AQUAMAN Visual Effects | Before & After

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27 Replies to “AQUAMAN Visual Effects | Before & After”

  1. CG Record says:

    Watch Part 2:

  2. Doctor Sam says:

    I still can't believe they pulled this off. Wow

  3. Gaming HQ says:

    Did you know that Wonder Woman has better rotten tomato ratings than most Marvel movies? That has nothing to do with Aquaman I just wanted to state a fact.

  4. With great powers comes great responsibility says:

    Wait black mantas helmet was CGI? And its looks awful

  5. True zumy says:

    The best the movie🏆👍

  6. Resan Prince says:

    so thats how u made their hair do that thing underwater…

  7. Katzumi Hanzo says:

    So boring making it, fiction looks better when already put together 😒

  8. Reaganation # says:

    0:00 wait? A small blue screen actually can result in a very big background?The screen is bot even as large as the landscape.

  9. nidhin s says:

    Arun cheetan ishtam

  10. Stefan Ilie says:

    My life is a lie

  11. Ajax Francis says:

    oh… It's hard, down there. you know why

  12. กุลธิสา บุตรสุรินทร์ says:


  13. Cryselis - Cry_Morales11 says:

    I think it will be better with some bubbles

  14. Prasanth Acharya says:
    Please Subscribe my channel and give me a support

  15. Godtistic says:

    Even the fucking hair is CGI? Jesus Christ, might as well CGI the whole actor

  16. Lekváros Buksi says:


  17. thenos titen says:

    Rilex tabala sounds good thanks

  18. G. Chady says:

    I already watch the movie twice lol i think i will watch it again tonight

  19. Leonhart Leong says:


  20. Christian Ramirez says:

    One of the worst movies ever

  21. Gaming For A Day says:

    I can make a better visual effects than them

  22. negrita . says:

    Es buenísima la pelicula

  23. Devin mhammad says:

    it literally has the worst cgi ever lmao…
    -two brothers fighting for the throne DC : thor and loki, black panther and killmonger
    -hidden kingdom that has lots of technology : wakanda
    -lost mother alone and scared that adopts with the new life : ant man and the wasp ( janet van dam )

  24. Lyx says:

    Plz i want aquaman 2 to be directed by James wan

  25. Nisa Utami says:

    Sebelum dikasi vis eff aja udah keren apalagi setelahnya 😍😍😍

  26. awesome things says:

    aquaman was lit🔥

  27. Jack Jefferson says:

    Came here for amber.. And she's hot

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