Best PC Laptop for Video Editing? – 7 Video Editing Laptop Tips & Specs

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– So, what is the best PC
laptop for video editing? With so many laptops to choose from in this video I’m gonna
talk about the new laptop that I recently got, plus my seven biggest tips to think about when picking out a laptop comin’ up. (camera clicking) Hey what’s up guys, Sean
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in the description below. I’ll link everything up as far
as the laptop that I’m using, plus the tips and anything else I forgot. Let’s jump into the video. So, I recently picked up this HP Pavilion. It’s a 17.3 inch laptop,
so it’s pretty large and it’s ultra HD 4K
and I’ve been surprised, ’cause I wouldn’t be
thinking that HP, you know, is really in the game as far as, you know, video editing, graphic design, but this laptop has been crushing it. But no matter what laptop you check out, here’s my seven biggest tips
for what to look for in a video editing laptop, especially
if you wanna start editing things like 4K footage
and doing After Effects and things like that. Tip number one is your display. Now I’ve been kind of
tricked by this in the past. Sometimes, even if you
have a large screen, like this is 17 inches, it doesn’t mean that the
resolution of the display will support, say 4K editing. You know, if you only
need to do HD you don’t necessarily need a 4K display, but in this case this display
is 3,840 pixels by 2,160. So, you get that full 4K
display, it’s anti-glare. And another thing to look for is IPS, which means in panel switching, but essentially what that
means is color accuracy. You know as a video editor
or a graphic designer, you want your monitor to be color accurate so that when you’re
editing or color grading or doing things, you know
if you don’t see it right, it’s not gonna end up
right on the other end when you export whatever
content you’re producing. So, when you’re picking out a laptop, definitely get one that has a screen size and resolution that will
support video editing that you wanna do and then look for IPS, ’cause you want your
colors to be accurate. Tip number two is a processor. When it comes to video
editing the processor is very important and basically
you want a processor that’s as fast as possible and one thing that’ll
really help video editing is the more cores the better, right? You have dual core, quad
core, now there’s hexa core. And so if you can get more cores, that’s gonna speed up editing, and is definitely gonna help 4K. And so this particular one
is an I7 6,700 HQ quad core processor and so it’s
2.6 GHz to to 3.5 GHz. And from real world testing,
whether editing HD or 4K, this processor has been crushing it, but again when it comes to
processor speed is good. Tip number three is the graphics card. And so for me I personally always look for NVIDIA graphics cards. This one is a GTX 960 M, 4GB with GDDR 5 RAM in the graphics card. And so the important
thing here is I edit on Adobe Premiere Pro, which
has what’s called the Mercury Playback Engine. This came out a few years ago and what it allowed was that
in the past video editing was actually all done on the processor and actually not the video card. Kinda sounds weird, but once they added
Mercury Playback Engine, the video card started doing
some of the heavy lifting for editing as well. And so when you go into
your Premiere settings, you could see just software
acceleration for video editing or you could see GPU
acceleration for video editing, meaning that you’ve got the
right kind of video card that works with Premiere that
allows you to speed up your editing, speed up rendering,
real time rendering, and just really enhances
video editing performance. And so NVIDIA is kinda the best there. There are a couple other
workflows that work, but I always look for NVIDIA. And what you’re also
looking for is CUDA cores. The more CUDA cores the better. And so you can look at
how many CUDA cores each graphics card has, but
in this particular case, I’m generally looking for
a very solid graphics card that is gonna support
hardware acceleration. That’s the key word you want. You want hardware acceleration
when you’re video editing and you’ll get high performance. Tip number four is your hard drive. And so this particular laptop
has the operating system installed on a SSD drive and it’s 1TB. And I think if you can get SSD drives, those are a lot faster typically. You know speeds of SSDs varies as well, but the OS is on a 1TB
hard drive for this. And then there’s a secondary drive and I kind of made a mistake here because I got this laptop
from Computer Upgrade Kings, which allows you to sometimes
customize some of the specs and I picked out the 2TB
drive for extra data storage, but my mistake was this one is 5,400 RPMs, that’s how fast the hard drive spins. The 1TB version’s 7,200 RPMs,
meaning it spins faster. That means you’re gonna be able
to access your data faster, and it does speed up editing. Now the good news is this is still great. I’ve been able to,
again, edit 4K projects, and it is editing quick,
sometimes if I stack some clips on top of each other and
I add some color grading or whatnot, you get a little bit of lag, it slows down a bit, but nothing
that you can’t get through as far as editing a project. And the other thing that is
important here is Premiere, or whatever video editing
software you have installed, is on your SSD, but you
want your data files on a separate drive. And so that’s why ideally
you maybe you’re editing off an external hard drive, or in this case I’ve got
an internal hard drive, which is almost always gonna be faster. So, I can move my data files
over to that internal hard drive and then edit on the
SSD if that makes sense. And so a multi-drive workflow
speeds up video editing. Actually ideally, you want your
software on one hard drive, your media cache files, all the temp files from video
editing on another hard drive, and then your data files
on another hard drive. And you want all three of those
to be as fast as possible, especially if you get into 4K because it’s pulling on
these large data files, big video files that you’re editing. But saying all that in a
laptop you’re a little bit limited, you’re on the
road, you’re not necessarily gonna have like a three
hard drive workflow, and so this is working great,
crushing video editing, but definitely consider
your hard drive workflow when picking out a laptop. Tip number five is your RAM. And so, I upgraded this
laptop to 32GB of RAM and I think it started with 16GB. And so you want really as much as possible at some point for video
editing it’s not going to take a ton of RAM, you
know really, like anything, the need for speed,
like the more is better. But RAM is especially
important for say After Effects or Cinema 4D, or some
of these other things. Having a lot of RAM can
really support doing motion graphics projects and whatnot. And so I wanted kind of that buffer and I also just multi-tasking in general. You know RAM is where like
the working files are sitting as you’re working on projects. And so having as much as possible is good. I wouldn’t recommend going below 16GB if you’re picking out a laptop
for video editing these days and if you can go higher than
that, that’s even better. Tip number six is all of
the additional features that I think are really
important to consider when picking up a laptop. And so, one we’re talking
about PC laptops, USB 3.0. How many USB 3.0 ports do ya have? You know, if you’re gonna
run an external hard drive you definitely wanna make
sure that external hard drive is USB 3.0 and that you also
have ports that can support that, so you get the full speed benefit. Even better would be USB Type C, which is the new smaller USB connection that also is even faster. And so, think about your
inputs so that you can run peripheral devices, however you say it, and you don’t need USB
3.0 to run like a mouse, or to run, you know, some
basic things like that, but again if you’re gonna be
editing on an external hard drive think about those connections. So, this one came with two USB 3.0 ports and then one 2.0 port, which again, I actually do like to use a
mouse better than the track pad. So I just plug that in. So, you could plug that into the USB 2.0, run your external hard drives on the 3.0. So, that’s important as
far as additional features. Another one is it has a
full size back lit keyboard. I actually live having a
back lit keyboard for editing in the dark or just better
visibility on the road, traveling on airplanes, at
night they turn the lights off or whatever, just kinda
helps being able to work on whatever you’re working on. The other thing is, of course, the webcam. This has got a TruView HD webcam and dual array digital microphones. And so I think for Google
Live, YouTube Live, Google Hangout, Skype calls
with people, you know, maybe that’s something you want to be, have high quality on the
laptop you’re looking for. Of course a multi-media card reader. Just for your workflow as
soon as you get done shooting, being able to just plug your SD card in and capture that. And, you know, some of these new laptops, I always think, you’re only
as strong as your weakest link and so sometimes you have a fast SD card, but if the card reader isn’t USB 3.0, then the transfer speeds aren’t as high. I think on USB 2.0 it’s like
40mbs it kinda caps out at, but with USB 3.0 I’m seeing
transfer speeds at almost 90mbs. Which is important, right? Everything matters, your
downloading SD cards, you’re trying to capture
footage, and you know, on the field, whatever
project you’re working on. And so a good card reader… It’s got that HDMI input, you know, that’s great for presentations. I use this whether I’m speaking seminars, different things like that. And so if I need to connect
it up, that’s nice to have. And then also the battery life. That’s a huge consideration
as you’re looking for laptops. Look into the battery life. This is a big laptop and the battery life is very impressive. My last video editing laptop
had terrible battery life. Like if it wasn’t plugged
in and you were doing stuff, it was like less than an hour. I can get like three hours out of this working on some legitimate projects. And I especially like that. It is a bit bulky to use on a plane, but I’ve used it plenty of times and if you can’t plug in your laptop and charge I want it to last for three. If I turn the brightness down
and do some other things, even three, four, five hours. So I can work the entire
time, send emails, do whatever I need to do. And so I’m very pleased
with a battery laptop, the battery on this laptop. And then tip number seven
is of course style, right? I think style matters, you know, you actually wanna like the design, you wanna like the look. This laptop is large, it
comes in at six pounds. I actually had a laptop that was bigger and bulkier than this. So, they have kept it
pretty slim, pretty nice, and it’s not a big deal. I mean, I wanted
basically a mobile desktop and so this accomplished that purpose. Overall I really like the
styling and the layout and the design of the entire laptop. Alright, and then lastly a few tips, whether you’re getting a new laptop or even with your current laptop, is you always wanna update the drivers. I will tell you two funny
quirks about this laptop was number one, it had
a display flicker issue, where every once in a while
the display would kinda flicker on and off, but
after I updated the drivers, it was fine. And then the other thing
was actually the wifi was very slow ad after I
updated the wifi driver, I could start pulling more speed. And the way I noticed was I
was like stuff was cruisin’ on my phone with our home
wifi, but this was like a slug, but once the adapter was
updated or driver was updated, it started going fast. And so, if you ever need
higher performance out of your gear, firmware updates, driver
updates, any kind of updates, could always be a key
to really pushing your stuff to the next level. Now, as far as the price
goes of this exact laptop, this came in at about $1,400 for me. Like I said, I got it from
Computer Upgrade King. And I’ll put a link to this
in the description below. It’s actually better now,
it’s a newer version, this version is already past, the new one has a faster graphics card. And what I love about
Computer Upgrade Kings is that they allow you
to customize your stuff. You can switch out, I think
I did a blu-ray player in here with a blu-ray writer in addition to just the DVD player. And if you want to tweak your
RAM and some things like that and if you do wan to grab something off Computer Upgrade Kings,
you can use the promo code THiNK Media TV, that’ll take
5% off your entire order. This video’s not sponsored or anything, but I did email them
after buying this laptop and said, hey, I’m gonna be
talkin’ about it on my channel, can we hook up the
THiNK Media TV community if they wanna check
anything out from you guys. And so they created
that promo code for me. And then I’ll also link up
to a couple non-customized, you know, fully already
built machines from Computer Upgrade King
in the description below on Amazon and so that’s nice, you can read the reviews
about ’em and whatnot. I think this laptop itself is a great buy. I’ve been pleased with its performance, with its use, and again, it’s
a little bit more expensive, but I wanted to for sure be
able to edit 4K video footage. If you don’t need to edit 4K, then you don’t necessarily
need the best performance across the board, you could
probably be grabbing a solid video editing laptop in like
the $700, $700-$1,000 range. If you wanna do 4K, it’s but you know, a little bit more investment. And so I think these
seven principles are kinda the framework to look for and
then definitely shop around, Amazon, Computer Upgrade King, other places to find the perfect laptop for crushing your projects. Question of the day: What
laptop are you currently using to edit video? What specs are you working with? And are you thinking about upgrading soon and what are you looking for? Let me know in the comment section below. So thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
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through my favorite lighting, tripods, and cameras for
creating YouTube videos. So, you can grab that for free, we’ll link it up on the YouTube card, as well as in the description below. Until next time THiNK Media
TV is helping you go further, faster in media. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.


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    Do you have another link to this laptop or maybe another similar laptop that you’d highly recommend?? I need to get a video editing laptop ASAP and don’t know what to get please any recommendations all your links said no results

  97. FARLEE FAMILY says:

    Does even know how much is this Laptop! I check the website but they out of stock

  98. Nicole Hope says:

    I have no idea what your talking about..

  99. Cheng Encabo says:

    Got a LENOVO IdeaPad S130-14IGM
    Intel N5000 1.1GHz
    Is this good or not? Thanks!

  100. Sweet Spot Travel & Lifestyle says:

    I'm looking to upgrade my laptop so I can edit vids and pics etc. Do you have a more recent review video out cause i'm clueless as to what I should look for/ buy?

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