AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo packs two GPUs in one

July 31, 2019 posted by

gamer’s yeah once your performance and
AMD’s ready to give it to you I’m here at GDC
looking at Andy’s new Radeon pros duo the most powerful GPU on the planet
how did AMD pull this trick off it took two fury X cards put them in a one
package water cool them and makes the Radeon Pro duo eight gigabytes of HBM
memory 16 teraflops of performance and two GPUs in one all you need is $1,500
the car has three DisplayPort in one HDMI it looks like a big beefy
power-hungry card and those who remember the Radeon 295×2 know AMD knows how to
make power-hungry cards the trick with the Radeon probe duo though is even
though it takes 3/8 thin GPU plugs and actually only consumes 350 watts that’s
because it’s really more like two Radeon nanos rather than two Fiore X cards but
you’re still getting twice performance in one card so when will the card be
available md says probably linux three months so unless nvidia dropped
something in the next few weeks Andie’s clearly in the front seat


12 Replies to “AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo packs two GPUs in one”

  1. CACATUA 242 says:

    OMG…. see's price, lol no

  2. 3xil3 says:

    Thid most for Developers for test they're creation in Game mode, it's more a Hybrid of Firepro and a Fury Nano…

  3. Turboslang says:

    Is it really 8gb ?!? … or it's actually 4gbx2 ?

  4. russrt spooling says:

    waste of money bahahah typical AMD always behind in the creative aspect. Its basically two Nano cards on one board Yawn…. And 1500 dollars lol how much can you get two nano's for lets do the math 479.99×2=959.98 plus what ever taxes…. lol where did the 1500 come from wow Fail AMD FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all saw it coming

  5. Omar Touzani says:

    If u don't mind spending 800 bucks on a vr, u might well spend another 1500 on a gpu that will allow u to run games smoothly on that 800bucks toy.

  6. Redmar Belle says:

    faster than a titan x?

  7. Mr11ESSE111 says:

    Yes , this card got two GPU-s in one but costs like almost 3 GPu-s (Fury x)!! it is well known AMD mathematic even Nvidia is nothing better when their double GPU-s comes on markets!!

  8. LastMumzy says:

    It's NOT two Fury X GPU's!

  9. calical26 says:

    nvidia gtx 1080 ti 8GB DDR5x find out more likley are pc gamer E3

  10. charles says:

    is it possible to run 4 radeon pro duos in crossfire?

  11. Benschachar says:

    I wonder what the Polaris Radeon pro duo will be capable of.

  12. ricky v says:

    I’ve always liked AMD GPUS, I wonder if these dual GPU cards would work in OSX?

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