37 Replies to “A new app that's different every time you play it”

  1. Бојан Даковић says:

    I feel my feet evoparate

  2. hernameiswutitmeans says:

    It sucks on Android (htc 1 x+) but it just came out Dec. 14 I'm sure they're workin on it

  3. Doris Suzi Maystrom-Gay DSM Now Solutions says:

    It was well filmed a moving abstract.

  4. Janis Zeps says:

    if this game wouldnt be so laggy, then it wouldnt have 2.9/5.0 score on android…. cant enjoy the art if it freezes every 5 seconds..

  5. Oni Lux says:

    Now thats what i call edgy

  6. ElliotGanzen says:

    Didn't you already post a video regarding the creators of the app? A german visual arts company?

  7. Ryan McAndrews says:

    this was so vague I had to download the app to see if it does what I think it does. the automation of a visual experience still has a long way to go.

  8. Ryan McAndrews says:

    if the app is not compatible with your device it won't show up in a search (if you are searching play from your device)

  9. Eric Armstrong says:

    I can't find the app on google play. What should I be searching for?

  10. in8chro says:

    you are supposed to download the app dumbasses, then play it. it will be different every time. but honestly its pretty worthless. actually freezes up the screen to often.

  11. Brennan Hartman says:

    The apparently is awesome

  12. CwissinDaKidd says:

    0:17 0_0

  13. Dr Gonzo says:

    Hahahahahaha someones doin ether somewhere

  14. Chase Walsh says:

    So many colours!

  15. Melvin Sandoval says:


  16. bsdacameras says:

    this app is for the stoners

  17. Slamdangles says:

    or that this video is the same everytime you play it

  18. Inept_Bot says:

    -Hunter S. Thomson

  19. GokuThe Saiyan says:

    stupid title

  20. Evan Seal says:

    I really want to try this it just crashes every time I try to launch it on my ipod

  21. Max Email says:

    sorry, but everything one views is linear. You start watching and then you stop watching….

  22. Dr Gonzo says:

    "You're a fucking narcotics agent, I knew it!"

  23. MuhammadDerkaDerka says:

    Cant stop here, its bat country!

  24. Jacob Madigan says:

    So, randomised cg clips, many of which look very outdated and are quite boring, disguised as an interactive app. I'm glad this was a free download because I see no value whatsoever.

  25. RexMuffin says:

    well it's nice that I can't play the movie since I haven't got an iphone or an ipad, fuck off.

  26. t3h_bunneh says:

    So, this is avaible only to iphone or android and not on laptops or desktop pc's? Well, fuck you then!

  27. MashUp Beatz says:

    ayahuasca trip

  28. TruthLibertyPeace says:

    Kinda Remind me of a DMT trip xD

  29. Oscar Flores says:

    They just zoom in -__-

  30. LjHundred says:

    I don't see it, tbh

  31. DieOrBlink says:

    This makes me want to eat lots of drugs.

  32. evilsaddist666 says:

    you didn't pay attention! Watch it closer.

  33. evilsaddist666 says:

    reminds me of dmt, awesome thanks, but i'm still scratching my head wondering how this is possible!

  34. Mrshamoozoo Films says:

    Need an app for WP8!!!

  35. Bardolf87 says:

    Haha classic man. Exactly what I thought of while watching this.

  36. sf sf says:

    ok im confused

  37. Mjusiq™ says:

    Cool! 🙂

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