4GA says:

    Noo✋❌❌ cd✅✅

  21. Ban me Ninja says:

    Ros is better

  22. Jůłîåñ Elite says:

    Not all games last long some come and go just remember that I said that.

  23. KeelowBeatz says:

    Horrible aim

  24. Lotteam TV says:

    Hi this Game Good

  25. LunarMoonX says:

    "No patrol" there is fuel
    "Shield above the HP" there is no shield but there is a skill that grants a shield. Thats energy which relates to the rolls

  26. gay hind says:

    your aiming sucks

  27. combo gogoi says:

    Nice gme😄😄😄

  28. Galaxy Gaming says:

    I got a CD ad XD

  29. Cloudy leo4ard says:

    It ain't better then fortnite

  30. Toni Grishaj says:

    PUBG is the best 👑

  31. Brent Requillo says:

    Can I ask your PC specs are please SPITROAST!!

  32. NET GAMER says:

    Can y'all support me with a sub llease

  33. SonicGamerBR says:

    I know it's on a fucking emulator your jerk

  34. VicGamingYT says:

    Still Waiting on PH

  35. Blitz Gaming PH says:

    How did you set up the controls? On BlueStacks it's meticulous af. I had to manually input everything, is there another way?

  36. Pikajew1234 says:

    auto-aim = auto head shot?

  37. 86Drifter says:

    Kawaii Waifu Maker + Battle Royale + Cyberpunk Style = PUBG is nothing front of it

  38. rawnage manager creative sniper says:

    Cyber Hunter better than cd

  39. ShadowPlayz says:

    I started playing when it came out in the App Store I didn’t even know there was a apk

  40. UnknownPlayer Gaming says:

    I've been playing this game before season 1 ends… And its a great game… I upload some of my gameplays…😁😁

  41. Alfa Laskar says:

    Uh trash playing mobile game on pc sad lyf for uh

  42. Prozitaitir says:

    I like cyber Hunter more than creative destruction

  43. lilsup reme says:

    That game is so trash the graphics are trash

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