Art created from Physics of Rolling Motion

January 5, 2020 posted by

Beauty is often hidden where we least expect it. Consider this apparently uninteresting rolling object. This rolling object has dots of various colors attached on both sides. Consider the paths that these dots take through space. These paths form a beautiful pattern that can be considered a work of art. These paths also teach us something very important. Notice how the red dots momentarily stop, before continuing. The velocity of each red dot is the sum of the velocity due to the rotation, represented by the red arrow, plus the velocity due to the forward motion of the object, represented by the white arrow. These two arrows exactly cancel each other out when the red dot is at the bottom. In order to visualize what is happening, consider the treads of a tank. As the tank moves forward, the bottom of each tread is standing still. In exactly the same way, the bottom of any wheel rolling on a surface is standing still relative to the surface, provided that there is no sliding or skidding. The only difference with our original example is that we added outer wheels which do not touch the surface. It is only the red dots that are standing still at the bottom because it is only the red dots that represent the inner part of the wheel which is actually rolling on the surface. Many more artistic patterns created by physics and mathematics can be found in the video “Beauty of Geodesics” and in other videos on this channel. Please subscribe for notifications when new videos are ready.


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    1 St comment

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  6. Danny Dazzler says:

    Psychedelic entertainment.

  7. lljj hhhj says:

    Hey Eugene, what is your favourite topic from physics?

  8. Meer Raj. says:

    Only one word…… Awesome…for making practical things more easy to understand

  9. jyoti singh says:

    😮 right!

  10. quest 77051 says:

    as a former combat veteran i loooove that you use an M1A2 in the explanation. i am a former tanker.

  11. Asish Bauri says:

    Similar to pure rolling concept of rotation motion

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    Hi Good evening from India

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    Eugene your videos are a candle in the darkness. Needs more cats and 1981 cgi angel/demon women. Thank you so much for all your amazing content!

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    wow a eugene notification, live! what a treat

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    Very good !

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    Thats the power of physics…Nice video

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    Beauty is often hidden where we least expect it:


  19. Tech Planet says:

    Pretty amazing video, but how do you make these amazing animations? (please name the software)

  20. Harsh Mahesheka says:

    Extraordinary 3d animation
    Love form India🇮🇳

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    Why do you always give such a spooky background music ?

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    Eugene….. I really appreciate your hard work
    I love ❤😘your videos very much than any other videos
    Pls keep uploading videos
    Love forever

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    Corel Draw gumball brush?

  24. Nabaneet Sharma says:

    Why do I feel like there's an incredible physicist hiding behind these animations


    As always i was waiting for your video to learn something new and your video came… Amazing video…

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  27. Feynstein 100 says:

    Eugene just wanted to flex that tank on us 😂 jk

  28. Yashovardhan dubey says:

    The channel feels like its part retro and part futuristic😂

  29. Sachin Singh says:

    Art created by mathematics of rolling motion

  30. Jan Negrey says:

    Slippage might make it more difficult to recreate in real life, but very nice. You have 2 things that I love the most. Physics and Art.

  31. Görkem Seven Vids says:

    Beauty is cool and all but let's talk about how to calculate speed of causality. How speed of our galaxy does not produce magnetic fields around charged objects.

  32. Shirshak says:

    wow beauty of animations too 😀

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    Thank You!

    Straight to Facebook!

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    really really good videos about rolling motion
    Can you please make a face reveal video.

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    Your videos always incredible..awesome

  36. Jana Merten says:

    These videos are so fantastic, thank you!!!

  37. Ayman Hassouna says:

    Astonishing. Like every time.

  38. Ayman Hassouna says:

    The shape of red pattern looks like a full wave rectified 😍 and the next one when we smoothen the wave with capacitor 😍😍
    And the last one the white full rectified 😍😍😍

  39. Bal Yemez says:

    Does anyone know what is this background music ?

  40. Slasher_Foxy says:

    Hi, happy new year nice video 🙂

  41. Knightonagreyhorse says:

    The distance between each dot represents the centripetal force.

  42. Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky says:

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    Loved your animations and content so much. May I ask how do you make such beautiful and stunning animations. Sorry I do not have a computers background

  44. magicalpencil says:

    So no matter how fast a car is travelling, there is always a part of it that is stationary compared to the road? It's like so simple and makes sense but still: Mind. Blown. lol

  45. Aniruddha Bagchi says:

    Makes physics feel like a western

  46. Rob Evers says:

    I am in love with Kira's voice…..

  47. Mai Mariarti says:

    What's the white stuff inside the barrel of the tank? It's not shooting cocaine at the enemy right?

  48. Amar J says:

    Hi Sir , it is great animation cleared some of my doubts…I have two doubts
    1. if the relative velocity of red point  becomes zero with respect to the surface, how could the point  move back wards …what is the cause for being pushed….🙄
    2.What if friction is present? …could that red vector start sliding? Or trip over few spots on rolling  wheel which causes skidding or slipping ?… ☸️

  49. Steve-o says:

    I love things that are seldom thought about but are part of our everyday Reality. This can be implemented as a far greater value for Motion when two surfaces meet, once you understand the Concept…

  50. Alex Kustov says:

    Спасибо Евгений! А что насчёт давления света, как безмассовый фотон может передавать импульс ведь масса 0 значит и импульс 0??) Наверное глупый вопрос, но как то слабо выглядит расчет (массы) через е=мс², ведь частица то безмассовая…не понятно.

  51. alexander g says:

    Which software do you use? I need to do a presentation. :c

  52. Whiteboard Becky says:

    What is motion?

  53. Whiteboard Becky says:

    I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

  54. Sunjin Kim says:

    Also cool how brachiostocrones are related to Snell's law!!

  55. Doug Hahnke says:

    This cycloidal motion is common on factory palletized transfer lines. Smooth, fast, transfer motion.

  56. Gabriel Myszkier says:

    pff, Lorenz attractor

  57. Common Man says:

    I first liked this video.. then shared the video.. now watching the video..

  58. Kartik Kalia says:

    2:19 WW3 reference

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