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Okay, so let’s say you’ve created your Canvas
account, and you are ready to create your first Canvas course. Let me show you how to
do just that. Are you excited!? Here we go! So first we login to Canvas at
And if you don’t have an account yet, be sure to check out our video on How to Create a
Canvas account. Once we’re logged into Canvas, we immediately see the notification that we
don’t have any courses yet. Thus in the sidebar menu, we have a “Start a New Course” button.
Let’s click that now. To Start a New Course, we need to give our Course a name. I’ll call
it Instructional Design 101. We’re allowed to give it a short name. And we can decide
on a Content License for our site. I’ll keep mine at the default of Private/Copyrighted,
but you also have the option for assigning a Creative Commons license to the course,
making it available to others on the system. You also have the option to make the course
publicly available. I’m going to leave the defaults here, but I’ll have the option of
coming back and changing these settings at a later time. Now I click the blue “Create
Course” button. And my course is created! We did that using the “Start a New Course”
button which we no longer see because we’re inside of this course. Under my dropdown list
now I see the courses that I have associated with my account. When I click the “View All
or Customize” link that’s how I could get back to that My Courses page with a button
to start another course if I wanted to. So that’s how to start a new course in Canvas.
If you’re interested in importing a course from Blackboard be sure to checkout the next
video which will show you how to do just that.

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