Asus Strix GTX 960 Gaming Benchmarks vs GTX760,GTX770,R9280x |review (2015)

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Hey guys, what’s up? Its me Abs and today
we are going to talk about the GTX 960 which is known as the sweet spot of 1080p gaming
and the default card for 1080p gamers. Lets take a look at what this card is capable in
1080p. The card we will be testing is the ASUS Strix
GTX 960 a 2 Gigabyte video card. The 960 cards require much less power supply compared to
the other cards of the same performance and price point.400 watts power supply is recommended.
It has a great cooling system which even turns of the fan in less stressful moments for silent
operation. Also it has great overclocking capabilities. Now lets take a look at its
specifications and compare it with the GTX 760,970 and 980. Well everything seems right
but the memory interface. The 960 got a lower memory interface of 128 bit compared to the
higher 256 bit memory of the GTX 760.But the deficiency was tried to fill up with more
clock speed and more memory speed by Nvidia. Of course the Asus Strix is even more higher
clocked than the reference model. Lets not talk about its physical appearance and dive
straight to its performance. If you want to know more features of the card I will leave
a link in the description. Now lets see how the so called sweet spot
1080p card perform in real games and see if it lives up with its title. The games we will
be using for benchmarks are Battlefield 4, Assasins Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 and Middle
Earth Shadow of Mordor. Lets take a look at the test system first. The games were tested on Intel Core i7 4770K
overclocked to 4.2 Ghz, MSI Z97 motherboard, Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM of 16 Gigabyte.
Also the latest Nvidia drivers was installed. Now lets come to the benchmarks. Here we go. I was pretty disappointed with Ubisoft making
such a poor optimized game like Assasins Creed Unity. Apart from that as you can see the
GTX 960 beats its previous 760 in all the games and also stacks up closer to the 770.
It also beats AMD’s R9 270x in all the games by just a few frames. So the R9 270x wasn’t
included in the benchmarks. But the R9 280 and 280x will beat the GTX 960 in most of
the games. So did the GTX 960 live really up with its expectations? Or did you expect more? To be
honest I expected a bit more performance out of it. But maybe Nvidia lowered its performance
a bit to have a better sale for the upcoming 960ti. Its not some kind of information but
my own thoughts. But overall the GTX 960 performs really well for a 200 dollar price point and
also a great choice for 1080p gaming. Well it does what it was supposed to do deliver
a great gaming experience in 1080p. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts
about the GTX 960 and also don’t forget to hit that like button if you liked the video
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  1. Anid Rhythm says:

    The thing which i Saw in the vedio that…280x Performs well in all of then excpet Assasins creed unity…so i can ho better with 280x rather than the 960! But still have a question that On which settings of graphics quatily of pc were tested for FPS of all the games?…plz make me notice

  2. obaidul masud says:

    Great thnx

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