970M vs 1050Ti – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

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Hey guys, Jarrod here and today we’re going
to be benchmarking two similar laptops to compare the older Nvidia 970M against the
newer 1050Ti to see just how much better the newer Pascal based card performs, and find
out if it’s worth upgrading to. I’ve previously tested the 970M against a
1060, however I’ve since had some requests to also compare it with the 1050Ti, so now
that I’ve been able to get my hands on a laptop with a 1050Ti I’ll be testing the differences
here. First let’s discuss the other differences
between these two laptops. Both are running slightly different CPUs, the laptop with the
970M has an older Intel Skylake 6700HQ quad core CPU at 2.6GHz, while the newer laptop
with the 1050Ti has an Intel Kabylake 7700HQ quad core CPU at 2.8GHz. While this may affect
some of the benchmarks, as the newer laptop doesn’t have the exact same CPU, the majority
of tests are graphics based, however just be aware that a small percentage of the difference
may be due to the difference in CPU. I suggest that you look at my recent video where I compared
the differences between these two CPUs if you’re interested in further information on
this, but basically they perform very similarly with not too much difference. Both laptops have 16GB of DDR4 RAM, however
the older laptop with the 970M runs at 2,133MHz while the newer laptop with the 1050Ti runs
at 2400MHz. Both use an SSD for the primary hard drive and are running Windows 10 with
all available updates applied. No manual overclocking was performed for any of these tests, and
neither laptop supports G-Sync. The main difference here is of course that
one laptop is running with an older Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M, while the newer laptop has
an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti. We can see straight away that the specs are a bit different, in
particular the 970m has more cuda cores, but it’s not clocked as high as the 1050Ti. Let’s take a look at our benchmarks and
find out how each of these cards perform! We’ll cover both real world gaming benchmarks
in terms of frames per second, as well as the results of some benchmarking tools. First we’ll start with the gaming benchmarks
as these are most useful. I’ve tested Battlefield 1, GTA 5, The Witcher 3, and Shadow of Mordor
on both laptops. In Battlefield 1 I used ultra settings with
a 1080p resolution. With both Direct X 11 or Direct X 12, both the 1050Ti and 970m performed
basically the same. In GTA 5 I tested with FXAA on with MSAA set
to x8 with a 1080p resolution and with VSync off. We can see that the results here are
quite a bit different, where the 1050Ti came out ahead. In the Witcher 3 I used the Ultra preset,
and disabled VSync and NVIDIA Hairworks, and again ran at a 1080p resolution. Once again
both graphics cards performed very close to each other. In Shadow of Mordor with ultra settings at
1080p, the 1050Ti is quite ahead just like the GTA test. The results are pretty interesting,
different games obviously use a different amount of CPU or GPU resources however I didn’t
notice any CPU throttling during my testing with either laptop. Now onto the benchmarking tools, while a useful
indicator note that these results are less practical compared to the real world gaming
tests previously shown. In Heaven benchmark with the quality set to
ultra, tessellation on extreme, and anti-aliasing on x8 at 1080p, the 1050Ti scored 36 fps while
the 970m was only slightly behind at 34 fps. Valley benchmark produced a similar result,
with the quality set to ultra and anti-aliasing on x8 at 1080p, the 1050Ti scored 39 fps while
the 970m was again just 2 fps lower. With the 3DMark Time Spy and Firestrike benchmarks
I’m only looking at the graphics scores here rather than overall scores as that’s
more useful for our purposes. We can see that in both cases the 1050Ti is only slightly
ahead here. Finally let’s check the temperatures of
each card during the testing, keep in mind that the unique cooling solutions in each
laptop are a factor so this isn’t a perfect comparison. In my testing with an ambient
room temperature of 20c, I found the 970m to run a little cooler at idle, however it
was also a little hotter compared to the 1050Ti under load, but again this will vary depending
on the cooling solution of each laptop. As expected the 1050Ti came out on top in
most tests performing around 10.7% better on average compared to the 970M, although
it only seems to be so high due to the results of GTA and Shadow of Mordor which performed
around 40% better on the 1050Ti. So is it worth upgrading to the 1050Ti if
you already have a 970M? Definitely not, based on these results that really doesn’t seem
worthwhile, you’ll only be looking at a small improvement overall. If on the other
hand you’re considering buying a new laptop with either of these cards, then I’d suggest
the newer 1050Ti as in general it does perform a little better and ran a bit cooler for me,
however if you can get a good deal on a laptop with a 970m you’re probably going to get
a similar gaming experience while possibly saving some money as there are some good deals
on them. I hope that this video has shown you the real
world differences in performance between the Nvidia 970m and 1050Ti graphics cards, and
helped you choose between them. Let me know down in the comments which graphics card you’ll
be getting in your next laptop and why, and leave a like on the video if you found the
information useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech
videos like this one.


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  1. yrogue3 says:

    incorrect base and boost clock for 1050ti gpu :

  2. 나동인 says:

    This video greatly helped for choosing my next laptop. Thanks!

  3. danielongproductions says:

    MMH, I was wondering If the 1050Ti would be future proof cuz there will be no chance of me getting another new computer after buying the one I'm using about a week ago.

  4. Brujo Hernandez says:


  5. Navneet Singh says:

    Nice Video Thanks

  6. bitkazh says:

    Hi! Sorry for my English. I have two options: i5 6300hq with gtx 970m and i7 7700hq with gtx 1050 ti. Which option would you advise? Thank you.

  7. Ryan Werner says:

    My 960m is still trucking on… wow… almost even lol

  8. Grankers says:

    970m sucks

  9. edex north says:

    if you have tested 970M with 6G dram at Ultra settings it could smash the 1050ti period. (I have it and tested speaking from experience.)

  10. asdf wright says:

    I have a question, did you overclock the 970m? I seem to get around 40-50 fps on bf1 ultra

  11. Casper van Leeuwe says:

    My FPS actually dropped when i put my 1050 in my pc instead of my 970… waste of money

  12. Alin Vana says:

    Shadow of Mordor 85 fps on ULTRA settings at 1080p with 1050 ti? This is the joke of the year.

  13. Benjamin Rodriguez Reyes says:

    Very helpful, thank you

  14. Dante9006 says:

    The problem I'm having is I want a gaming Laptop and getting one with a 1050Ti is a good idea because they are cheaper. But how long will a laptop like that actually last in this day and age. A couple years at best with how demanding games have gotten.

  15. Tommy Vercetti says:

    By Gta 5 its the RAM

  16. Ринат Мансуров says:

    Gtx 970m зверюга

  17. Cgf says:

    I think 3gb vram is good. Tbh textures arent everything to me since i grew up with ps2

  18. NND says:

    Just wait 1750 ti 😂😂😂

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  21. Fusion_x_Frost says:

    gta 5 will be most likely the cpu upgrade.

  22. JAMILLION says:

    just bought the MSI GS40 with the 970m, cant wait !

  23. Black Helmets says:

    Pascal GPUs are such a big improvement compared to the previous gen

  24. kTbC Clan says:

    I'm getting my first gaming laptop and at first i was looking at 1050ti and 1060's but tbh i don't think its worth all the extra cost unless you're actually gonna game all the time for the next 2-3 years and thats if you could notice the difference in fps on most game, and 1050ti's tend to be on big laptops wich i think overtime is gonna be a real pain but you can find a 970m razer blade 2016 for a super good deal on ebay and you'll have all the power and portability you need. I think that the 970m is still gonna be a great graphics card for the next 3 years or so since even the newest assassins creed origins needs a minimum gtx 660 to run.

  25. Harry Labita says:

    I don't why is this youtube channel only have 5.6k subscriber! So underrated laptop channel…

  26. DysphoricSmile says:

    Great video! I particularly love the fact that the GTX 970m and GTX 1060 6GB are IDENTICAL CORES! Hell most 970m's even had 6 GB VRAM!
    Basically GTX 1060 6GB = Die Shrunk GTX 970m on steroids (2x or better clock speeds!)

  27. Nakul Rohit says:

    Cries in gtx 860m

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    http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/17/12/14/rkm.png this card is awesome and run like road runner miep miep 😀

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    MSAA 8x? wtf

  30. xXFireSwagXx says:

    People here are saying that overclocking the 970m will be awesome, sure but the temp.

  31. Vrenzz says:

    sorry im new for something like this .. but when i see ur review i dunno y but in 0:40to 1:00 there's a lag u can see in the videos in 970X Laptop .. can u explain what that is ?? and yes 1050 is way better at that moment..

  32. Gadlajk says:

    No way that 1050ti can run msaa 8x on 1080p at that fps!

  33. GUILLERMO LEAL says:

    970m? wtf this means, cant understand god damn

  34. Yusuf Ercan says:

    Dont buy laptop for gaming.

  35. Erikkun says:

    I upgraded from a crappy 940m to a 1060 (Insane leap in performance)

  36. Brad Haines says:

    this almost makes me want to wait on nvidias next gen, id like a 4k screen with a single gpu that can actually run games at 4k 60fps and the 1070 still cant quite do that. maybe the 1160 can?

  37. CreeO14 says:

    try installing older driver on the 970m and see the difference. u see every update of drivers from nvidia has an improvement . after a year that 1050ti will smoked 970m

  38. Buff Barnaby says:

    I have no Mobile GPU so a 1050ti will be a huge upgrade. Great comparison

  39. KKMCGAMER YT says:

    What settings did you use in gta ?!?!?!? I have gtx 1050 ti and i7 7700hq and 16 gb of ram in Dell 7567 but I don't know what settings to put and your gta game play looked very smooth.

  40. derivative says:

    Overclocking gpu in laptop?

  41. Lucian BUJOR says:

    Buy 970m version if you want to do professional work with rendering and other gpgpu work, buy 1050ti version if you look just for gaming.

  42. Pham Nguyen Duc Tin says:

    As the performance of the MX150/GT1030 is already between the 950M and 960M, it's unsurprising that the 1050Ti will be between the old 970M and 980M. That being said, laptops equipped with the 970M are still overpriced compared to the 1050Ti, especially when portability and cooling are taken into account.

  43. rästik says:

    Clevo is the king of building laptops.

  44. TV-Entertain HD says:

    Great video man!!! thank you.
    Please, I need an advice if it is worth for nowadays to buy Alienware with 16 gb ram, GTX 970m, I5-4210h. The thing is that the price is very affordable. My main holdback is I5-4210. Im not that much gamer, but surely time to time will play some games. Will this notebook be actual in 2-3 years? or should i look for other options.
    thank you

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    its bullshit how can a laptop handle 8x msaa you moron

  48. ダブステップは私のコカインです says:

    970m is better than 1050 so I'll be getting a 970m.

  49. Юджин says:

    Спасибо Дружище. Очень помог разобраться в вопросе. Благодарю тебя.

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    nice video

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    I've lived with an Intel core duo and GT 6800 pc for 9 years and I finally bought a new PC ( laptop, since I travel sometimes ) with an I5 7300hq and Gtx 1050 ti. I think this is a huuuuge upgrade

  57. Boba Squid says:

    If i had a laptop with a 970m, there is no way I would upgrade now. It's a serious waste of money. The 970m will serve almost anyone well for years to come.

  58. alejandro Limones says:

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  67. Jaivardhan Deshwal says:

    30+ fps on Witcher 3 ultra preset

    Let me just sell my kidney to get this

  68. Marvellous Tuber says:

    970m in gta V mostly dropped due to the versions of their processor (there is a year difference)

  69. Vaishali More says:

    About control panel who is better gtx970m or gtx1050ti anyone know pls reply fst

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    Dell xps 2018 i9 review please

  72. Vaishali More says:

    Y gtx970m laptop price is more than gtx1050ti laptop if this true lol😂

  73. Shivashish Saha says:

    I've got a 1050ti in my laptop with i7 7700hq and I'm pretty happy with it

  74. Surreal Memes says:

    Jarrod'sTech I'm just wondering, the 970m does much better using DX11 in many games. Would that have anything to do with some of the big gap between it and the 1050 ti? Because of course the 1050 ti is better with DX12. I had bad performance in BF1 with my 970m and switching it to DX11 instead of 12 brought it up and stopped the stutter.

  75. Aznee says:

    Can you do it with the i5 versions

  76. Kao Javier says:

    thanks for this video. I got myself a discounted (but not used) Clevo laptop with a 970m instead of a newer model with a 1050ti because of the $100~200-ish difference. the laptop won't be my main gaming rig anyway, will be using it mostly for work, and maybe some light gaming.

  77. Darius Hunter says:

    Would the i7 8750 with a gtx 1060 be worth an upgrade for a gaming laptop I only use when I got out r stay with my partner? XD Looking at this model at Metabox. https://www.metabox.com.au/store/b243/Metabox-Alpha-X-N850EP-Laptop I'm currently using an i7 4720 and gtx 970m, which they both run hot when gaming and stutter. Had it for a few years, maybe the paste is not transferring heat as well as it did once.

  78. For Ted Enston says:

    I've 970m 6GB variant that offers a fair bump over those two. However, the laptop is running a desktop i7 4790k and 16Gb ram, plus the GPU has double the vram.

    Since crypto mining laptops have become 'good value' in comparison to desktops. I paid £400 for mine second hand that included a 1Tb WD Black HDD and 256GB EVO 840 SSD. The screen is 17.5" 1080p with G-sync. My point is, rather than building a cheap rig to take to friends for LAN and minor editing I purchased this a drastically lower price than specking a second hand rig of which I've done many times. 3.5 years ago I purched a i7 4770, Gaming 7 mobo, 16Gb ram, 780, Corsair 760T, H100i, 1Tb HDD, Corsair AX750 for £400. 8 months ago the GTX 780 was £200 second hand! Things will stabilise but if you were ever contemplating a gaming laptop, now is the time.

  79. MCGamingCenter says:

    Just for the people who did not know already, the old M gpus are actually just the desktop GPU one tier lower. So a 970M would be a desktop 960 and since the 960 is similar to the 1050 ti that is why the performance is similar.

  80. Cyber Punk says:

    I love the way u do everything thank u so much realy just thnx

  81. GT-FTW says:

    Nvidia so greedy and yet the desktop gtx 970 is 40-50% faster than the desktop 1050ti!!!

  82. AzerTN says:

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    Or gtx 970 mobile
    I mean in graphics and framerates

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  86. V says:

    its all about optimisation. video cards are similar, but new games are better optimised for new video cards. also, 970m was never that popular(little models of laptops had it) while 1050ti is a lot more popular, hence more games optimise for it instead for 970m(my opinion)

  87. aditya chaturvedi says:

    I bought a Asus FX504GE model with 1050Ti, i5-8300H, 8GB DDR5 2666mhz RAM, 128GB NVMe SSD + Seagate firecuda 1TB SSHD. Recent AAA titles play quite well in medium to high settings.

  88. Hakan Can says:

    for 1050ti(mobile) , it is IPMPOSSIBLE to get 54 fps in gta 5 with msaa-x8 (in ultra or very high)

  89. TheDustyJoypad says:

    I use my 970m 3gb all the time. Had it since release and I still love it. Cant afford to upgrade, so making do with what I have. To be fair, even the latest games I can still play on it. I use RTSS to lock them down to 30fps, put pre-rendered frames to 2 in Nvidia Control Panel and they run the same as PS4 equivalents at 1080p, but look nicer, with minimal judder due to the pre-rendered frames. Cant really complain 🙂

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