All For One | S2 EP15 | “Aftermath”

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So irony of ironies, I finally get
permission to sleep and I’m wide awake Probably because of the
very very reckless thing that I did. Um, no thank you That sounds… horrifying. I’m sure I’ll crash soon. You know what? They reacted pretty well. I think they got it. NO NOT REALLY. They reacted the
opposite of well. They reacted NOT
well. Picture this. Portia’s there, giving her speech and there’s this big clock that’s ticking down. Tick. Tick. Tick. It hits
zero. And nothing happens. Portia tries to play it off like “Our campaign is just so minimal It’s so minimal that
our videos are just blank screens… get it?” And then
she tried replaying it about a hundred times, and then she tried calling for Rochefort about a hundred times and then she ran off the stage fake
smiling at the audience… and it was awful. We were trying to fix it for hours after. No. No, they think that the other campaign hacked us. Which is my fault. And that’s also what we’ve been
telling the press. So, we’re still trash talking each other in the end. You know what? Tensions aren’t too bad. Everyone’s in a pretty good mood. NO NOT REALLY. Do you not understand my sarcasm or are you messing with me? But you know, despite
the hyper-hypertension… I feel kinda good? About deleting the video? I think, to be honest it’s the first good decision I’ve made in this whole campaign Actually, it’s the only decision
that I’ve made in this entire campaign… End of sentence. Full stop. But what am I even doing if I feel
good about sabotaging my own campaign? I don’t know. Ah I wish Connie was
here. She makes me think better. And she gives the best
advice. And has really pretty hair. and you know what we haven’t really been able to talk in weeks. Um she’s at class… studying? Oh my god. I actually have no idea where she is. No. I didn’t lose her. Because she doesn’t belong to me. I don’t own her. She’s probably fine. She is definitely fine. Do you think she was kidnapped? I’m gonna call 911, I think Because the kidnapper probably took
her phone! Oh. No. Text from Connie. “Just got off work. Coming home soon.” Phew! Close call. Yeah she is. She really is. How did I
not know where my girlfriend was? I feel like I’m losing track of everything/ My relationship, the campaign, SCHOOL. I haven’t gone to class in… weeks? Months? When did my life start falling apart so horribly? Does anyone know
the specific date? *knocks on the door* Hey. Hey, you okay? Yeah. Are you… alone? Yup. Just me and the inseps. That’s really good news. Actually, the best news I’ve heard all day. I was really worried I’d find Anne here. Nah, she’s too much of a fire
hazard. We do only have one fire
extinguisher. (In Anne’s voice) Dorothy, do you know what would
make this shirt much better? If we
BURNED it. (In her normal voice) Can I confess something? Please. Confess. I am really, I’m SO sick of Anne. I can’t
stand her. Yeah. That’s not much of a
confession because it’s pretty obvious. Who’s Big Ben? Somebody’s brain is tired. Well, now I’m awake again. Sorry. Hey, It wasn’t Henry. What? The deleted video? I just… I know. It wasn’t Henry. He wouldn’t. Couldn’t. But I do think it was
someone else from our campaign. Oh, uh, from our
campaign? Who are you
suspecting? Is it Rochefort? You can’t blame him for being evil last semester! No. Not Rochefort. Someone else. Monty…? Anne. Anne? Why would you think it’d be Anne? She’s trying to sabotage me. It’s
obvious, she’s been trying to take me down a peg for weeks. Because she’s such a
small, petty person. Yeah… but… we’ve all make
mistakes. And we have to forgive our
friends when they make mistakes… Or do stuff that maybe other people don’t agree with but they think is the right decision No. I’ll never forgive Anne for what
she’s done. She doesn’t care about
the campaign. She definitely doesn’t care about
me. I can’t believe she’d let me be
humiliated like that. Actually, I can. I’m going to bet you that
tonight she’ll pitch replacing me as the candidate. That’s her plan. No, Porsche, I don’t think that’s what she– Just watch and see. um… Portia, there’s something I need to tell
you. What is it? Well- Is yours from Rochefort too? Yeah. Great. 1am campaign meetings.
My faaaaaavourite! What are we doing?… debate prep? What
debate… oh, I forgot about the VP debate tomorrow. I’m not going to the meeting. What do you mean you’re not going? You’re the candidate You have to go. I can’t be in the same room as her
or I’ll slap her, or… say something super cutting So. It’s for her own good. Why don’t we skip it? Skip it? Yeah! We stay here and watch TV and have some snacks and we can forget there ever was a campaign? Portia. I can’t just skip the whole meeting. I have to be in front of
the entire house tomorrow and kind of look like I know what I’m
talking about. Yeah. I was joking. It was a silly
question. Have fun okay? Tell Anne I say hi. Okay. See you in a bit. We need to talk about what happened
tonight. Okay. What do you wanna talk about? YOU. I want to talk about YOU. How
YOU were completely absent all night. And YOU! YOU were too drunk to deal
with damage control which is your entire job on this campaign. And
where in the seven hells is Portia? This is no’t a laughing matter. This just confirms my suspicions. The fact that she’s not here proves that it’s true. It proves that she’s guilty. Guilty? Yeah It’s all clear now. Portia
deleted the video. She could not take that I was
giving you the final round of notes I have not dealt with a candidate that is so insubordinate and… just, completely lacking in political acumen. I could handle
one of those things, but not both. You know. When I first saw that video, it
seemed awfully familiar. Like the
kind of stuff Rick used to do. I will NOT let this happen again. I have a plan. I will not be mocked
in my own campaign! Thank you. For not saying anything. I didn’t see a thing. Dorothy. I need you to start prepping for the debate
tomorrow. I want you to RIP
Henry Abascale a new one! We need to make sure that you win this. Because
when Portia burns out – and mark my words she will – VP Castlemore
better be ready to step in. That is… extreme. Owen! I need your help. Now! Whoever deleted that video? Probably did the right thing. Thanks, guys. I think I’m starting to realize something. I used to want to be exactly like Anne. Like basically her clone. And now I’m starting to see
a side of her That I really do not want to be like. So what I’m going to do is try and be more like the good parts of who she is and focus on that. Does that make sense? I don’t want this campaign to
control my life anymore. I do. Anne, in the debate tomorrow, she wants me
to go on the attack. Talk about
Henry’s hacking. Treville’s VP mess
ups. Yeah. I’m not gonna do it. I am not going to listen to Anne anymore. I am so sick and tired of talking
about the other campaign. I want to
talk about my ideas. Because I have
ideas. Portia has ideas. And
they’re good ideas! I don’t want
to talk about why people shouldn’t vote for the other campaign. I
want to give them a reason to vote for us. And if Anne doesn’t like that? She can fire me. First though, I have to sleep and
write up entirely new debate notes. Great, Yaaay. Okay. Bye, see you tomorrow.


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  1. Supreeta Sagere says:


  2. Niha S says:

    Laura Eileen (idk if that's how u spell it😂) Hollis get it together!!
    Not really!

  3. Marion D. says:

    I still think we should call 911 cause there's not enought Connie in these episodes…

  4. Tista Bepari says:

    I love this Dorothy

  5. Smol Emo Gay says:

    The description writers need some hugs

  6. Smol Emo Gay says:

    I want to lock them all in a room together, they need to clear the air

  7. Smol Emo Gay says:

    Portia knows Henry didn't do it, aww maybe my ship didn't sink like the Titanic

  8. Glennon Bell says:

    Wait is “canonicallyace” Beth March?

  9. Lara K says:

    Omg half way through this episode my crush texted me omg I'm sprry I had to tell someone😂

  10. lgbtpadme says:

    I can't be the only one here thinking they've been terrible friends to Dorothy (except Alex). Come on she's been sacrificing everything for this petty campaign/fight and nobody CARES at all. I'm actually so mad at everyone even Portia, Dorothy deserves some rest and needs more time with Connie this is quite unfair for her too. Dammit

  11. lgbtpadme says:


  12. ORBY15 says:

    Breton not taking Anne's crap is an aesthetic I can get behind.

  13. Kasza says:

    okay but i still want to hear about how alex is feeling

  14. UserNotFound 0411 says:

    Am I the only one who reads what the description writer has posted first before watching the episode? I feel like there's a different series going on there

  15. G Rodriguez says:

    I'm sensing some Cersi Lanister vibes from Anne; just look at the way she says "seven hells" and wears red!

  16. Miranda Miller says:

    Dorothy needs a hug, and a good week’s sleep.

  17. Random Name says:

    Guys i honestly think Monty "won" back Connie (even though that seems pretty nuts)

  18. Random Name says:

    Also got a teeny tiny small lil ole crush on AJ aka Alex I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE GUYS

  19. cecyl_loup says:

    Do you think there is a picture on Dorothy’s locket ? If yes, who or what is on it ? 🧐

  20. Mya Moyle says:

    fighting for what you think is right even if it means going against your friends, how Gryffindor of you

  21. OhWellYouKnow says:

    "Not everyone is neurotypical" Please let that be a hint that Monty is gonna be autistic. It would be especially cool seeing as its autism acceptance month

  22. dreamerforever79 says:

    Dorothy definitely did the right thing. Also, where’s Connie? I miss her

  23. Lynn Kusmin says:

    I’m loving Rochefort this season

  24. maiboa says:

    Was I the only one who got the vibes (from this episode + the one before) that Portia and Henry are talking/hooking up secretly? (Please don't burst this bubble, my shipping heart is hoping for that so hard lmao)

  25. Scarleth Herrera says:

    I love portia and my heart is hurting

  26. Yasmin Campos says:

    Characters realizing the seemingly good guy/girl isn't as perfect as they seemed is one of my favorite things

  27. Yasmin Campos says:

    Dorothy being her own woman
    Yes, Bitch I ordered that bring it!

  28. Lauren Muller says:

    okay 100% portia and henry are hooking up

  29. OtherBlueGirl says:

    glares at Portia You don’t deserve that bunny onesie! huggles my Dorothy

  30. FigurativelyBored says:


  31. Valerie Galarza says:

    Portia saying she can't stand Anne is all of us. Gosh that woman is awful

  32. Scott Smart says:

    Yay! Portia still has a soul! I was beginning to worry after the previous couple of videos.

  33. Sammy Rodriguez says:

    I agree that deleting that video was the right thing to do you

  34. Chelsea Rose says:


  35. clovely000 says:

    Wait, did rochefort see Dorothy delete the video? 🤔

  36. David Parkes says:


  37. alex shorts says:

    hugs to the description writer 🙁

  38. alex shorts says:


  39. Garlic Breath says:


  40. Charlie Danvers says:

    Ive never been in a sorority are they normally this dramatic? This election seems like a huge deal

  41. Charlie Danvers says:

    Pls get some sleep dorothy!

  42. bobby unagmle says:

    laura is just taking everything so literal what a bean

  43. Makeeda Roberts says:

    I feel like everyone’s bs this season is putting a strain on Connie and Dorothy’s relationship to the point that Connie is resorting to hanging with Monty MONTY of all people

  44. Garlic Breath says:

    Lol Dorothy is awful at being Sarcastic . Poor Laura ! Leave our cookie monster alone !!!

  45. Kweerdo says:

    8:27 How Anne reacts to Breton tho

  46. CupofArtistic Jo says:

    Why did the description made me cry more than the episode!?.. I hope who ever wrote the description gets a big long huuug..

  47. TheClearwatercat says:

    Portia and Anne are really annoying, too annoying. It makes the series unwatchable.

  48. Alex D. says:

    Fortcastle brotp is sailing. They and Alex seem to be only ones not too much in Vicious mode lol

  49. Alex D. says:

    10:09 is me growing up lmaoo

  50. Fern Lucas says:

    Is anyone else really worried about the summary writer?

  51. Queen Kari says:

    why am i kinda shipping rochefort and dorothy? like prob more as friends but still

  52. Sarah Just Sarah says:

    Description writers my children please don’t don’t break apart i need you guys to be strong

  53. Tiffany Mark says:

    Remember when the gang used to group huddle and support each other and had constant banter? Where Treville and Anne were just goddesses that were spoken of but we never met them so we didn't have to acknowledge that they were imperfect people? I miss those times…
    The description writers seem to be spiraling…I hope they can work out whats going on between them.

  54. skydragonx8 says:

    yes dorothy yes! you go girl! speak your voice!

  55. akacj7 says:

    is it weird that i find myself wanting more Monty? #comicrelief

  56. Wtf Maria says:

    JUST QUIT ALREADY DOR. you look so tired ugh

  57. Wtf Maria says:

    3 dislikes? I see you treville , Henry and Alex 🤨😂 jk I love those douchebags

  58. Kayla Taylor says:

    The fact that cookiemonster's profile picture is of a mug = Laura

  59. Roxane says:

    Connie is the best

  60. zafjaf says:

    Hold the phone, CanonicallyAce is Beth? As in Beth from The March Family Letters? This means Beth survived! Why am I only figuring this out now?

  61. That Random Gorl says:

    I know I’m like super late, but 7 hells and 7 Gates to hell, Carmilla reference?

  62. we regret to inform you says:

    I adore Portia

  63. z3_Clutch 123 says:

    I even know where my girlfriend is all the time lol

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