ASMR // EAR EATING [tingly mouth sounds]!!! 😛*Most Requested*

July 27, 2019 posted by


28 Replies to “ASMR // EAR EATING [tingly mouth sounds]!!! 😛*Most Requested*”

  1. HeatheredEffect ASMR says:

    Demonetized…lol. oof. I've been getting hit quite a bit…soooo…feel free to support the cause by watching a video that's monetized like this one: // or even a one time pledge on Patreon ($1 tier y'all!!) — What video would you like to see next?!! 😊

  2. レイン says:


  3. Ryan says:


  4. SupremeMachine says:

    Scarlet witch does same now

  5. Vk Deen says:

    turquoise definitely your colour 👌

  6. Cristina Sferrazzo says:

    Ti dovredde venire un colpo nel cervello

  7. Federico says:

    Che minne

  8. Bambe Killer says:

    Finally now I can use my photoshopping skills for something heh heh

  9. BG Kxm says:

    This isn’t really mouth sounds it’s literally ear eating I would love if an actual person who could do actual mouth sounds instead of smack their mouth for 30 min

  10. red roses says:

    I lowkey accidentally clicked on this video but I wasn’t trying to sleep but now I am👎🏽😴😴

  11. Julio Laos SSJ says:

    Ya no busques mas, aqui esta el comentario en español que estas buscando xD 🤘😅

  12. Rodrigo Garcia says:

    Se paro el enano ndeaahhhh

  13. Thomas Manders says:

    Haha love the crazy side

  14. Sam son says:

    Oh no

  15. landen hill says:

    JOHN TRON: I dont like were this is going

  16. The Trooper says:

    Doidinha 😂 Gostei ^~

  17. ViNEY says:

    Deadset thought this was Elizabeth Olsen

  18. Sergio A says:

    From the Avengers to YouTube, awesome

  19. Queen_ A says:


  20. Queen_ A says:


  21. Samman jinx says:

    Dang that was awesome!!!! Eargasm love it!!! Also I hit that subscribe button your welcome 😁😁😇

  22. Leandro Murguiondo says:


  23. Pablo Domínguez says:

    With this video I imagined many things :v

  24. Pretty accurate says:

    Why the right side always sounds sharper

  25. Tom MacDonald says:

    I love ur voice

  26. Toksa YT says:

    are you high

  27. 方圆 says:


  28. 迪迪宝宝 says:


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