All For One | S2 EP27 | “Nowhere Boy”

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>>Dorothy: Hey guys, uh so how many of you were online a couple weeks ago when Miller showed up? Mmkay. This is a weird thing to just come out and ask, but um… …how did he seem? It’s just that I didn’t get a great look at him. I was too busy trying to find a chair to throw at him. Okay, less with the arguing, more with with the information-ing. No, he didn’t contact me, but um… he left these. And then Connie found them and put them in a drawer, and then I found them. Miller’s apology notes? Who writes notes to make apologies? So I found them yesterday, and I just, I don’t know what to do with them. I keep going back to them and reading them and then putting them away and then pulling them out again and reading them and then throwing them in the garbage. Then pulling them out and reading them and then and then putting them in the recycling, because that’s where they’re supposed to go ’cause they’re paper. They say a lot of things. Um, they’re really messy and confusing and he goes on these tangents about his past and this new friend. And at one point, he spends three cards just talking about a real great latte he had at some coffee shop in Portland. I don’t know, but it seems… …real? Like he’s not trying to get me to pity him or congratulate him for realizing that he sucks, now. He even says pretty clearly, he’s not sorry. But that he wants to feel sorry, and then he tells me a lot about these exercises he’s doing with his therapist. Which I mean, why would I wanna know that? Do you think- do you think his therapist had to go through a special therapeutic training to work with snake people? I mean yeah, but if there’s anyone who would lie about going to therapy and being a good person, it’s Miller. Well exactly, I just- He did say that he never wants to hurt anyone ever again and that if I wanted, he would just disappear forever. Or at least disappear from my life and from Dumas. I want to? But does that mean that I’m just letting him bamboozle me again. Ugh, I don’t know and I hate this. I don’t know, but- If he really is trying, and he actually means it, then he needs to know that he can’t just- he can’t just show up and and start spewing apologies at people. That’s not okay. And if not for me, then for the next person who he springs this on and if he is trying to mess with me again? I need to know. And I am NOT gonna get that from a bunch of cue cards, so I need to see him face-to-face. Yeah. Okay, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna talk to Miller. Oh god. I’m regretting this already. Mmm. I’m still gonna do it though. Aargh. Wish me luck. Hey. Maybe this is a huge mistake. You know, I could have sent a strongly worded email or a text or a Snapchat probably would have sufficed. I know, I just if he means what he’s saying then I don’t know. No, I ran it by her but she doesn’t hate him, but she never wants to see him again, so she and Monty are off laser tagging. And I can’t believe I am missing laser tagging to talk to Miller. No, I hate this, but I need closure. Ahh, why does closure always ruin everything? Yeah, I am just trying to live my life I’m trying to live my life and closures over there just being like, “Hey, you need me” and then I’m like “Yeah, thanks, I do” and then closures like, “Hiii”- [door knocks] Oh god, okay. He’s here. No, I… I am not scared of him.>>Miller: Dorothy, hi. So you moved into the house-
>>Dorothy: No small talk.>>Miller: Okay. Fair.
>>Dorothy: Okay. So. I read your apologies, and I guess now I know where to get a really great latte if I’m ever in Portland.>>Miller: I was really nervous.
>>Dorothy: Yeah, I could tell. Uh, who made you do this apology tour? Your therapist?>>Miller: No, uh. Someone suggested it.
>>Dorothy: Oh, your new friend.>>Miller: Yeah.
>>Dorothy: Mm-hmm. I figured.>>Dorothy: Of course you’re not ready for this. Never make an apology if you don’t mean it. And if you have traumatized someone, do not ever show up out of nowhere at their house. Okay? Ever ever ever EVER. Okay.>>Dorothy: Here’s how this is gonna work. I have some questions for you, and you are going to answer them using only the words “yes, ma’am” or “no, ma’am”, you got it?>>Miller: Yes…ma’am.>>Dorothy: So you’re in therapy.
>>Miller: Yes, ma’am.>>Dorothy: And you aren’t ever going to con anyone ever again?
>>Miller: Yes, ma’am.>>Dorothy: And it says here that you have a job. Where?>>Miller: I need more words, ma’am.>>Dorothy: Okay, you tell me where you work, then that’s it.>>Miller: Okay. I work at a pet shop.
>>Dorothy: And you do not ever kill or eat those puppies?>>Miller: I promise. I mean, no ma’am.
>>Dorothy: And you never hurt anyone ever ever again.>>Miller: No, ma’am, never again.>>Dorothy: In a perfect world, you would be in jail for a hundred thousand years and there would be a dragon eating out your insides on the daily.
>>Miller: Yes, ma’am. I know.>>Dorothy: But here we are. So what’s gonna happen is Connie is never gonna see you again. Alex is never gonna see you again. Rochefort… that is your relationship to fix but if you ever hurt him again or anyone else that I know or care about, I will pummel you so hard you won’t remember what the word pummel means, you got that? Out loud.
>>Miller: Yes, ma’am. You and your friends will never see me again ever.>>Dorothy: Well, not me. Not exactly.>>Miller: What?>>Dorothy: Okay, this brings me to my last big round. This, uh. This new roommate of yours. Are you, um, are you dating? Because in your conversation with Alex, she seemed to think that that was imminent.
>>Miller: Yes, ma’am. It’s new, but it’s happening.>>Dorothy: Okay, this isn’t some lie that you’ve come up with to make your story sound more convincing?
>>Miller: No, ma’am. I’ve got photos. You’d like each other. I think. You’re both super passionate about things, total Gryffindors. I can intro you if you want.>>Dorothy: Okay, we’ll take that on faith for now. You don’t have any evil schemes up your sleeve?
>>Miller: Never. Wouldn’t work anyway, knows all my tricks.>>Dorothy: And you’re safe? This isn’t a toxic or predatory relationship?>>Miller: No ma’am. I don’t think so. I’ve been with users. I know the signs.>>Dorothy: You ready for the last thing? I don’t want anyone to treat you the way that you treated me. Ever. Or Alex or Connie or Portia or Rochefort.>>Miller: Wow, that’s a list.
>>Dorothy: Yeah, that’s a long list. You have a lot of work to do. But if this relationship ends badly, I don’t want you to get lost again. So if things go badly, you email me.>>Miller: Email you?>>Dorothy: I know that you seem to think that you can just cut your life in half and then there’s one side, and then the other side. But, and, it’s just not how it works, okay?
>>Miller: Alex made that pretty clear.>>Dorothy: So if things go off the rail and you have to choose between conning your way into someone’s bed or… Or if you get your heart broken so badly that you just you need to hurt someone, don’t. You email me immediately and we’ll talk.>>Miller: Dorothy, you don’t have to do that.
>>Dorothy: I know I don’t. I really don’t want to. But everyone needs someone and I would much rather that you come to me instead of hurting someone else. Understood?>>Miller: Yes, ma’am.
>>Dorothy: Good.>>Miller: And I never said it, but I am sorry for everything.>>Dorothy: Really, you feel it?>>Miller: I’m getting closer.>>Dorothy: Okay, go home, Miller.
>>Miller: Take care of yourself, Castlemore.>>Dorothy: Yeah, you too. I have never wished so badly that this door had a lock. True. Thank you, I totally had her voice running through my head the entire time. I know, I just. I have been thinking about about having you guys in my life, and and what that’s meant to me. Yeah, but not just in how much I love you and I have always had you to talk to. And you know, through everything, through the divorce, and the bullying, and the ADHD, and losing my gran, and I just- I don’t know where I’d be without you guys. And yeah, I mean you joke, but do you remember me in high school? I was a total mess. I mean if I hadn’t had you and counselling, I just, I just, I don’t know where I’d be without you dorks. That’s what I mean though. If anyone could have gone sideways… I just, I gotta believe that Miller could have been good or maybe still can be? Or at least better. Mmm. Okay, I have to meet Connie and Monty for dinner. I still can’t believe I missed out on laser tagging to talk to Miller. I think it was worth it though. Night, guys.


68 Replies to “All For One | S2 EP27 | “Nowhere Boy””

  1. Alex Erson says:

    Ep 26 is still privated :/

  2. Miranda Miller says:

    As soon as he came on screen, my stomach instantly tightened.

  3. katontheinternet says:

    This web series is SO, SO IMPORTANT for mental health.

  4. Robin Dussel says:

    I realise i wear the same shirt as dolorety

  5. Run To Stand Still says:

    Dorothy including Owen in the group of people she's protecting from him brings me life

  6. Run To Stand Still says:

    Okay I totally relate to Dorothy's self sacrificing. Also still caring about Miller. I still care about so many people who hurt me and it's really a problem

  7. ea4gfhyxhq says:

    It's kinda sweet that she still cares enough to worry about his safety, and it's actually sweet to hear she now cares enough to include Owen on her "Would Commit Murder For" list.

  8. Janny Ann says:

    Snake people?! Steven Universe reference? Any SU fan?

  9. Riya Kataria says:

    Is anyone concerned about the description writer?

  10. Makeeda Roberts says:

    “But if you ever hurt him again or anyone else that I know or care about I will pummel you so hard you won’t remember what the word pummel means” love this badass side of Dorothy Bravo!👏🏾

  11. Minha Akeel says:

    Ewwwwwwww it’s mother trucking antonnnnnn

  12. Lucas lewis says:

    I love the fact that Dorthy is trying to give miller a chance and she is very protective of her friends but she actually feels for miller. sounds like me completely

  13. Nicole Antonia says:


  14. OtherBlueGirl says:

    God, this was such an amazing episode and SHUT UP, Cookie Monster! No one has to ask for your approval! Guuuuh, of all the Inseparables, I hate that one the most.

  15. Kweerdo says:

    I didn't expect Miller to make an appearance again! Wish I was more a Dorothy when it comes to forgiving and moving on. She makes great points.

  16. Niha S says:

    1. Description writer , are you okay??
    2. Even though this was a serious episode, the puppy bit killed me😂
    3. What if he is dating Anne and she is using him to ruin things?( A bit of a stretch I know)
    4. I love Laura so much more now

  17. Giorgia says:

    Dorothy was actually pretty great. She doesn't want him to do the same things he did to others and, even tho it hurts her, she'll help him anyway. That's super mature and I don't think anyone would be capable of doing something like that, staying in contact with your abuser and wanting to help him if he gets hurt. That's just… wow. She's so brave.

  18. A. C. says:

    1. Where's Alex 2. I have a bad feeling about Monty 3. Fuck Miller 4. Yes ma'am!

  19. Miss Indecision says:

    SHE CARES FOR ROCHEFORT! I mean, we all already knew, but she SAID it! That makes me very happy ^^

  20. carm nation says:

    closure is annoying

  21. Finn the Ace says:

    "I-I need more words ma'am" the words of a intimidated man its a little satisfacing to see him scared of someone like he did to so many people

  22. Kasza says:

    This show is so educational. I would've never expected Episode Description Bosses to be so threatening

  23. Kasza says:

    why do i feel like Miller's mysterious Friend is someone we somehow know? we weren't even show their face when there was an opportunity? i don't like that

  24. Smol Emo Gay says:


  25. Alpha Z says:

    Laura was name dropped omg! And T might finally be saved

  26. Sammy Rodriguez says:

    I was holding my breath during the scenes between Miller and Dorothy.

  27. ripmyfictionalfriends says:

    i love that dorothy is so much smaller than him but still intimidates him like yesss D

  28. Yasmin Campos says:

    I’m so proud of you Castlemore! Everyone needs someone at least once

  29. David Parkes says:

    Ok so Laura is definitely cookiemonster, now who's who of the names allaroundgreatbi dropped, anyone got any ideas?

  30. Marion D. says:

    I'd like to see a prequel of high-school Dorothy

  31. NegoMyVanlis says:

    I've felt like Miller's secret friend is a person we know since the first time he mentioned them. And we wouldn't like it. And that's why he keeps them hidden from Alex as well as Dorothy. I hope he'll leave for good in the end. I don't want him around Dorothy, Alex and the others anymore.

    …oh no… We're going to the headquarters of the big bosses… I kind of dig the description writer storyline, but it's a lot of sci-fi.

  32. Orcali says:

    The ma'am bit was so intense. Gwenlyn embodied Dorothy so well I'm in awe

  33. Della Alexandra says:

    okay first things first: millers friend is totally anne im calling it, I felt it for a while but especially when he mentioned how similar they were to dorothy.
    secondly, this was so so important. She didn't forgive him or excuse his actions. he explained to him that he was wrong and she didnt step forward to help him because she loves him or anything which i was scared of, she did it to protect him and especially to protect the people he might hurt. I loved it. Incredibly well done, I love this show.
    also: laura telling her to kick his ass gave me life

  34. Shooter for sunmi says:

    Watch the new friend be Anne

  35. Lucie L says:

    I feel like Laura is always online, and here I thought Carmilla was keeping her busy 😏

  36. FigurativelyBored says:

    That was amazing. Wow. 👏🏻❤️

  37. huntcd2012 says:

    Dorothy’s come a long way from the girl that wanted to punch her way through all her problems in Season 1.

  38. elizabeth says:

    as an abuse survivor i have. very mixed feelings about this episode. i loved a4o this past season specifically bc they completely subverted the overarching narrative that in order to be a Mature Survivor tm you have to show kindness and/or forgiveness to your abuser in some form and i feel like they just. put all that in the trash here. i think it's important to recognize that dorothy would've been just as strong and just as brave even if she hadn't shown him that kindness. similarly, dorothy would've been just as strong and just as brave had she not wanted to talk to miller face to face. i am very glad she told connie what was happening and that she made sure the inseperables were watching so that there were witnesses, but. idk. i'm proud of dorothy, and it's amazing to see an abuse survivor whose trauma is still affecting her but not defining her. gonna need to sit with this one for a little, i think.

  39. caitlin mcd says:

    dorthy has the greatest char after development. she is so mature, and commanding, and i love her so much. dorthy i'm proud of you, what you did wasn't easy but it was the right choice <3

  40. Lynn Kusmin says:

    especially with all the discussion of mental health this season, I’ve been wondering if we’re supposed to think that Miller might have antisocial personality disorder. The disregard for the law (see: all the charges Dorothy lays on him when she confronts him mid-season one, the meth), the inability to feel remorse … these are textbook (read: DSM-5) signs and symptoms of APD.

  41. Ssuper Spidy says:

    Can we get a prequel please I want to know more about her life

  42. Blue Hour says:

    I have a feeling that Miller's dating Anne.

  43. Hannah Hassan says:

    I don't know if I've said it lately, but I really love Dorothy Castlemore ❤️

  44. TheFlamingIcicle says:

    We all need to be Dorothy Castlemore.

  45. Marisol Lozano says:

    I love cookiemonster Laura!!!!

  46. skydragonx8 says:

    gwenlyn was just so amazing this ep! im so happy to see dorothy get some closure and being so mature about it, you go girl!

  47. Alex Kochrane says:

    I bet Anne or Monty is the person Miller's dating

  48. Alex Smith says:

    Mad respect for Dorothy right now

  49. Nuclear Mud King says:

    Not gonna lie, Dorothy is right. Thinking back to my own past with people that hurt me and that was a recurring factor to why people ended up the way they did. And she has a supporting system if things go haywire so yeah, that’s a solid plan

  50. Anna says:

    the description is hella lit would 10/10 see a webseries about it or a full written story!

  51. Heda42 says:

    "A lying sack of crap" ahah Laura destroyed him ^^

  52. Jada Bee says:

    REALLY awesome example of restorative justice! MAJOR high fives to the writers!

  53. 61wisampa says:

    Dorothy is much better person than I am. I agree with Laura XD but our girl did good. noice

  54. Jodie Moore says:

    Dorothy Castlemore, that was a very mature thing that you just did.

  55. Cass /casswritesstuff says:

    It's strange, but I understand why she asked Miller to email her if things go downhill, even if he was such an asshole. I had a emotionally abusive ex who was good friends with my close friend and my ex threatened harming herself so many times that my friend came to me sobbing uncontrollably about it. I understand how my ex must feel, to even consider saying such a thing, when she knows my friend has harmed herself in the past. So I was willing to be a person to talk to for my ex, so she couldn't hurt my friend anymore (though they stopped being friends so that crisis has been slightly averted)

  56. Chelsea L says:

    I'm really annoyed with Dorothy after this.. I dated a sociopath/psychopath (I'm honestly still unclear about the differences even after googling them) and the best thing you can do for yourself is to cut them off completely. They cannot change. They can learn to act differently because that's how they're supposed to act, but they will never feel it. I hope she just doesn't want to let go because she isn't over him..

  57. Bethany McHugh says:

    Could cookiemonster be Laura Hollis?

  58. camavita says:

    Holy shit, Dorothy was amazing. She handled that so fucking well it blew my mind. And her offer at the end – that Miller reaches out to her if he gets hurt, instead of hurting someone else or going back to old habits – is incredibly wise and shows her immense strength of character. I have never admired Dorothy more. She's not letting herself or the people she cares about get hurt again and she's not taking any fucking bullshit but she's also being practical and realistic. Goddamn, she is my hero

  59. Micaela C says:

    I think it was incredibly nice to have some positive closure with Miller. And the fact that he's still on the journey to feeling sorry, thats definitely a real human trait that doesn't get shown a lot on screen as in the antagonist is either always bad or really sorry and thats not realistic. Great writing & script! <3

  60. Charlie Danvers says:

    Onwards to adventure! Good luck description writers!

  61. Charlie Danvers says:

    Proud of you,castlemore

  62. Adriana says:

    i fucking cried

  63. Esme Dutcher says:

    I really want to know who Miller's friend is. But Dorothy glanced at his phone, so she didn't recognize whoever it was.

  64. Tayla stoop says:

    Does anyone else wanna see the perspective of the inseparables from their life or is it just me

  65. Alicelikessushi says:

    Fuck that was so intense man but I love where this show is going with all the mental health stuff. I just thought it would be another cute college drama but I didn't think it would get so deep. We really need more shows like this to educate people on mental health as well as seeing the signs. Amazing work KindaTV

  66. Samantha Darling says:

    Dorothy is truly amazing. I am so proud of how she’s grown in these 2 seasons. She hates Miller and she has every right to but she extended an olive branch in the case he has no other options. I can’t say I could be that brave because I am more like an episode 1 Dorothy. Liberal with my punches and full of fire.

  67. Immortal Killjoy says:

    The fact that he's wearing shoes and she's not is annoying me so much

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