Car Design Insights 28: About Doubts

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I think as a student if you want to become a car designer at least in my case it was not really something that my bachelor or the people in my bachelor would really motivate me to do because it's quite a niche market it's a small world and it's a little bit hard to get into but I think if you really want it and you just have to go for it and don't really care about if people tell you that it's not possible or like if that it's difficult you can always try and I was certainly not the biggest talent in my class but I also made it in and once your hand and you will definitely grow really fast I mean sketching is really important but that's not the only important thing also your creative thinking and you know to be able to come up with a cool concept with a good story for your project is I think especially in the RCA is it's almost as important as the way you execute it you know the story has to be good it has to be creative it has to be new and in the end of course that also is important is that it has to look cool but both things are important you have to find the right balance I think the companies that look for designers are more looking for fresh ideas or like you created minds and not necessarily for somebody who can sketch a cool car itself obviously also part of the job but they also want to see something that they didn't see before because otherwise they could just have their desires that they already have do it they look for different perspectives on a subject and they look for new new ideas and new directions

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