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hi there I was going to appear today we are going to talk about something very special I think from the video title and the color box in front of me you have already guessed it it’s one of the newest in media graphics cards but which one is it really is it the one that’s right in front of me or is it the one right behind it ups it away is the one behind it now let’s talk about the card itself because I know that you have so many questions there are three things that I would like to talk about the cooling and the first one is the triple fan most of you will know we always use the to prevent solution we have a different take on how we use our fast compared to basically everyone else what you see here is three fans with 100 millimeters and we have 100% coverage of the card by having a stack fan solution but what is also more important than that no one else has is the middle fan right there is spinning in the other direction compared to the other two now what we are trying to achieve here by doing this is because we believe if you have all three fans spinning in the same direction you’re creating bad air turbulence and that can negatively affect your airflow and heat dissipation now the second thing that I want to talk about is the heat pipes obviously we have a very thick card here with very big fins but on the other side you can also see the metal backplate and unlike the 10th series that most of you will remember you can also google it we do not have the copper backplate anymore we just have the nice sleek looking metal backplate again our signature or falcon head logo which is also an RGB logo right there so this is the cooling solution that we have on this card okay so we have tackled the cooling part now the second most important question you’re probably asking right now is how about RGB in fact we did come up with something very new it’s so new that we have a pending patent on it and the way the we have done it is but it’s very complicated but to simply put since we have three fans single blend of each fan we have an edge so on that edge we put LED strips we believe that this will look cooler this will have a more fresh approach on RGB than anyone else okay yeah stop playing around okay now let’s talk about something else small thing but small things also matter now the i/o port I think you also would like to know more about it so in the reference design you only have one HDMI output what we have 17 total video output and three of them are HDMI three DP and one for future-proof those VR fans we have the USB type-c so what you can achieve here is for maximum display all at the same time you’re welcome you can have all your four displays all at the same time with your VR devices have fun so that’s it that’s the i/o port in this design you see we do not have any orange accents no orange colors anymore it’s just 50 shades of gray simple and more refined design and that’s what we are trying to achieve here but there’s also something more fundamental for us here and that’s why I put these two oars robots right on my either side so we are trying to have the same unified design language and how we do that as you can see this part of the graphic card is the wings of the Falcon and on either side you see these edges these are the talents of the Falcon and at the center weight everything comes together it embraces its power is the horse itself hello friends and fans of EVGA and today is very exciting because right here I have a brand new r-tx 20 80 TI XC ultra and I’m going to do an unboxing for you guys so you can see not only the new card in its new design but also our new packaging in that design this packaging is actually really cool it is a big step up from what we had in previous generation products so I think you’ll like it really high-quality cardboard here and the graphics throughout are actually pretty cool I have never unboxed one of these cards I’m not directly on the product team so I really haven’t seen the composition of this box so this is an unboxing for me as well and I want to see how we did it and what it looks like inside so I do know that it is taped and I just need to cut that and then it should open right up so this is the next generation in video product this is the highest end card that will be offering so this is going to be the highest performance graphics card from sometime and so this this should be a pretty exciting video for you it certainly is for us let’s see here and here we go so let’s pull that top section off there put that down and then like anything that we ship it has to be an electrostatic bag so this will help protect it also the packaging itself is really quite dense foam and it’s pretty tightly packed in there so I actually believe that this probably does quite a bit better of a job then say a plastic clamshell would so I’m actually pretty impressed by that looks like we’ve got ourselves some accessories right here on that’s nice EVGA branded box let’s open that up here and see what we got all right we have case badge of course gotta have your case badge this go on the outside your system or really anywhere I’ve seen them all over the place I believe there’s even a car in our parking lot that several of these on it case badge is a really nice way of showing off your EVGA build here we have our adapter this is new for the architects cards it’s HDMI to DVI adapter since the cards themselves do not come with DVI on there but you may want to connect it to a DVI monitor we do have a single link adapter so you can run up to 1080p or 1200 Peters using this on DVI most people probably use HDMI or DisplayPort so here is the r-tx card itself tape and this being an ultra card you can see right here that is a triple slot card this is our new generation of cards much higher heat dissipation capabilities I’m going to go ahead and pull the film off here so that you can get a good look at the card all the way around there of the r-tx cards that i’ve seen we’ve had a few test cards obviously in and around the office this is very much of the cleanest one I’ve ever seen this one brand new never been used then we did go to a three slot design technically it’s two and a half or 2.75 slot card but there is you do need three PCIe bracket slots personally I like that decision because um that will really help the card not sag so that helps especially because these cards are pretty big pretty beefy and I do appreciate that you’ll see that on this ultra card here it is a dual eight pin card so a little bit higher then the reference speck here on the back plate this is also covered in film and here we go this is the back of the card the new back plate design kind of nice and again you’ll see our TX branding basically at any side you should be able to see it mention that it’s an RT X card we do want to make sure that that’s very nice and clear you’ll see the new fan design these are a little bit higher pitch of a blade so it definitely has a little bit more of a turn to it than what you’ve seen on previous generations that also has these EVGA little embossed logos on it which is cool but those actually reduce the noise of the fan because when air flows over a really smooth surface you actually want a little bit of roughness Delta smooth out kind of like the pits on a golf ball as an example one other feature you’ll notice on the card here it’s got the smoked kind of translucent or translucent cover here there’s trims you’ll see those on here this one as the white trims installed you’ll see that more when the cards actually lit up with the LEDs is from being an RGB LED card these can actually be swapped out so this comes off the trims get swapped out and we do have a promotion going currently if you’re watching this around you know September of 2018 we do have a promotion going to offer different trims potentially for free if you’re one of our winners that promotion is at EVGA comm we also will be offering trims as a separate purchase so if you want say a red look or a black look or you like this white look you have the option to kind of customize your card and different models will come with different trim colors so we want to make it so that you can customize your card more than just RGB lighting a little bit of physical color changes as well so that’s one of the cool features of card in this generation of cards so there you go this the card comes with a card comes with the adapter in your case badge and of course you can keep this packaging show it off proudly on your shelves but this is our first r-tx unboxing and we hope you guys enjoyed it join us for some more exciting content involving r-tx and all of our future products what we’re looking at here today are some of the brand-new r-tx cards from nvidia these are built on the touring architecture on the r-tx platform and this brings to you guys ray tracing and AI for gaming graphics now we’ve already seen some demos from Nvidia this looks like phenomenal new technology when correctly implemented in games we’ve yet to see the performance benchmark so that’s going to be the next exciting thing that you’ll get from all the media out there but today we’re just gonna go ahead and go over some of the hardware features that these new graphics cards have let’s start by talking a bit more about the Strix what we’ve changed this year is we’ve actually gone with a new fan this is our axial tech fan the biggest change we’ve made is adding the ring around the outside which you can probably see really clearly now what this ring does is it captures air that would normally just shoot out the side of the fan and just be dispersed actually that air causes a lot of noise as well and it’s air that’s wasted right it’s not getting down into the cooling array so by putting the ring in we capture that air force it downward increasing the downforce of this fan so this is a really great new fan it’s basically better in every way now that’s not the only thing we’ve done we’ve also moved from a 2.5 slot to a 2.7 slot design so this card is pretty thick now the benefit of course is that bigger heat sinks are pretty much always better so by moving from the 2.5 to the 2.7 slot design we’ve been able to increase the surface area the whole cooling surface area by 20% this is going to be huge so coupled with the increased downforce from the she’ll take fan you’re gonna have a way better cooling solution here with the new Strix card now we’ve also added this metal brace now this is a really cool feature so this basically reinforces the the framing for the entire card so the metal brace is mounted directly to the i/o shield which is also metal as well as a metal backplate so you’ve got this metal sandwich basically and your PCB is inside so when you screw this card into your chassis you’re going to avoid a lot of that tension that you get with a normal card a normal setup now over here on the left we have the brand new dual card dual is for no-nonsense gamers it’s a pretty clean design there’s no RGB LEDs anywhere on this product it does have the two wing blade fans now wing blade is our high-end technology from last year from last generation so this was on our highest end Strix cards from last year we’ve brought that technology and trickled it down to the duel we’ve also done the two point five to two point seven slot design with duel so even though you’re moving from three fans to two fans you still have a giant heatsink and for the duel card this is a huge generation to generation’ improvement we have 50% more cooling surface area compared to our last generation of duel so if you were thinking about duel last year you’ll certainly want to check out the duel from this year it is a huge improvement we’ve also included a metal backplate which is a really nice feature to have for a mainstream card so over here on the right is the turbo this is for situations with restricted airflow so what we’ve done is when we design this card we actually increase the Z height of the corner so what this allows is even when these cards are pressed against another card or pressed against the the side of a chassis for example this forces a window a small window here of breathing room for the fans so there will always be intake on the top here and then also on the side so you’ll pretty much be covered in any restrictive airflow situation now when we redesign the shroud we were also able to increase the size of the fans so we went from a sixty millimeter to an 80 dual ball-bearing fan now do ball bearings are great they will last a really really long time so if you want a card that is super dependable and reliable even in a cramped environment this is going to be the card for you the msi r-tx 20 80 TI lightning Z is the most extreme touring based graphics card on the market next to using the most powerful GPU of the moment which is the RTF 20 80 TI of course this card is designed to break World Records in the elite extreme overclocking scene now to achieve that level of performance the 2080 ti lightning T has a completely custom PCB and uses only the best quality components to enhance the overclocking capabilities the lightning has a pure digital PWM control and control over voltage for more detailed control of power and v checkpoints to measure the voltages directly from the board overclocking the Lightning card is of course done using the latest version of MSI Afterburner it even features the new OC scanner that will automatically find the best stable / block settings for your r-tx 20 series graphics card the record-breaking performance can also be used for gaming as the lightning will give you the very best experience any r-tx 28 ECI graphics card running Empire out of the box the beastly cry for our thermal design keeps the car cool under any type of load it uses three Torx 3.0 fans with double ball bearings to provide your massive airflow while staying whisper quiet besides absurd levels of performance the new lightning also has the most premium design elements and cutting edge features any MSI card the dynamic dashboard OLED display provides real-time system information like clock speeds and memory usage and you can also upload custom images or animations to personalize the district gorgeous RGB effects are visible on the side and the back plate run with two outer fans take mystic lights to a whole new level by applying an effect that makes the bad lights appear stationary while spinning all the RGB effects on the new lightning cart are addressable through the new MSI dragon Center software the back plate on this card is made from real carbon fiber using carbon fiber makes this the strongest backplate we’ve ever and with the added heat pipe thermal pads it also helped through the thermals for more detailed information about the Lightning card please visit the product page thank you for watching the happy game hey this is Josh from IGN and we are here today with a very special guest this is the very first r-tx 2080 ti GPU we’ve just got it in the mail everyone is super excited to take this thing out of the box see what it’s like and of course get into a test system and see how it benchmarks but for now we’re gonna take it out of the box and just take a look at it so this is the zotac r-tx 20 80 TI gaming so they have a bunch of different versions they have the usually they have the amp so I think this is right here the amp version they have an amp extreme which is really big so this is kind of like their mid-range mid-range models so let’s take open the box here and have a look so I saw this earlier that is pretty cool that is a neat that’s a neat little feature for a box alright BAM there we go this is the r-tx 2080 TI i think it’s the amp version from ZOTAC triple fan this thing looks long I mean just eyeballing this thing I’m gonna guess it’s probably 11 and a half 12 inches something like that so this seems like it’s incredibly lengthy you can see that the heatsink even you know extends beyond the the backplate here by quite a bit probably about an inch and a half or so at least but we’ve got dual eight pin power connectors the zotac r-tx 20 atti amp is a pretty expensive GPU at 1199 but that’s basically in keeping what we’ve seen from the other you know the other 20 atti GPUs these are super expensive you know flagship GPUs this particular card is gonna be running at a boost clock of sixteen hundred and sixty five megahertz which is a little bit lower than what we’ve seen in the past but the car could also boost a way beyond that on its own we have yet to test it so we’ll have to find out and finally the TDP which is you know the amount of power this thing that sucks down according to ZOTAC is 260 watts so a little bit higher than what we’ve seen in the past which is usually around 250 but not too excessive and want the way to see what it does in the test bed otherwise we’re looking at to display port connectors a HDMI connector and a USBC for VR and of course there’s no more DVI so this is the zotac r-tx 20 ATT i will be having a full review of it on IGN very soon come back to check it

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