Apple Screwed Up The iPhone 11?

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alright guys welcome to another video and this time let's talk about Apple and the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 max did Apple screw up probably it's gonna be a yes because if you just look online there's a bunch of articles and there's even a bunch of videos talking about how the iPhone 11 is an absolutely ugly smartphone now it's a really controversial design I know that camera module on the bare back is really big it looks like a stovetop and could put three pots on that and I really do feel like iPhone 11 it could be better but it's not always about the outside design but it could be about the inside design and this is what Apple is trying to emphasize making a much better camera motto for many different types of people out there let's talk about the overall design and how a lot of Apple fans are slowly switching away to Android and it's two months away from Apple revealing the iPhone 11 family and the rumor cycle is going off the charts now there's probably not anything left for Tim Cook to talk about whether it pulls off the covers in September since everything is being leaked so heavily oh also let's talk about how Apple is trying to prevent these leaks from happening because surprises are much better than talked about leaked information Apple was actually one of the biggest keepers of leaks and they hate it when other people get their hands on these types of things and the design of the iPhone eleven boy is as controversial so on the bare back you do get a very nice glossy glass finish and you will be getting like the same position of the iPhone logo and also the Apple logo on the very top now instead of a very small nice-looking camera bump like the ones on the iPhone 10s you're getting a giant square camera module hopefully it will be a little bit more compact than these renders and dummies out here but nevertheless you're getting a flash different sense three different cameras on the very back including a wide-angle lens a telephoto lens and maybe even a 3d depth sensing lens you're also getting the time of flight center tof which someone bounced and for a light away from the phone to an object and it bounces all the way back whole reason why Apple has given it such a major emphasis in the overall cameras is they just improve the overall a our toolkit now if you're not familiar with the AR toolkit it's actually a software made exclusively by Apple where major companies and also individual software makers can make a fantastic augmented reality feature and also app with the toolkit and they could put it on the iPhone and iPhone Levitz gonna be one of the best AR features out there so you could definitely be playing that new Harry Potter game and also Pokemon go maybe even minecraft Earth let's add that in as well but the overall body is so similar to the iPhone 10s I don't know where to begin now it's gonna be having a glass back on both fronts the front panel and on the bare back the sides have the same stainless steel material on the very bottom you probably will be getting a lightning or maybe a USBC but don't hold your breath on that you will be getting the speaker grilles on bare bottom the mute button is uniquely cool for some reason Apple just felt the need to give it a totally new design but the power buttons on the sides are the same one main difference is the shut down buttons on the right Apple has lower the position of the shutdown button which I actually really like so now could finally stop screenshotting my snapchat pictures it's kind of weird but right now the overall design is super similar to the 10s simply because the front panel looks exactly the same Apple didn't make any attempts to shrink the overall knotch if Apple just shrink the not just by a little bit just by a couple millimeters I'm pretty sure people will be somewhat satisfied but since the only major design that you're getting is a giant camera module on the bare back which most people don't really need in my opinion because I've been to rally features are still fairly new and not everyone is a big fan of a are also another made big thing is the Apple products currently aren't really getting a major upgrade yes you're getting the a13 ship yes you're getting some really cool inside feature like bilateral Riley's charging and that giant camera module people really want a brand new fresh looking design people are kind of tired of three generations of the same knotch display everyone wants something new and fresh and vibrant but this is what the iPhone 11 is looking like and everyone gets all ready and right now Galaxy smartphones are getting a major boost alright so right now we're getting a bunch of users out there who are kind of complaining that the smartphone is like super pricey and yes it's pricey as hell now iPhone Leben's gave me a starting price of $1300 USD and the iPhone 11 plus maybe starting around 1500 or maybe the mid-1400s that's super pricey that's like an Xbox a flattering TV and then a really crappy smartphone and everyone is getting kind of nuts about it and there's several people currently there are switching away from iOS to Android because they just don't want to miss out on all of those best smartphone opportunities offered by Android companies so fewer iPhone users are now training their old handsets for a new Apple phone according to report by Bank my cell the company which allows you to sell your used phone and upgrade to new one collecting data from over 38,000 people trading in their phones since October through June now you've probably used baked my cell before and they're actually pretty good at what they do now bake myself found that 18.1% of iPhone users were trading their phone for a Samsung device in June the highest level that spin in the study why well Samsung was offering some really steep and extreme price cuts for the same in galaxy s 10 now if you're never used as Samsung Galaxy S 10 before I share you it's frankly the best Android smartphone that I have ever used I got a hands-on experience about it and it was like totally bedless watching videos playing games and looking at everyday software and also articles was a blast it was really cool there was no intruding knotch you do get that very small tiny punch hole display and all of that for like five six hundred dollars if you want to get it used pricing is super cheap for some reason samsung smartphones have a huge depreciation rate along with the galaxy note in coming outs boy you're looking at some serious smartphone competition because the Galaxy Note 10.1 ratio smartphones that I had ever seen so currently same sense loyalty was much higher baked my cells said just only seven point seven percent of galaxy s non-users switched over to an iPhone so you kind of get the idea most individuals are switching back to Android or going to Android first time now it's kind of a big bummer with Apple because I was hoping for them to have a major comeback against all these Android companies with the iPhone 11 but since everyone is saying it's super ugly and blah blah blah I'm having my doubts right now but let's talk about leaks smartphones so Apple has currently been cracking down on enclosure leaks now Apple is one of those companies who hate leading leaking out smartphone information before the phone is actually launched I understand that feeling because as a major company you don't really want to do that kind of stuff because well you want to have the element of surprise all right so Apple has taken leaks pretty seriously and if you didn't know iPhones are usually assembled in Chinese factories in China and apparently history has proved that a lot of people want to get their hands on an unreleased smartphone and recent leaks more and more leaks have originated from in apples California headquarters then from international suppliers we're getting factory leaks we're getting hands on leaks we're getting dummy leaks all over the world it's kind of crazy and right now everyone is trying to get their hands on the freshest Apple leaked out there trying to get some information to the overall public and Apple is kind of cracking down on it now over the years it's like every single year there's always a few iPhones that get stolen from the facility where Apple has symbols through newest iPhones and it's been going lower and lower now of about five to ten iPhones being stolen every single year from the facilities which is kind of crazy but of course right now we're getting a bunch of fresh leaks about the iPhone 12 now I'm not really sure where these leaks are coming from but everyone is saying that it will be having a revolutionary new design they won't be taking away the over on notch which is a major relief because having four generations of the same design is too much for me to bear because I'm actually a pretty big Apple fan myself so right now we're getting some really cool stuff about the iPhone 12 but the iPhone 11 well I really do feel like Apple screwed up with the smart phone and they could do better definitely we should look out for the iPhone 12 they got 5g so thanks for watching and con blow


40 Replies to “Apple Screwed Up The iPhone 11?”

  1. Mike King says:

    Apple charges too much for their shit and dont provide as much as the competition. Yea…. a thousand dollars for a monitor stand……BRILLIANT. Apple is going in the shitter. I havent bought Apple for a decade after they went FULL RETARD. In example….the time they removed the audio in jack on their flagship G5 back in the day. Or the time they removed the control buttons on the ipod. Or like the ipad of today with no mini sd expansion. Yea…….BRILLIANT MOVES !!!! Fuck Apple stupidity and stellar prices !

  2. Eno Beano says:

    It still has a unibrow? They should hang it up and get into some other business.

  3. jae sutt says:

    Is the notch going to be any smaller

  4. Michael Ramos says:

    Just wait, 2020 iPhones are gonna be huge change! A complete new redesign with full body screen, finger print scanner coming back, 120hz display, usb c, 5g, Siri gets its own iOS & more!

  5. Eddie S says:

    Really like the camera look. With a case it will look even better. The price is my biggest problem. So I'll see if I can get a second on my house.

  6. 2080 king says:

    Apple, I don't mind if you copy Huawei.. I'm disappointed with you since iPhone 6..

  7. zoroxtreme says:

    Typing this on a galaxy s10

  8. Rinus Henriquez says:

    Every year , every socall tech youtuber, talk bullshit about apple product, and went the product come out, every body buy it any way.. Nobody care about the opinion, they buy it anyway, cause people have money to buy it, youtuber, stop waisting your precious time.. no one can stop people to buy it, they it anyway!!

  9. YOTUBE8848 says:

    This guy intends to buy Samsung Note 10+ using his lazy ass youtube revenues which he gets from his lazy ass 10min videos blabbering the same shit over and over again.

  10. Hmongler says:

    No buy, no actual physical changes. Ugly notch.

  11. Kawser Jahan Raihan says:

    I think now i am getting a feeling why Mr. Ive don’t wanna be a part of Apple this time

  12. Red Dragon says:

    9:53. I advise you to change your channel name to "One Apple".

  13. Sado Puteh says:

    Iphone11: you want to see my weirdo look guys?

    Thnkyou for your likes🌹

  14. The gaming Chicken says:

    It has 11 dislikes

  15. tek magar says:

    Really really ugly camera design ever.

  16. renee p says:

    Who cares about AR…

  17. Olivia says:

    I have no problem with the new look. Change is good!

  18. The Real Jazzyfingers Anthony says:

    I’m On An iPhone 8plus 256gb, And Apple have been dropping the ball for a long time now! Every year they lie and say the Next iPhone this or that! And then next year when it’s time for the iPhone 12 , they’ll be saying the iPhone 13 is gonna have all the bells and whistles! Getting tired of this, these people “Apple and Samsung” could easily make a phone that’s so advanced it’ll last a few years, but they have it where we have to buy a new phone every year, and I’m Not Gonna play this game any longer!

  19. Sunny Santosa says:

    I will love iPhone again if they reduce price by producing the next iPhone in Indonesia, so customer doesn't need to pay import fees and taxes

  20. bruce hansen says:

    People cry for more cameras on the phone, then complain the cameras take up too much room!

  21. Kuldeep Tiwari says:

    Camera design is very bad

  22. Mobile Tech Point says:

    That's what apple is doing from day 1 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  23. Amit kumar says:

    $1300 for 64 gb model ? and $1500 for 64 gb model of Iphone 11 max?

  24. Oznerol Nosrac says:


  25. claudio villavicencio says:

    Im a Apple guy every since i switched from the galaxy 5 and note 8,love Apple but they aren’t innovating enough,I actually think the one plus pro pisses on my XR.

  26. Jack G says:

    I love the new design tho, and man the durability of apple gadgets other smartphones can compete..

  27. Neutral 69 says:

    Rotten apple is overrated, no new ideas, no innovation, it’s the same or similar thing generation after generation & apple products r way expensive & 2 many problems. My iPhone has a lot of problems, I’m gone, apple lost this customer. Apple products r made in China. Apple died when Steve Jobs passed & so did the technology. RIP Steve Jobs 🙏.

  28. Vigtorniellaa Hhhh says:

    I still have a iPhone 7 in 2020

  29. Josh Bonner says:

    Those camera sensors are huge, most likely 1/1 2” or even 1” or 1/1 5” to dramatically improve the camera in low light!

  30. Josh Bonner says:

    If you think that ugly, look at the Nokia 808,4,6,8&sim=11

  31. Bo Bu says:

    Nobody playing with AR.

  32. Ryan Root says:

    Personally, I don’t give two shits how it’ll look because it’ll be in a phone case anyhow. I care about the guts. The camera, specifically.

  33. Ramliana Ramtea says:

    Ugly design 🤣🤣🤣

  34. thebiglebowski 2 says:

    44th lol

  35. PUBG Prince says:


  36. Steve Crawl says:

    Wow, never thought apple ppl turned android

  37. Hamid Ismaili says:

    Fuck the iPhone bro

  38. Uchenna Agwu says:

    Am among those who left apple for Samsun and I haven’t regretted it. You can’t be charging more money but offering less. Waiting for the release of the Note10+.Cant wait…

  39. Anthony Vargas says:

    I have the iPhone 8+ and I’m making the switch to the s10+ or the s11, im done with Apple! Love your videos man keep up the good work and thank you so much!

  40. Slade says:

    First to see how apple fucked it up again in this video

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