CORSAIR Obsidian Series 1000D – The Ultimate Super-Tower PC Case

July 30, 2019 posted by

Hey guys I’m George, this is the OBSIDIAN
SERIES 1000D super tower PC case. It is the biggest and most feature-rich case
CORSAIR has ever made. So you might ask, like, why did you guys build this
ridiculously huge PC case? It’s not just because it’s cool, it actually has a
purpose. You can actually build two full systems inside this case at the same
time. So if you were streaming you can game on one system and capture that
video and stream it out on the other system. So in your room you no longer
need two full desktops. The primary motherboard tray is compatible with up
to an extended ATX motherboard with eight expansion slots. Some of those
slots can be rotated so you can actually have a vertical GPU mount if you want. The
secondary motherboard tray is integrated into the PSU shroud and actually
includes two expansion slots and a mini ITX compatible mount. But don’t worry we
didn’t forget about you liquid cooling guys, all of our OBSIDIAN SERIES cases
have been built with liquid cooling in mind. In front of the case there’s room
for two 480mm radiators and on top there’s room for our 420mm
radiator. In the rear there is room for 220mm or 140mm fans
and a 240m radiator. One of my favorite features of the OBISIDAN SERIES
1000D are the slide-out radiator trays. They make it easier than ever to install
fans and radiators to build up a liquid cooling system. The front and top trays
come out and actually can be completely replaced. By default they have 4x120mm
or 3x140mm and if that weren’t enough you can go to CORSAIR.COM and buy new
radiator trays that have 8x120mm or 4x120mm 3x140mm or even 2x200mm fan
compatibility. So you can customize this thing however you want. The OBISIDAN
SERIES 1000D comes with a CORSAIR COMMANDER PRO which allows full software
control of cooling and lighting. Through iCUE you can control your RGB fans, you can
control the logo, the I/O panel RGB and you can set up fan profiles. So if
you want to optimize your system for quiet operation or high-performance
cooling operations you can do that with a click of a button. So when you install
all the motherboards and all the fans and all the systems and all the stuff
that’s in this case. You might be thinking, what about my cables? I have no
cable routing skills at all, it’s gonna be a nightmare. We actually thought about
that. We put these French doors on the rear of
the case but allow you to conceal your cables so no matter how bad those cable
routing skills you have are, it’s going to look nice and clean. And also behind
those French doors are eight SSD mounts and five 3.5 inch mechanical
drive bays. Our OBISIDAN SERIES cases are known for their monolithic good looks
and the 1000D is no exception. With a tempered glass front panel and two
huge swing Out tempered glass doors for easy access. The I/O panel has the
connectivity for both systems right on the front of the case with four USB 3.0
and two USB 3.1 type-c connectors to go to both motherboards. The power and reset for
system one is on top. And the power and reset for system two is in the back. And
the I/O RGB backlighting is completely controllable through iCUE software. Dual
power support mounts including an SFX power supply for the mini ITX system.
Pre-drilled radiator and reservoir mounts, just about anywhere you look and cable
running cutouts and tie-downs all through the case. This feature list reads
like a phone book guys! Check out CORSAIR.COM for more info.

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100 Replies to “CORSAIR Obsidian Series 1000D – The Ultimate Super-Tower PC Case”

  1. takaa e says:

    Will probably take me days to figure out how to put all these together

  2. Korey Mayo says:

    I love the USB lighting but for $500 it should come with some fans! No fans at $500 is a rip off!

  3. SomeoneNamedBob says:

    what radiators are on the top and front?

  4. Kevin Lamsen says:

    You speak too fast i can't f*cking catch up.

  5. Shadow Sokudo says:

    Ohhhhhh pretty

  6. MrC74rk says:

    Um……. At 00:55 he clearly states the back exhaust can take "two 120mm or 140mm fans" This is no where correct….You can NOT fit 2 140's in the back for exhaust!

  7. Mohammad Shaikh says:

    So all that RGB doesn’t come with it?

  8. George Papageorgopoulos says:

    I want to put my current pc with a mItx mobo and build a new one for gaming but that case cost 600€ and I can spend 3000€.

    I should have bought the CoolerMaster HAF Stacker when I had the chance 3 years ago.

  9. Lukas l Loco says:

    I would pay 500€ if the RGB came with it, but without it no thanks xD

  10. John Terpack says:

    Looks good, but way out of my budget.

  11. YouZeGaL says:

    Corsair, Posible to get the spec(s) in this computer?

  12. Veejar YT says:

    Its even bigger than the host!

  13. Veejar YT says:

    Even the power-button has RGB!

  14. DaRK SMuRF says:

    1 flaw about this case is missing a 5 1/4 BD bay 🙁

  15. shane snyder says:

    love it

  16. 3 pills : says:

    With a small cost of a billion dollars

  17. Zachary Flory says:

    Ordered this case for my next build. I want those exact fans. Can somebody link them? The RGB fans I have now don’t look that damn good!

  18. bb354 says:

    what fans are in that case ? ll120?

  19. Selim Denizli says:

    Hello people! I have a question for you, you can add mini itx as well rigth? Is gpu mini itx or atx?

  20. 달빛속으로 says:

    전면 패널 type-c 2개가 MSI MEG Z390 마더보드를 지원합니다.

  21. Miker113 says:

    It is the love at first sight. Its so gorgeous, i ordered this case in 10 minutes from the moment i saw it, i dont sleep well because i want it so badly and i need to wait for the shipping.I already have 570x it is on air, now i need 1800 euro for custom water and fans . With this case you must have custom water or it will look empty and not nice.Omg 2300 euro only for case and cooling, most people dont have computers for this cost:) By the way why it have only 1 comander pro, why not 3 if 99% people who bought this case will have 3+ marketing?If not 99% i want to ask peoples who bought it and dont put 18 fans there ,why just why you did it?

  22. lgtcount says:

    So I want to buy this and do gaming and streaming in one case, but the problem I see is that an ITX board only has one PCIe slot, and thus if you use an internal capture card, you have no GPU to help you drive OBS preview. From my research on forums, it looks as if integrated graphics on an intel CPU such as the 8700k isn't enough to drive both the OBS preview and also perform encoding, without encoding taking a significant performance hit. Thus for a streaming PC you want two PCIe slots for both a GPU (can be anything really like a $30 GT 710 even, just something to drive the OBS preview) and the capture card.

    Can anyone else comment on this whose actually done a streaming PC on only an ITX board?

    The only two solutions I see is to 1) use an external capture card, which is OK I guess but internal can drive more data; or 2) Disable OBS preview, which would be quite annoying imo.

  23. Commando Master says:

    Nice. That case looks beautiful, but it's super expensive. $660!!!

  24. TheStealthAssassin says:

    What radiators are used with this build? I understand they are Alphacool but what specific model?? Thank you

  25. Abs Abs says:

    Perhaps better to buy the Obsidian 750D Full Tower at a quarter of the price. It has three 5.25” drive bays, all the space you need – more than enough room for expansion, usb3, usb2, mic and headphone front connections, more than enough fans, no led lights (cuz big boy gamers don't need pretty lights) – but can upgrade if you must.
    Then, you can use the money you saved, on a better motherboard (if building a new system from scratch) or CPU, Ram, Graphics card or even SLi /Crossfire etc etc etc.
    Why blow your budget on a case…….unless your rich… and are spending 3000 plus….in which case its all relative i guess. Even then, there might be better uses for your money. Just a thought.

  26. Abs Abs says:

    I hope I don't hurt any potential sales for this product though,…it wasn't my intention. Damn, that thing is pretty, truly. In my defense, I did recommend another Corsair product.

  27. TheAnon03 says:


  28. Orka Drones says:

    HEY! So you sell a dual 200mm fan mount for this case, but don't have 200mm rgb fans? Is there any other compatible 200mm fans for the corsair controller or are you going to make LL 200mm soon?

  29. 41DeFiebre says:

    Porn on YouTube

  30. John Michael Stock says:

    Thats a monster!

  31. Cogzed says:

    Could I mount two reservoirs in here like on the Tt view 91 rgb plus?

  32. WR GP says:

    manda para o Brasil

  33. shane snyder says:

    i want 1

  34. LogiForce86 says:

    So… where can I fit my blu-ray burner? I have this LG OLED TV and my gaming rig hooked up to it and I want to use it to watch some 4K blurays as well.

    Oh yeah, I forgot… everyone in the computer bizz only thinks about hipsters with disco lighting these days.

    Sigh… I am getting to old for this crap.

  35. johnny_blz says:

    I found out the hard way that you cannot fit in this case two parallel Hardware Labs SR2 radiators in the fans tray due to limited space as most HWL are 133mm wide so the case still has some important limitations. Corsair FAN tray is 25,6cm wide. You have to install two alphacool UT60 yes or yes if you want to get the most out of it in push pull. There's no manual or information on the corsair web indicating the compatible radiators. NOT ALL 480 rads fit in as advertised, they must be very specific rads not exceeding 12.8cm in width each and have no lateral ports for parallel installation as the caps also add to the width and separation between them. In my case I had to return the Hardware labs 🙁 …oh the little details. Three days with the case and I am already not so happy with it as I cannot use the rads i want. This is something i hope George can improve in next revision…bad start for me though. The case is big but not big enough, it can use some optimization. This is not a rant I just hope this feedback will help others take the rads measurements highly into consideration and make the right call. Have a good day.

  36. cyrylthewolf says:

    @Corsair – Please tell us more about the liquid cooling components in this build. They look real good. Who is the manufacturer of those cooling components?

  37. Tecno Learning Time says:

    The my review in italian language

  38. damysticalone87 says:

    Hello Team Corsair&George,
    can you send me that one in your showcase, please? Why should you, right? Well, how about that, coz I am the one and only true World-Savior, here a proof for example:

    First of all sorry for my english.

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    *Edit: Somebody asked me "What do you mean by "Rock's Falls"?". I mean falling mud and stones by Rocks also landslide, -slip, mudslide, avalanche.

  39. justin w. says:

    does it come with any fans tho

  40. Nick Miller says:

    What size are those radiators?!?!?!

  41. Román Galindo Garcia says:

    You can stream and game together on the same desktop

  42. Laz X says:

    The second power button in the back is a deal breaker. what where you thinking?!?!?!?!?!

  43. Elvin Philips says:

    My apologies for the silly question but what if I had no intention of liquid cooling my system other than maybe using an AiO like the Hydro Series H115i RGB for the processor and decided to just fill up every fan mount and air cool it? Would that work or would airflow be insufficient in such a large space?

  44. VirazProx says:

    i got no idea for what but i want this case

  45. Knuckles Uganda says:

    no cd drives = no buy
    no frontal bays = no buy…..

    what the hell do you do if you need bays to add shit into…

  46. E102 Gamma says:

    Theres a total of 24 fans in that pc

    I counted

  47. Nick Miller says:

    Thanks for explaining you aren't using the original top fan tray this comes with fucking assholes now I have to wait two more weeks to build my shit because I ordered the wrong parts.

  48. Bekah Smith says:

    power for the second system is in the back? wtf? This thing is huge. Why the hell would I want to try to reach around back to turn a system on or off every day?

  49. Henry Ospina says:

    How can I know the diameter (mm) of these radiators so I can put some equal in push and pull system?

  50. Dj Alone says:

    plz gift me this one I can't afford it. but I will promote it a lot in my Instagram. I'm a poor musician will make music free for corsair i promise.😣😥😫

  51. Bella EXE says:

    I wanted a MOBO like that but none support 1151 which is basically the best for gaming for the price. I want to be able to have 8 sticks of ram like that, looks bad ass

  52. Grand Moff Tarkin says:

    There's about $2k worth of fans in that case.

  53. Jake S says:

    Ty George for reminding me that I don’t have enough money lol

  54. Amarin says:

    what is the motherboard in the video?

  55. Anthony Novello says:

    Can i have this computer please !!

  56. Sonicgott says:

    That thing is obscenely huge. A lot of bragging rights in one case.

  57. Noah Melnick says:

    This is retarted.

  58. Timo Kuusela says:

    i still use 900D but 1000D looks nice..those typo's and model numbers

  59. fredd metall says:

    24 Fans! over 650 Bucks only for FANS!

  60. Max Johnson says:

    I have one of the cases and i wanna ask, how tf did they wire the front 16 fans. I tried, but the cables cant reach the back.

  61. B. says:

    And for what Computer like this? any game any program autocad, sketchup,vray,photoshop "dont know" that power of computer soo…

  62. SGES says:

    T H I C C R A D I A T O R

  63. Vegeta2988 says:

    A Graphite 780T with a White Interior and meshes would be nice too. Maybe even make that front light RGB. It doesn't need tempered glass though, I can live without that.

  64. Kazim says:


  65. Michael Smith says:

    $500 you crazy I can buy a 2070 GPUwith that or a i9 9900k CPU

  66. Joanna Cai says:

    I really really want to know the specs of that exact pc

  67. Joanna Cai says:

    What are those three tube things at the front i feel like they are water cooling but i kinda want to know what brand they are thanks

  68. Prnkstr says:

    Just got this case, and I gotta say, impressive and big. Only thing I wish it came with an effin instruction manual [unless I missed mine somehow], as I had to google and analyze every little bit to get this setup working correctly [like you can switch the tray between eachother….figgured that out while looking at 140mm to 120mm adapters to make my radiator fit,…]

  69. oldmate_TV says:

    Thats a big shirt.

  70. Jelly Knight666 says:


    I like corsair

  71. dsa ds says:

    What is the thickness of the radiators? I need to install the system.

  72. ItsMarkosPlays YT says:

    …. i dont have money

  73. Milford Cubicle says:

    Needs more RGB

  74. Fiyrenz says:

    I want to play video games not launch a rocket lmao

  75. 1,000 subscribers with no videos says:

    I am so buying this case planning on cooling an i9 9900k strix 2080 ti nvlink with 1560mm radiators 480mm×2 240×1 360×1 and around 24 ll series fans

  76. Styx says:

    are these….

  77. OlO MaN says:

    Well,I built it on Pc building simulator

  78. Anonymous Gamer says:

    This takes up more space than two full desktops

  79. Michael Ma says:

    Took it too far…………..

  80. Monkerr says:

    You guys should make a 950d thats just half the width of this case, so only four fans on the front

  81. victa z says:

    how much gonna pay to the cleaning man after 1 or 2 years?

  82. Michael Zak says:

    Merry Christmas everyone, bit of a strange looking christmas tree but happy holidays anyway

  83. BobbyBoyGaming says:

    Do you really need two computers for streaming though? Rather spend that money on a better CPU and graphics card…

  84. Mihail Kelu says:

    It does look nice but the price is ohhh a bit spicy for me

  85. Servius The Bear says:

    I will most likely buy this for when I can redo my win 7 system for my old stuff.

  86. Johnny5clowna says:

    Costs as much as a car w/ all the shit installed you could ever want.. that will be Obsolete in 5 years LOL

  87. Jannae Huntress says:

    Hello, I'm new to PC building.. Starting my first project.. If I wanted to use corsair obsidian 1000d case without commander pro could I have it removed? Or is it possible to buy not integrated? Reason I'm trying to do Asus brand build, with Asus aura..
    [email protected] if u want to explain it to me

  88. Chris Benn says:

    So when he talks about liquid cooling in the video does that mean if you want to use air-cooling, this case sucks or is it still just as good?

  89. racelab says:

    how the heck can i connect two motherboard with one psu? I mean i don't have two cable coming out from my power supply. would be nice to know

  90. Dolly Gaming says:

    does it have mesh over the front fans please ? behind the glass panel.

  91. wcarterh says:

    Caveat: Replacement trays available (when in stock). Good luck catching them in stock.
    They ARE very nice cases though.

  92. Xerxes116 says:

    Can I use 2 560mm radiators in the front?

  93. supergrendel says:

    My wife always said she wanted French Doors so I bought her this case.

  94. Johnny Greeko says:

    Great video Yiorgi.

  95. Scooby Dooby says:

    This case existing makes me happy. =D

  96. Michael Smith says:

    Does it come with the fans?????

  97. _JerryLZ _ says:

    I get that this is meant for watercooled builds but would this get enough airflow for a air cooled build?

  98. Clifton Harris says:

    2:29 That's a dumb spot for a power button. No one thought about that?

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