CORSAIR BULLDOG 2.0 High Performance PC Barebone Kit

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hey guys Adam Jackson here, and today I’m excited to announce to you the Bulldog 2.0 barebones kit. Now, this thing is designed to fit right into your living room with minimal noise but still give you the ultimate gaming experience, both 4K and VR ready. The front of the Bulldog features two USB 3.1 gen 1 ports, a headphone jack, and microphone jack as well as reset button and all these features are hidden behind a door to keep Bulldog minimalist and clean. To the bottom of the Bulldog we’ve added a removable magnetic cover to the 120mm radiator or fan housing. We’ve added this to help reduce noise. The inside of the Bulldog could be accessed by removing two thumb screws from the back of the chassis. When it comes to cooling we’re running the Hydro Series H6 SF, this comes pre-installed and helps keep your processor running cool and quiet. The 92mm chassis and cooling fans are pwm controlled and use the same technology is our award-winning ML Series fans. We’ve also included a Y cable with a fan header in the front for plugging in an additional 120mm fan or the fan of one our Hydro GFX graphics cards. The motherboard comes pre-installed and pre-cable for easy assembly. It features Intel’s overclocking ready Z270 chipset that supports both sixth and seventh generation Core processors. There’s a port for gigabit, ethernet, and modern 10-gigabit USB 3.1 in both type A and type C connectors. The drivetrain supports one 2.5 inch SSD and one 3.5 inch mechanical drive or up to three 2.5 inch drives. Finally, there’s the award-winning SF600, 600 watt 80 plus gold rated power supply. Capable of supporting even the most powerful builds. Bulldog 2.0 is quiet easy to build and ready for overclocking to find out more information head on over We’ll see you next time


26 Replies to “CORSAIR BULLDOG 2.0 High Performance PC Barebone Kit”

  1. FloppySushi says:

    Yeah the boys!

  2. GonthorianDX says:

    Ready to destroy more console peasantry boxes? Good!

  3. R Hayes says:

    So the H5 SF liquid cooler got the flick eh?

  4. Влад Mufin says:


  5. Jason Kolibarov says:

    that traffic racer song tho

  6. karan patil says:

    i love PitBuLL though..

  7. Ahmad firmansyah says:

    I think corsair making these motherboard join with msi, lets take a look for design, overall look like msi motherboard CMIIW #nofanboy

  8. Mystery says:

    Looks and sounds great, but why not attach a HDMI port on the front of the case? If it is for the living room, you gotta have to have easy access to that if you're using a VR headset. Other than that, looks nice and sleek!

  9. alto says:

    his voice, is cool

  10. Princeton says:

    this looks like a mini pc to me

  11. Mark Messiha says:

    Needs more LEDs

  12. Flamed65 says:

    The cable management is pretty poor. But I guess it doesn't matter since it's covered…

  13. Red Eye says:

    Wait, 2.0? Already!

  14. SuperJimBobJoe says:

    The thumbnail made me think you changed the design but alas…

  15. Vladek16 says:

    it does looks so much better than the original one, good job corsair

  16. T.Y. Choi says:

    so big~~

  17. Lucas Etienne says:

    Why only two usb's ? Is there others on the rear ?

  18. Gigaheart says:

    Note: You have add your own GPU into it and other things. This only comes with a power supply and motherboard, you have to put in the rest.

  19. phillyman36 says:

    What motherboard is the 2.0 using?

  20. iliden strmrege says:

    Corsair pls, I want a RGB colored penis ring

  21. Tony Flowers says:

    could one of you corsair people tell me, if i buy something from your online store (i'm in the uk) do the items ship from uk or outside the uk? and if outside the uk are the prices listed on your website subject to import tax?

  22. Alexandre Chabeur says:

    No fan grills ?? really?
    Quiet? really?

  23. RUNAWAY600 says:

    Lol, is the background music from Traffic Racer mobile game?

  24. Troy Martin says:

    is this out? and if not when will it be released? want to use this as my next build which would be within the next 2-3 weeks.

  25. Maronp says:

    Can i add an evga 1050 ti gpu in the bulldog?

  26. elbartoso says:

    i rather stick my dick in a electric out let then ever buy this fucking bull shit that doesint fucking work

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