APPLE iPhone 11 Design Preview: WTF Is tHis APPLE?

July 28, 2019 posted by


8 Replies to “APPLE iPhone 11 Design Preview: WTF Is tHis APPLE?”

  1. Lavonte Winfert says:

    Should I upgrade from 10r to 11r

  2. Ariana Grande says:

    iphone 5s & se iphone 6 & 6s best apple design

  3. deans6571 says:

    ….great vid but these designs are truly ugly. No way will I be upgrading my XS to these hideous designs. 💩👎🏼

  4. King poopacabra says:

    Honestly mad I have had my iPhone 6s for 4 years now and seeing Apple make a ugly phone that I was excited for is very disappointing

  5. Mohamed Adan says:

    Apple's design team must be understaffed lol

  6. Mr Egusi says:

    I find it difficult to believe Apple would release an IPhone with that thing on the back..
    I also found it difficult to believe that Google would release a phone with a ridiculous notch..Oh Well.

  7. BuytechNow UK says:

    Apple need to come up with new design now the look of iPhones start to get boring and that iPhone 11 ain’t no different the camera do look good still nice video mate

  8. Mustafa Emir Ergün says:

    Amk o nasıl çakma iphone amk insan Kamera kısmını simetrik yapar amk gerçek iphone dada böyle olursa amk arka tasarımı bok

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