CleanRiver Features: Recycling Graphics

July 25, 2019 posted by

diverting waste from landfill by recycling is great for the environment and for your bottom line but if the recycling streams are confusing or unclear the result will be higher contamination rates and increased waste hauling fees clear graphics on your recycling bins make it a lot easier for people to make the right choice and have a huge impact on the success of your recycling program studies have shown that people will only pause for two to three seconds before tossing their weights so by using graphics with easy-to-understand visuals you increase participation and reduce room contamination over the past twenty five years we've seen the impact that great recycling graphics and have them success of your program which is what led us to develop our custom graphics capability we work with customers like Tim Hortons University of Kentucky and the Oregon Zoo to develop graphics specific to their branded recycling program with our in-house graphic design of photography department we're able to photograph products specific to your environment and create unique graphics to make it easier for people in that two to three second window to make the right choice when depositing their waste to learn more by the impact that graphics can have on the success of your recycling program visit our website at Queen River comm slash graphics

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