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The exact graphics card model is ASUS STRIX – GTX970 – DC2OC – 4GD5. Graphics Clock-Base Clock is 1114 Mhz, and Boost Clock is 1253 Mhz. Its a jump from the reference design clock – 1050/1178 Mhz! This graphics card is equipped with 4 GB and is clocked at 1753 Mhz (effective 7.01 Ghz) on a 256-bit wide bus. gDDR5 is clocked the same as the reference design – 1750 Mhz. All benchmarks are conducted in an air conditioned room at 23 C / 73 F. Tests are run 3 times and an average result is taken as a sample. Temp measured during gameplay is 71 C / 160 F. Fan noise measured is 30 db. Its really a very cool and quiet graphics card ! Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) is 150W. Minimum System Power Requirement (W) is 450W PSU One 8 pins connector required for powering the card. Like the video and subscribe the channel if you find this video useful !



  1. Phyankord says:

    ok lemmy get this straight, the 970 does worse than the titan on 2xmsaa but somhow 15 fps better in 4xmsaa?

  2. Đigital™ says:

    Well that's sorted, I'm getting a gtx 970 , no questions

  3. Jhonny Garcia says:

    I hate you out of stock on Amazon 🙁 bought and waiting to have it shipped

  4. devourment8800 says:

    Is this a troll video? A £260 card beating cards that cost £500 and over

  5. Chen Cheng says:

    so why does 970 with 4GB memory perform relatively better at 1080p than 1440p? say compared to gtx780ti with 3GB.

  6. ralmslb says:

    I appreciate the benchmarks but not putting on the list the stock result for comparison and not placing OC for the other models just to make the 970 look good is dumb. 
    Its a great card, I will buy one but its not based in this video since it tells little about it.

  7. Floris LD says:

    76 fps on watch doges really?

  8. StrixGaming says:

    Check out my videos if you like to know more how games run on this amazing card 😉

  9. Titanium_ Oxide says:

    were you running mantle in battlefield with the AMD cards 

  10. fabulous0chicken says:

    The GTX 970 Strix is a really good graphic card especially if u are going for silent gaming;) speaking from experience when i recorded on my old computer u could slightly hear the computer in the background with this i hear nothing whatsoever!:)

  11. Captain Murk says:

    why compare a gtx 970 with 760, 780… it's too absurd!

  12. Chuck Norris says:

    What card should i choose ? Gtx 970 Turbo OC or gtx 970 strix OC ?

  13. WoWa says:

    I have the same Card and I have i7 4790 k too but not overcklocked and the score in 3D Mark Fire Strike is still 9721. To overclock the pc brings only a score more of 23?:D than it doesn't worth to oC the cpu? the max temperature of my card is 72°C in 3D games.

  14. Xounari narinari says:

    Just run the benchmarks in 1080p… no1 is going to buy 970 for 2k let alone 4k.

  15. Petr Záhorec says:

    Asus Strix GTX970 legend and best video card 🙂

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