Best Desktop Graphics for your Laptop – Proprietary vs. Thunderbolt!

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25 Replies to “Best Desktop Graphics for your Laptop – Proprietary vs. Thunderbolt!”

  1. Charles lee Ray says:

    This would make great gaming setup it would turn laptop into desktop if you bought monitor and external keyboard and mouse then boom laptop is now a desktop

  2. Jan says:

    Uhm can i put the alien thing on every laptop? If not which ones can

  3. Jim Jones says:

    *SPANK*…i think we all get what he wants to spank

  4. Jacky 6498 says:

    How to made it to 10 minutes tutorial:

    Just talk extremely slow

  5. Theaveragegamer says:

    Do you need thunderbolt 3 for the alienware ?

  6. WallStreet Hustler says:

    PhysX box in unchecked on one of them. Does it make any difference?

  7. furroy2 says:

    anyone know if the new razer core x chroma fixed this? sounds like they tried with the new version.

  8. Maria Bonga says:

    just sell your old laptop and buy a brand new gaming laptop..external gpu technology sucks for now

  9. 093 ARR says:

    Can I use this for an all-in-one PC?

  10. David Han says:

    The Razer core X now exists…
    Or did it before?

  11. Kevin Ch. says:

    Hi , Linus
    Recently purchased the Alienware m15 laptop with only gtx 1060 6gb ,8gb system ram , I was planning to purchase one of these , would it support the rtx's or a 3 year future proof extend , for this type of amplifier, because to add to a rtx 2060 , to m15 cost additional $400 to upgrade , but it's just for me to pay on the go, I have a Alienware Aurora r5 desktop with 2x gtx 1080 sli, so I'm good for home use.
    Did I should upgrade it to the 2060 or get this amplifier ,thanks


    Does it have to be an Alienware laptop will it not work with my dell

  13. Zeus Jansen G. Lujares says:

    Dell XPS 15 is so good. I might just hook it to one of these.

  14. Kevin Johnson says:

    The driver versions were different, just sayin

  15. Jessie james says:

    why was the razor propped up but the alienware wasnt?

  16. Chloe Mcholoe says:

    the alienware one is kinda stupid considering it's already a big fat gaming laptop

  17. Kef103 says:

    The Alienware pushes the bus to the graphics amp . Which is why I suspect it screwed up updates .

  18. Patrick Liang says:

    The GPU docking has only PCIe x 4 speed?

  19. Tiopadin says:

    so these are bad for gaming? I really wanted something like this so I can use my vr headset on my laptop with integrated Intel graphics (yes its shit af).

  20. Case Sheep says:

    7:50 I actually thought my PC broke for no reason

  21. emrc01WTF says:

    I used an amplifier for about a year and a half before upgrading to a desktop. It really breathed new life into my system

  22. Sean Daugherty says:

    Linus, with a Vega 64 in the Alienware Graphics Amplifier (Asus Ares Strix, which doesn't actually fit in the AGA) GPU-Z IS SHOWING x16 PCIe 3.0 lanes!!!
    What gives? What can I do to test this? I didn't know this was possible…could it be that with disabling the discreet 980m somehow 16 lanes can pass over the AGA cable???

  23. Andres Valdevit says:

    I went back watching this video. Am I inventing it or was there a thunderbolt 3 connection in the AW Amp too??? I was sure of it.

  24. Landon Orr says:

    Will this work well with my alienaware alpha i3?

  25. Rerrak says:

    what cables can go from the alien ware one to a usb port

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