72 Replies to “AMD RX Vega 56 Vs NVIDIA GTX 1070 Overclocked Shootout”

  1. Tech of Tomorrow says:

    Let the battle begin!

  2. George ogbeide says:

    I hope you are having a great day!

  3. Aravindan A.C says:

    Oh my God..get some rest elric..you rock

  4. GTDDR says:

    Absolutely still loving the benchmark section just for the song!!

  5. MrBall Breeder says:

    o yea overclock that FE card …wait FE….. damm fail again
    stop pleasing AMD by using the founder edition against vega 56 . we already know why AMD want you to do this comparisations and it looks very silly at this late stage.

  6. Mr. Satan says:

    Guys VEGINA 56 cost like $600 just get a GTX 1080 it's a true VEGINATOR

  7. dr techtek says:

    so close to each other, vega is better on DX12 as on DX11 :p

  8. Hicham Gouchida says:

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  9. MuskyJamJam says:

    Down clock the valtage

  10. Aashay Tambi says:

    Guns of boom. Well you kept your word no sponsors from stuff you review

  11. Sid Cannon says:

    Glad to see AMD back in the game and it's the Vega 56 that's giving Nvidia a bit of a bloody nose, especially if the 1070 Ti rumours are true.

  12. SlavjanA says:

    Here's the thing, the memory voltage isn't direct memory voltage, it's actually the core's voltage minimum so if you set core voltage to 1V and memory voltage to 1.2V then the core's voltage will be 1.2V.

  13. Envi Gaming says:


  14. Link the Duelist says:

    I was considering AMD for my next build. Thanks for the awesome video as always Elric.

  15. Jesus Mucino says:

    I'm here for the Benchmark Song!! 🤘🤘🤘

  16. deenycest10710 says:

    great vid! but 100% fan speed? ouch!

  17. Tech Dunk says:

    Vega should be great for the aftermarket!

  18. Tech Dunk says:

    Vega already is power limited…

  19. Chemy Torres says:

    Well it's imprint, nice!
    Great video my friend

  20. Ediranii says:

    AMD=Raw Compute Power nVidia=Better driver support and power consumption.
    It's that simple. It's nice to see AMD has brought something for the enthusiasts, but I'ma stick with my 1070 😀

  21. DOOM Slayer says:

    that song it's just……ORGASMIC

  22. Steef292 says:

    vega failed, at 600 dollar for a vega 56. Nvidia can take my money

  23. IsLaNdAh670 says:

    You said 17.9.1 didn't allow great overclocks, what about 17.9.2 that you used on your last video?

  24. Romeo Alpha says:

    It's so funny that the Vega 56 needs HBM 2 to beat the 1070 which is GDDR5.

  25. FellTheSky says:

    rx vega is for vegans

  26. mario soto says:

    The way prices are the 56 is around the same price as a 1080, if you can even get one… If it was at MSRP it might be worth it

  27. mario soto says:

    Elric hope your foot is better.

  28. MrVitalic85 says:

    mobile game 💩💩💩💩💩😫😫😫😫😫😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭

  29. StaySic4Ever says:

    Seems solid specially for reference, performs really well in DX12 and Vulkan so let's see customs ones in time.


    Nice shirt, love your beard, you should let it grow!

  31. BOOGY110011 says:

    great song. didn't know You bro have real talent in sinning

  32. Putu Dharma says:

    great video elric,,,love the song in benchmark as usual,,,,
    still choose 1070 more reasonable power draw, temp & noice

  33. Alexthesniper19 says:

    No shock the vega 56 is a beast wait till aib's get their cards out for their own coolers. They will have better thermals and better ocing potential due to the better fans.

  34. Stranger InNight says:

    why you so hyppe over mobile game?!

  35. AzureFan1 says:

    Sick patch

  36. James Mastroianni says:

    I am going to say the same thing here I said on the vega 64 vs gtx 1080 video, and the vega 56 and gtx 1070 stock

    So you use hbao+ in every game that has it. Like every other gameworks (gimpworks) feature, it hammers performance of both nvidia and amd gpus. If for some reason you're going to claim that hbao+ is not an nvidia tech and I'm just a fanboy (remember hbao+ only, standard hbao is not nvidia tech) here is the link to nvidia's software page. https://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/hbao-plus/technology

    I would love to see all the hbao+ games rerun with it either disabled or on a different mode such as ssao or hbao non +. It's amazing how much better BOTH cards will perform with that disabled.

  37. JimmysTheBestCop says:

    Great video.

    But it will be pointless for most people for a long time because Vega 56 probably wont be in stock and at MSRP prices for 6 months. They dont even have any 3rd party cards yet. AMD can't keep up with production by itself.

    No retailer has had any AMD GPU in stock or at MSRP in the States since what March or April? Unless you count bestbuy selling a RX 570 for $280. What a joke.

  38. Dante says:

    Still an awful deal considering its current price, you can get a 1080 for its price.

  39. Joel Gratton says:


  40. Calvin Campbell says:

    What up bro and hope you're well

  41. Javi Sánchez says:

    But where can i buy that shirt??

  42. Sualeh Irfan says:

    Hands down Vega 56 is superior

  43. Sualeh Irfan says:

    Vega aibs will eat up gtx

  44. mbsfaridi says:

    That game looks interesting.

  45. Dobermanator says:

    For those of you bitches about price. Do you even cranial function? The price is controlled by RETAILERS trying to sell inferior card inventory that's been out already for a long time and is no longer the best performer, and they do not want to lower the price too much so they've jacked up the price of VEGA. When the GTX 1070 Ti comes out you will all be here saying the price of 1070 Ti makes it not worth it, right, right? You will be saying just get a 1080 too then, right? Of course not, that's why you are bitches.

  46. Goku SoN says:

    vega born dead 🙁 cost fail power fail wait for nex gen nvidia 🙁

  47. Sean Phillips says:

    That benchmark song rocks! Every time!

  48. Magnus says:

    But the mem voltage is the voltage floor, so if that's set to 1200mv, and the gpu is set to 1000mv, the gpu will still pull 1200mv. In addition, the hbm memory is not really voltage dependant for clocks, so you'd probably be able to hit the same clock on 1100mv.

  49. FITTbog says:

    Motherfracker huh?

  50. Omar Shiha says:

    same perf with half the power consumption, cheaper REAL Price!!

  51. adrian perez says:

    I can't wait for Volta, at vegas price range upgrading my 1070 doesn't seem reasonable at the moment. I rather buy the cheapest 1080 then spend 600+ on a vega card at the moment.

  52. EuclideanPrime Numbers says:

    If Vega were 399 then this review might be valid… Given AMDs bullshit initial pricing rebate scam, they are not any different than Intel, Nvidia etc. You can pick up aftermarket GTX 1080s for $475 on sale. Unless you need the compute power, it makes no sense to purchase a Vega card for gaming at current prices and performance.

  53. Christopher Scott says:

    Meh, not really impressed. I play several games that use Nvidia GameWorks so that puts AMD GPUs out for me. I notice no benchmarks are being done with these features turned on in these games that feature it. Thats something to consider.

  54. John Pilgrim says:

    It seems like if the GTX 1070 had gddr5x it wouldnt lose that little ground at higher resolutions. If Nvidia hurries out the GTX 1070 ti with gddr5x and a few more cuda cores at the right price then that’ll give people even more to think about.

  55. ghostdog662 says:

    If you like the vega 56 go buy one. Oh wait you can't.

  56. Scooby Dooby says:

    $550 Vega 56 Vs $400 GTX 1070 + $90 to Vega 56 for relative power bills. Then there's the $500 GTX 1080.

  57. Jay P says:

    Now run right out and buy Vega 56 for $550 wait what?!

  58. Aleksandar Bajkic says:

    Miss the old benchmark song :/

  59. Pc ColdWar says:

    really whant to see what big fat ass board partner gonna make since if you need to under clock it imagine only unleashing the true potential lol whitout limitation lol wrong was i have see best vcore clock was vega trolttling or not ?and next battle featuring gtx 1070 ti reference versu vega custom rog strix one lol should be interresting ^^.

  60. Valandis75 says:

    The background song is absolutely great m/
    Who else is for the song here? 😀

  61. bobi199205252 says:

    Guys can you help me out please. I am a complete newbie in computers and I need a new laptop. I have been looking around and the best deals I could find were a HP 17-Y 17.3" AMD A12-9700P Quad-Core 12GB 2.5GHz 2TB Win10 and a Acer – Aspire E 15 15.6" Refurbished Laptop – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce 940MX – 256GB Solid State Drive . Both are priced at 430$. The things I will be doing on it are document writing, browsing internet, watching movies and playing a few games (Gwent, X-COM and Divinity Original Sin). Thank you!

  62. ajax2061 says:

    main reason to buy a 56 card … to flash it too a 64 bios and then clock it 🙂

  63. Zeorymer300 says:

    This is cool except it's irrelevant since the Vega 56 is basically the same cost as a 1080 LOLs, and the 1070 Ti will be about $430. RIP

  64. MetinCrafter says:

    Mobile game ads came to pc gaming.. No.. NOOO

  65. Anthony Reynolds says:


  66. Rax Pax says:

    as i see Vega doesn't like old titles.

  67. Tekhot Juntao says:

    Nice music

  68. gameflux says:

    Cool !

  69. Adria says:

    yeah they alwyas compare superclock amd versus founder edition nvidia gtx 1070 i would ask my self why but its sems tobe a tabo question… that oc on nvidia… ^^.

  70. Metch says:

    and im glad to see you upload in 1440p!

  71. franco bee says:

    mobile games???stfu man

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