Chill fortnite pubs ~ 500+ wins ~ 3.8k?

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yo I run welcome to the string guys Riley thank you for being first shield boy what's good face colwiz good hunter I'm good for how he going rather the Savage was I first yes no no costumes to Labor Day scarves first let's go baby I mean me in the stream guys hello anyone there hello can anyone even hear me I just can't okay hey come into it took me to like I'm down Mickey what's good let's hope creative it's not like eated a though that's why didn't stream in today cuz I thought Oceana surfers would like lagged but it was just creative so I'm I apologize guys you you you you you you oh you're mocking me I'm sorry guys I'm doing creative no I'm just seeing if creatives like today but yesterday the service really like incredible metric was good bounty was good you're not even late by only just started the stream up man that my hands are greasy from eating chips yup that's so like see I couldn't even place that nope that floor why do I have to eat chips as soon as I wanted to stream look guys crazies like lagged again hopefully it's not in pubs if it is I won't be playing for no today goes don't lie it's fine creatives still bugged out and then liking hard fall and creative in let's go see if pubs a leg if they are won't be streaming it's not liked in pub as okay okay cool cool cool oh why don't have to eat chips dude I'm gonna have to do it the old old-style way you know GT wet scooper I see him Mickey now recon craves glitched out man I'm not playing on 60 ping PI squads number everyone play solos of do it or something today men you always play 60 pink yep like 60 pings not bad bot I'm playing on a different sort of 60 ping and playing with like 2% packet loss and creative for which is a lot worse than 260 ping I just want to see if pubs are lagged if they're not then we will do pubs but um yeah pubs look like two men is it my internet or is it fortnight in general actually I don't think it is pub yeah I'm not sure yet wait why is that balloons why does my things young weird man you can't be my Internet bro I literally have such good internet man I don't think you guys understand that literally I've better internet then probably mostly watching the stream and I don't know I get like 50 download 20 up so I should be at least 20 30 being right now I know then yeah I don't know man can you add me yeah but go ahead I'm not sure if it's a lagged in pubs but it doesn't seem like it at the moment I'm probably gonna be really bad at for now right now by the way because I haven't played in like a couple of days and I've been playing apex legends and stuff let's just do a quick our build and see if it is liked or not can we do trips trips what do you mean what do you mean by trips trios okay it doesn't seem to be like in pub it's just weird and in creative increase what's good homie hey Don and it like hit the brake oh my god the cone didn't play with some reason okay now I think it is late and parvis what the hell I'm not sure we will see can we do trios I'm not looking at these trios man I will think about it though bro well what am i minis go chat i hate's died but i love you in your film ahem I love you to you for watching me boy no hi my brother they really are you guys are the one that keeps my channel live it's not me before I make the content if you guys enjoy the content then you guys are gonna keep watching that means that I get arm you know and I'm at man he always good guys I just come home from the hospital why what happened am i back wait what happened me fall off a trampoline or something need saucy what's good boy I'm back boy and you don't care I care bro – what's good pasture what's good one-on-one be one I'm like really lagging creative deburr well I don't know why he jumped down fifty says it's go okay buddy can you add me I don't accept PSN front of Casper pule clap what's good Burt I swear bro it was a day yikes if you guys are here same credit even trash a fax a fax maybe you guys are leaving a lock on the stream to epic no you got an army bro well I won't add you finish what is a good book username escalates and epic in the trap I need a carry does anyone I carry me in the chair he's not very talkative today is I can you unban me from your disco channels you probably got banned about one of my mods for just joined back could you should have got kicked first and then and then banned so just drawing back in the discord and if you guys haven't win the discord link it in the description let's get these fat gun nom nom boy you ain't getting on me today homie Whisenhunt is afk why is there an afk chat go it good yo frosty what's good bro hey Don wait what your drugs how kid you know that hurts okay buddy okay buddy how did you have shielded your three Hays beat my is the combat side isn't very good yourself yeah pretty you wouldn't really good bra 3hp disease in Chapman yikes that's unfortunate I'm playing so bad it's just escalation epic in the chat guys Drax you down to carry bar even online drugs Trax I will not lose is not online and I played for now on yeah boy that's why this knocks you down to carrier Drax I will not lose a skill you know what's good GT plays on om to see Chios but I still mark out yo Missy mish what is goodbye make sure if you are new you leave a like and sub did it's greatly appreciated hey you being dressed haven't spoken age it's why we in creative did you know how'd you find the channel Missy mesh yeah we're in creative brew yeah if you're glad there we go you invited me yeah hey bean anyway gonna eat some chips cane what a smart my epic is wrecked f bro four exclamation epic in the chat i actually using co-direct in the arm shop Oh Tina toddle know then they'll just think I'm sweated though come in and be like oh he's Oh see must be a sweat I'm not even good at the game not really but Ivan played in like two days not been playing I pick true I'm a singing wet apex why are we queueing for so long Jaden plays was good it heard my cry man I didn't even know what it is made complete sense thank you please explanation if you have push-to-talk on I can't hear you brother hello dracs yep definitely let's push this oh there we go there we go there we go there we go yep recon I'm playing PC servers let's go you're bullies right to play letter yeah maybe a little balloon before I remember when it was a one and one year anniversary like it it doesn't even feel like that long ago so I've been playing for knife-like two years for holy shit I'm getting the dark for excuses are better than people wants to be honest yeah no it's very nice how would the alien watch but how you doing anyway but I I don't think it's so long I'm still not even goaded it again well it's not so much fun anymore but yeah I guess do you say that I'm cool I get a hunting rifle man cool faggot-ass sculpt a Arbor borrow I needed find abetik online a sniper I'm getting avoid salute in the game right now you don't even know I don't think you understand my loot man I think I'd rather pistol right now than anything this kid's got a pump yep totally totally to fit an aim in and finish him what the hell let's go leave me alone leave me alone bleed bar they could have PCAST me yo sin was good shall I keep her mouth hmm maybe maybe stop play keyboard mouse I'm just trying to paint my salt minica chips why does she know he got banned how did he get bangs I know wait I got a question I mean I got to tell you something so Charles called his chilling in class right and then I was he everyone go um oh my god what is it one of them two kids doing so I look and I'm just like huh what the hell guess what happened those these two dudes that no one knew that they were like gay and they were just passion dude yeah it was like a really weird so I can't play hmm I'm not if I want to run squad zone be honest with you I hate squads man what were they doing I just told you man I'm gonna play key what a mouse to give me two seconds chat mmm-hmm need to get rid of some rubbish I don't know I'll be back in a sec you you okay I'm back I think yeah I'm back 7:30 why so early tonight okay wait why is it cross-platform no I'm playing keyboard mouse yo rekt yo cell layer what's good can you invite me number they're pretty fun aired during that night because nothing cool oh yeah that's easy when I played bass Kohli we were undefeated for like a couple seasons we had like three wins or something and Aurora no one could beat us and then our teams got changed around and yeah so JG was good yes so it was like I was really good at basketball I'll um I'll cross you out I don't think so you might now but back in the day you wouldn't know if I played for my town and everything so I played some margin – yeah and what is it called Rhett it's called rap yeah is that what they call it for soccer or not no they call it rip so you playing the red team I'll show you like you're representing your town I think that's what it's mental let's go our frosty scrim sleeves an arbor just make sure you leave a like on the train guys I know I've been going to a party on Saturday now I probably hungover haven't I if not then you but I definitely won't beat you I'll probably do an early stream Saturday to be honest but I definitely won't be streaming the afternoon because I'm going at like 3 won't be home till the next day what is these what do you mean what do you mean get some girls I've I've already got enough for her I got a sniper oh can you help me what you've only got one do you have to if an a a navel white you're trying to hack my accounts of course I'm too infinite to ever able to get it why there and straight up or what do you mean easy mate I don't even have two arcs they come to me burr I'm your biggest fan can we play what have you never had a girl come to you anymore I've had plenty you didn't want it bro you're 12 you don't want that at 12 can we um Nava I'm playing doers until just enough to get off and then i'll go it to speech there with all those give me something please um I don't have VBox otherwise I would burn but I don't buy arm skins and stuff anymore bro please can i play because I can play later you can't play later is that what you meant to say I've had plenty come to me and that's a bit sad Drax only one came aren't you like Cain aren't you are young that's that's pretty good if you have two girls coming to you bro they must be older sprite TOS good oh yeah it ain't in high school I forgot about that spicy rice what is good boy or you wish that's just what you think all right like you yeah this in your dreams and you're getting girls but in real life you guys you know I'm watching an ad and paranoia I'm not skipping them yeah okay so I'm not telling to not skip I'm a big groove damn mo nice bro I'm getting shorter swag stream the same burner because I love you I'm not allowed to actually say don't get them though I'm not allowed if they don't skip them otherwise I can get banned for that hey I'm back yo Missy I just had to Oz how did you find the stream cuz if you found it by something in the title I'd love to keep doing it man ma let's just go I don't even care about the chest I got an ad to get weight this kids right there and then sky that's started from our shifty houses I'm coming you're on PP ever I'm getting high I'm getting high fire out what is it what is there it is I couldn't find what's it called why is it telling me to look that way I'm confused imagine where this keeps on me this kid to me it was I who disdains and he had so much Lou is that a shrimp sniper I didn't think I had streams an author's life why are you good tracks was an extreme snowball how did he get in wait what steezy why how'd you get in my kitchen oh no I press tab wait primer you just you just killed primer right you just go primer there he'll give me the time oh you just good primer that was me I reckon was asking a lot yeah not my garden I've known Matt stick it up here I want to delay I need a stream so he can be little lots of mat loot mats kill please wait what do you mean chat I need mats man trucks why he's walking Hey how far we go yeah you kill prime off oh so weird yeah there's no way you just give me a game I didn't even see he's name real wait half on me pee and chug splashes – so we go wait what is mother and Dona white oh we got a pretty far run come to me you're gonna meet a stream okay use the truck splashes first where my hand starts hurting from lines blankie with a mallet actually hey now stop the crying event never saw any aux tracks to get on inside or you just get on install I can't I'm in I'm in fatal got this but I'm pretty bad on PC did our wait are you fighting people oh my god Childress I'm definitely losing this game now chart what you that's I'm doing I need to get it though I'm go to the one at lucky hey Kirsten Fein what's good how are you guys finding a stream that's weird here here here here here there that's everything our meetings meetings minis minis I'm sorry it's come so tall up to a patel what's good how you guys finding the stream did a my own recommended or something where there's a massive fire over here yes but we have no massacre this done I am fair enough dude but then apples go yeah oh your sub dollar caper although that's fun one wait what are we shooting down all that is that is dropped I think are they even up lever oh I think they might be yep yep yep yep oh my god bro that's how Matt's right there wait did you just get hella mats from that or not right what you got none as a gold man yeah it's gone pretty good avid gaming how you going man oh my god this way we need a third party right now we needed a third party right now right there right there are this I'm coming Tyler by the way I changed my name oh it's Tyler okay Oh still burn but if you're denying me love from the UK thank you for a thank-you thing what are we doing here oh no no odds press the wrong button long I know what I'm doing man my god oh my god okay buddy sorry build okay buddy we're doing costumes on this you mean no why my second button oh my god I'm back I don't know why I didn't pull out my shorty I'm sorry bad on TV you currently cooked hot nice you wouldn't want these chips and then hey colt they'd be pretty good right now no I just what do you mean noise put your controller now by PC yawn oh you have a noise my throat yeah 69 days before well if we key for two minutes a and Amna apiece best mates what do you mean bar well I've had two bags of chips need more why no and someone said they had two bags of chips in the stream yo TT be extreme was a good man hey Don I can't give that BRR do some costumes do you guys actually wanna do customers at seven o'clock at night yeah cows sometimes sometimes oh yeah what do you mean hell yeah you want me to do that maybe maybe maybe but I've pretty funky times as well well what I need some chips I know just went off the map I do that all the time I'm in a regular game ever the same boy I'd like two minutes well it's the most you've had a lot but I can't say one shrimp if I could I would I can but just means I get a D monetize you feel me I don't I don't want that I want the money bar just say 20 of I hope you know what I mean 20 20 you know you know I hope you know what 20 means mole we just have to say discreetly so no no one knows what we're talking about pretty much I don't do it anymore though Carlos like not much man I'll have it every now and then I'm at nine right now bro so got 11 more to go bro I need to it when I'm at parties and stuff now I don't really do it much anymore I get old nothing this is Drax not to be rude it strikes man all night do costumes mm-hmm I don't really want to do costumes for him I don't feel like it I want to know who my levels are and yeah all that so they say that it's here he's a sweaty or he's sweaty earth ladies man to Nava father one I my what's easy way you ask track she should be written on I can't say that way there's someone ride on me ride on me ride on me ride on me he looks like it's wet yep I'm down this invite me cause I'm pretty sure your comment y'all mail mail me on me ready the in middle middle hell you just want to go to con ah and I'll just want to go to zone okay buddy what's my amber you guys what do you mean what do you mean if he goes outside for you I was dead anyway it doesn't matter if it didn't finish or not Oh a shock if he goes outside because you please 10 hours a day she's gonna play controller stuff keep what at me I said give me a second you you you you you you you you what's up purging hey Dumbo wait Drax hell old wrecks my god I'll wait can you hear me okay well I'm probably gonna go place all those for have a good one yeah yeah catch it's rainy in six others yeah I said doing great brother how about you yeah go on pretty good bro I'm sorry fired my head hurts I only had 11 keep grinding more recent Arbor right if clips is gonna like behave Kangas hours up I'm gonna do it too how do you know clips is more you think keep going and did it's on the eleven burr like come on that's nothing that wouldn't even get me tipsy bar backs comma noise I bought new tks without are you getting complaints about the music a country matter then circle that he's run like 50 hours and he's I'm Way more white why doing it twice and we're back got a punch on mate because you can't control himself at seven at a punch on Oh that was my brother Martin hidin under a blanket at 3:00 in the morning we come around the corners like hittin Easy OSes lives again much shut up night the parents are sleep and it only had like story you know I like and then the music complaint story one that is that is they just need to shut out there something change hey purge I'm not really that hype today you guys like I'm just chillin right now cuz I'm like really tired sunburn so annoyed about dry lips and good knocks for anymore weight there might be minions action everybody's I can't handle it Riley's just want to play loud music but I come on I just have loved music especially rap I literally am in love with the rap music didn't Eminem's MGK which is Machine Gun Kelly borrowed chilling it lambs a gilded and to Holly I have read the big comment what big comment yeah I did bareback better punch on cuz I can't control himself a sudden I did I laughed my guts out man I'm back he'll it's good boys are listened to on for right now in the last night I can't believe you're texting cows and you've had like 11 or 12 whatever you had it's crazy nada Michael miles mom no you didn't send it but I didn't send some reason sometimes YouTube stuff it up and doesn't send you comment you forgot me all the time for their like you didn't read my comment like it can send you a little tip sorry here's a cold combat come and attack is that bad I mean like oh my god why did I try to build only after nine I've had my late is hiding because he thinks he saw him like my hahahaha I got go to clips in your account nice nice he's for hiding in the blanket Oh like you're my brother did that like oh my sister invited me but they are town straight from the underground yeah I swallow act normal well so let's go yeah I mean top many good tips yeah I have to invite someone he pays $30 a month don't invite anyone he paid $30 a month for VoIP so he can get invites whenever and stop so I have to I'm sorry not really I never join you invites to be honest no I'm just a lonely no words we hit it all right let's get Scott's going and your battle boss I just lost my job love me some salt I'm gonna get it when wha what does that mean cows we out of food on night ok here you ready open your mouth I don't want in there the rocks abilities come in Hawaii some I was right back I need drink of water ma'am when they drink of water stop eating it it's a bit much I'm meeting you yes cows you should Briony why aren't you talking why you so quiet right Arnie you talk louder or something what can you hear ever fuck I've been muted come on Bubba no I'm liking it I get mad cuz I'm thinking to my father like a liaison Balu call me a BU what do you mean are you talking I am now PG still my Pierce or it's bling but is that your ps4 it is like all the time I know huh no how much is is is the people in you you know it years something like that 200 euro late to talk eh there's a fucking wailing sexy now I love that picture I see oh I see Oh sexy leg has everything again pretty much I'm not oh he would but you know he didn't buy skins back then sea salt for tonight was I was in the roof of this house on movie people me I'm coming to slowly but surely you're only looking and coming to them I'm coming guys oh fuck coming off it blow open my young squirrel a banks are gonna I don't wanna finish me you there trying to finish me inside all your streaming I don't really care although just blame it on the lag it's fine we have the laggy spike it's okay now I died because of the being absolute dog she's alright you're right mm-hmm did you get rid of pace yep oh my god what did you watch the video yesterday yeah they are very I know Yahoo brainy yeah that's just like posted some fucking shit and it's like he's up but the pepper big fandom wiki is a fucking roller coaster what are you know that II thought that follow on Instagram yes just like how did you all find me am i through I need water Wow oh yeah on get song yes I used out Kim Yong ki oh fuck there baby look next game we're going don't junction next game I wouldn't be playing I don't want to go chunk Junction junctions go over badly I want to pick access kill away from you Oh yo dr. layup see clear away oh no they're coming for me one shot a pickaxe two kids this game I'm gonna risk it for the biscuit play your cards gone that's one simple Oh No I'm dancing when I could go get their freaking reboot you know it's a bit late I've got five seconds that's not happening what okay buddy just get rebooted I don't even care that I'm killing so many people you know no way Briony this skin you you accidentally brought for yourself just killed me gee sugar daddy this boards good cowls 20 your likes yikes cows Jermaine uh-huh yes could be better very good on him yeah I sent you a video if you ever do this to me I'll cry I'm by Paige King now I saw see what he wants to play oh no I left I left I left I feel bad now i legit feel bad i feel it so bad i was just about to invite him to I was literally just about to invite purge I feel so bad purge knows that we have to invite you I just don't like my sister's boyfriend man he's so annoying purge I'm so sorry man oh my god thank you so much for the gifts over oh boy I'm so sorry I'm I literally feel that like the worst threat in the world right now I'm so sorry for my you a purge let's play two ways purge he's like I'm gonna invite your baby to hear that from someone else their mouth it sounds cringe facts thank you for the gift no problem sleeve what's good how you doing oh my god it's surreal flea in my chat oh my god I'm freaking out it okay I think so Jen's a nice for a nice aisle let's do it together eat so it's the real flea oh my god I'm freaking out 4450 Hebert's left mm-hmm he said I have 4450 ebooks left Oh flee flee was good TT smash that's good thank you for the gift though I appreciate it I didn't know what to do I know I actually like that humor but I pickaxe to kids last game I don't know if you saw ideas I got one kill I too know I had four yeah bro you should visit will be a smash yeah I mean say what you want and I'll do it is it will be gaming what do you mean man you just want to go like lucky won't go a hot drop will try get the dub I don't know just like night there's no way in hell that's happening I probably won't be streaming like Saturday my chest yeah Wow I got doubled inked with the our knees pretty bird this cry still my weapon it was a purple cover on no he said cryptic alright smash alright alright what is cryptic I've never even seen it before what is it I gifted you at you too Oh yo yo that's gonna go dude I love the back bling it's so good I'm gonna have the gift oh why didn't you pick Mick I did make it such a bad skin such a ugly a skin not gonna lie it is well yeah nothing I should have listed them they're actually buying the skin boy look on my stream imagine actually boy in this skin now worry smash I thought you and my fee books I only have 3000 left oh you got that I do they stuffed it off it goes to in front and then one behind that's not hate do it I like it I know it's pretty sick though but this is good heard you to go at me I want the vision pickaxe nice all the one with the ayats pretty good its Reinhardt pickaxe I'd any get them to drive other drivers as my odds that I'm playing with the tryout right now I just try hard you have it that you're secure you gifted this to me I'll call Ben did what what do you want what do you want hmm let's go I say you – yep great self is it feels okay I was going to say Jim Jim oh my god what I hate John talking to me that I don't even have fun in foreign anymore unless I'm getting kills you don't have fun why do you buy skins body was so very perfect has no idea I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead on that on that same oh maybe not oh I didn't that yeah the dream shopping is so annoying so bad it makes no sense okay buddy smash I don't have daily gifts left I get to three people today did you get a friend of mine you want that and grab from triptych I get to all the emo and smash the skin yeah you wanted it so I just gave it makes them buy the good guns are a part of knew where all the good guns are I win the game where you okay a bit Sonny just how long have I got left 30 ever I know yeah I stress purge I got you get his card what do you think I'm doing man now come on I'll I know this girl will be going for me are you paying squat it's my please be quiet and peaceful I've no match left oh my lord he'd leave me alone and he's gonna take this wall up here and I'm gonna be soft and I've got that wall what are you gonna do I can't even move oh my soul oh he's legit 1 hp 8 HP so bad you didn't when I try to choose 3 more people and see who can get the most kills together maybe if I just had a combat he would have been dead what I hate about isn't how to perform yep yep Slayer 12 damage per veg I'll be back up okay you you you okay are you not you're over there yeah this house has no weapons no none well I landed my open up on a pistol oh yeah it's not your piece ball it is there's no way that you're peaceful it is but it's now I'm 35 degrees yeah but I believe you looking out I don't know bro people don't like watching me anymore dude I love watching away never hear that metric did pay up more hey damn boy I got this for you as well Oh y'all carried it on the sticks come on it's time zones yet totally time zones man Thirteen's in a whole different countries always EMA what do you mean I'm like on the other side of the world Hey come play with you maybe maybe we'll see we'll see it's 3 a.m. for me we'll get up in 3 a.m. man I'm joking although they're here they're here on me on me always got the new shotgun I'm not even a sniper yellow wings for your locks on your account wait what's your edit l sick please I hit 181 with my back l3 I might go place in Apex legends I know why the game is ready I owe you one I'm sorry second phone on man yeah me too sometimes who wants to play APICS with me so DF apex legends my gosh I need to download it so how are you how good's your internet pretty cool get it if you want to play don't have to do my attending is like 30 gigabytes or something some PI epic illusions with me or should I jump on GTA go play their casinos what should I do GTA yes I think GTA ders I wrote GT can I get on my other account for DTS GT you something but I think he is now he's not I'm jumping on GTA chat I might strain I'm not sure but uh invited to a party do you have me added I do okay I'll invite you to a party upper I see soon

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