Composition in Presentation Boards for Architecture using Indesign

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  1. Show It Better says:

    I enjoy making these types of videos so much! Remember that there will be a playlist with all the presentation boards videos here: What video would you like to see next?

  2. Nijin S says:

    what is this software name

  3. Natacha Correia says:

    Amazing!!! Thank you a lot

  4. Gusti Rosso says:

    keep goging, i need it !!!

  5. Туран Гафаров says:

    Fricking awesome, that just what i was looking for, thanks a lot.

  6. SIZZLE FOOD says:

    im not able to find the file on pinterest. could you maybe attach a pdf link in the description

  7. Gary Speed says:

    very nice technical skills and aesthetic sensibilities,
    I know this is specific to INDESIGN,
    particularly student and competition presentations

    but I would recommend all architects / students consider POWERPOINT as a serious alternative

    it is almost as graphically powerful [ you will be surprised ]
    it is significantly cheaper [essentially free as it is embedded in MS Office suite]
    It is widely available to all the team and project stakeholders (architects, engineers, clients, marketing, finance etc )
    it is the format of 99% of architectural presentation [eg client presentations]
    it is generalist software so nearly everyone has a basic skill set in using it.
    it is collaborative… work in progress can be shared in real time
    it is not dead end effort – PowerPoint files can easily evolve, adapt to other stakeholder needs,, eg marketing, financial proposals etc
    it is file size efficient..

    and yes you can set up grids, large paper formats etc , master template, shadows, linked images, url hotlinks… masking… multiple column text…

    I banned INDESIGN from the architectural offices I managed….. it was an expensive data dead end

    Now, don't get me wrong I am certainly no MS fanboy… quite the opposite…

    but am very much a fan of collaborative work and open data exchange

  8. Shagun Laddha says:

    Veryyyy helpfulll

  9. Jeston Caabay says:

    how do you input a scaled plan? example 1:100 plan. im having a hard time doing it

  10. red x Yoshi says:

    indesign is awesome!!!
    your channel is awesome
    so thank you <3

  11. Rodalia Dima says:

    how do you make boards that look like blending the images with the background? you use photoshop for this technique or indesign?



  13. Krystian Krzewinski says:

    amazing video, very useful informations. Great job

  14. Charles de los Santos says:

    You sound like the guy from 99 percent invisible

  15. franz kirsch says:

    I'm an Architecture student and just stumbled across this channel, thanks for being super helpful!

  16. Yash Tambe says:

    Can you tell more about how you use your pen tablet
    Is it better than using a mouse

  17. Marcoconut says:

    Thanks a lot !

  18. Marcela M says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to improve my presentations and you're helping me a lot. <3 It's so nice to find a good content like yours for free (because you know, students have like no money left hahahah) pls don't stop what you're doing!!! Love from Brazil <3

  19. German Tovar says:

    Man this is gold! you´re a god! thank u very much

  20. ToriWhite says:

    Hi Show it better! I was wondering whether the highway coverup park was a real project and if it existed today. what is it called? I have a similar project due in 2 months and would love to use yours as a Case Study. Cheers

  21. Junior Menezes says:

    Um beijo para quem legendou em PT-BR

  22. Peter Parka says:

    Would you make a video on how to make an architectural concept page for presentation? Thanks in advance!

  23. Nayla Budziñski says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOW THAT PROYECT IS IN BUENOS AIRES!!! sos argentino?! sos muy grosooooooooooo y si saliste de FADU es como que me gusta todavia mas XD

  24. Gourav Dey says:

    You have a great sense of graphics!

  25. archischnect says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay new video, so excited to watch it! I’ve been waiting for these series so much !! Btw congrats with coming soon to 100k subs!

  26. Joel Quinto says:

    nice presentation keep it up!:)

  27. jhonny Equice says:


  28. Anthmg _ says:

    I have a question in my design classes I use Ilustrator for make my presentations boards, so Indesign is better than ilustrator for make that or it is the same.


    as awesome as always

  30. Gatubi says:

    dude ty , i use your tutorial of BiG style presentations and i have a great result , greetings from Perú

  31. Easiee Park says:

    Thanks for making this video, awesome !!

  32. Andreea Pescar says:

    Great subject! Can you see the boards all at once or two boards one next to other in InDesign?

  33. Wei Dang says:

    Man, I'm very ple ased yo u displayed this video on shad ing the sky. I adopted your trusty old recommendations and as a consequence had the time get rem arkably close to the way in which I wanted. i worked on it for 3 or more hours so it was impressive! However I stumbled onto this wild glitch that I couldn't solve. I a dditionally struggled rei nsta lling the applications and then practically nothing. I ended up seeking ano ther version of the software packages at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and functioned past the glitch! Maybe the install file I received was corrupte d. I do not know how to look at that? Anyway, thanks to your trusty training video, I am just conseque ntly near getting this revising down, that it'll appear like it is pouring once I am just done! Who needs a college class for photoshop, when individuals can get your trusty old videos to demonstrate these individuals, no cost on youtube! Thanks once a gain OP! I will have to submit my results after i suppose I've got the heavy rain e nhancing effect down pat! Wei Dang, logging out.

  34. GQTECH says:

    Nice vedio #gqtech

  35. George Lucas Oliveira Santos says:

    So gratefull for the subtitles in portuguese.

  36. Sulaiman arman says:

    Your contents are very good man. Keep making more videos!

  37. sofia salazar says:

    thanks very much

  38. Davide Lombardi says:

    Oh my god, thank you very much for making a video on this topic! I just had an architectural composition exam, for which I struggled to figure out how to compose my drawings on the boards. But now I can get better with your tips 🙂

  39. maria luisa cuadros says:

    Volvistee!! Se te extrañaba!!

  40. Mira Rama says:

    Soo waited for this!! Thanks that s what we raely need

  41. patrick says:

    llegue tarde show it better pero eres god 🙂

  42. Agah Rifky says:

    hey, i absolutely love your channel! Can you make tutorial video about how to make portfolio in indesign. I can't understand this software and im dying to know how to make great portfolio with it. Hope you can make some videos about it. Thx!

  43. cupcakewinter says:

    Realmente amo todos tus videos, son fantásticos.
    Saludos desde Chile.

  44. Thijs Van Den Dool says:

    Great presentation boards! Your methodical aproach of different styles helps a lot in picking the right style for your presentation. Tnx!

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