Chopin – Etude Op. 10 No. 4

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  1. Rousseau says:

    The first Chopin Etude on my channel, I'd have nothing less to celebrate 200,000. Thank you all and welcome to all of the new subscribers 😀 Come chat with me and the community over at the YouTube Piano discord server:

  2. Evolved Piano says:

    Which is easier for parts like 1:39? 1-3-2-5 1-3-2-5 1-3-2-5 fingering or 1-2-1-5 1-2-1-5 1-2-1-5 fingering?

  3. ITACHI UCHIHA says:

    Who else here because if takeshi aiza

  4. Completely Random Videos says:

    Chopin was a boss

  5. Its me! Zuper planta Krn¡vorah ! says:

    This song was composed by Chopin with the sole purpose of ending the fingers of the daring performers: /

  6. Jéssica Terra says:

    Gente! Que difícil isso!
    NOSSA! Rousseau, você é FANTÁSTICO!

  7. Aviv hagever says:

    your fingers is faster than my internet connection lol


    chopin probably had trouble playing this himself lol what a fucking insane piece

  9. Iordache Tiberius Stefan says:

    Me:Can I play this?

    My fingers:ಠಗಠ

    Me: Nevermind

  10. Daisy Sarma says:

    cries in beginner

  11. 地底人 says:

    why I still only can see 5 fingers on each hands.
    I know you have more and I just can’t see em

  12. Iordache Tiberius Stefan says:

    0:13 chaotic left hand

  13. ni fanani says:

    wow amazing!

  14. Frédéric Chopin says:

    Not bad

  15. tegomassai says:

    I am speechless. This is incredible

  16. Rémi DEMETZ says:

    May gosh

  17. Shark026 says:


  18. Yoda says:

    1:39 that sounds heavy metal!

  19. みつあん says:


  20. caroline mamarbashi says:


  21. dalia S.B says:

    If you can play it slowly you can play it quickly

    Rousseau: yes

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