60 Seconds Reatomized – New 60 Seconds Game – In a Fallout Shelter but You Don't Feed Your Son

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my name is ntek today were playing 60 seconds rhe atomized so 60 seconds is getting a really big update they're calling this update rhe atomizes basically unlike a remaster version of the game and with it comes a huge amount of updates including four take graphics new events new ways to finish the game survival challenges there's different visual content you can unlock is a bunch of different things coming to the game it's gonna be really awesome and this is just so you know this is a pre-release version the game the dev semi a key hooked me up to check it out it will be released on July 25th in so very very soon you're gonna be able to get your hands on this game and it should be pretty fun it's just a rillette it's just a rillette amaz'd version of 60 seconds all right let's do a survival challenge experience of one-of-a-kind post-apocalyptic adventure yeah let's do it let's just do famine let's do that me the medium/deep Loogootee all right day one here we go I got them all they're all here we've got an axe lots of soup we got some ammo but no gun we got a gas mask though what's this what's this key for pan Lac what are we gonna use that for all right we got to send somebody out on an expedition motional acting all of us meeting in the shelter just a second before the blast those Reds there's just barely enough water for everyone we'll have to ration it strictly it's the best stock shelter I've ever seen okay time to rush the supplies now we can wait on food what food for a long time water for four days right so we got a okay we're just gonna keep it for a bit should we send good old Teddy Boy let's see yeah who should go on side Ted – wait can I can I quit them with something I can't remember how to do this do it know if there's anything I don't know I don't think so okay Ted's going out we'll see if it takes two gas masks with them I hope he does what the heck Ted's all sick man or he's gone first aid kits ben youssef he's feeling better though that's good Timmy went out to the wasteland we don't know what we'll do if he doesn't come back yeah cuz he took our gas masks we don't really care if he dies do we care eat and drink guys we're gonna need some more water soon we're all gonna die Dave five Dave five here we go how long can we last that's what I want to know oh yeah it takes two days to come back what we make of today will be our tomorrow so let's make it right Ted is fine good thing that hamsters not here we're not gonna drink or eat today hey guess what we already got ourselves our very own Fallout Garden about a mushrooms growing in the walls they're big enough to inna uh yeah no yeah no don't eat mushrooms okay that's a dumb idea especially if they're Brady you active we're gonna die if we eat those mushrooms man where's where's the kid in man he did telling you he's dead no noise coming in coming back he is most likely dead fortunate we took already with us we can probably listen to some music Delores is no longer thirsty yeah good everybody's in good spirits now what was that rat rats are usually smaller than cats and what's with the double tail we can get that thing yeah kill it see this is a good thing we we got a weapon with us didn't bring a gun oh he's back he's back guys what he's in good condition too he's not even sick no what did he get our cans are safe too bad for the hairy meetin we were were so afraid for Timmy but he came back from the waistline is safe first thing to fall in a time of crisis is ordered it heater we were walking next to the police station and turned out to bill still be operational and staffed if you policemen inside the scene capable of doing the job it's pretty odd the way hung him in a new world order please man were quite nervous while we were around after short chat they gave us some food and some water nice dude what arguing over the subject to take taking over the world so we got food and water dude yeah but we got the ammo rifle that kid brought back all kinds of stuff he brought back a rifle food and drink he's better than Ted going out probably Ted you know me having some fun forget about it what was it again Timmy as very is very hungry can't remain this thirsty for long yeah well we'll get everybody food and water we're getting low though Ted you're going out with a gone yeah who should go out so I'm using Mort we can send both Ouisa to people no I can only send one yeah okay we'll do it okay here we go that's going out bye-bye teddy see you when you get back there Ted by day 12 our town used to be very quaint and friendly place one of the town's folk we often recall is the old man Jim who would sometimes limped through our street turns out he's alive and well and still homeless some things never change he's been banging on a shelter door for the past few hours asking whether we want to buy a rock but now you crazy old man get out of here what okay there's a phone call from the other side of the streets just someone go answer it was some mary-jane out there she'll go answer it it takes a day for thee for the expedition to happen oh why do I hear like radioactive noise going on this is bug spray why am i hearing this noise Oh Timmy is takin all my water over here I've given this dude water like ton of times now and he's stoked asking for water Timmy got back to the shelter from his expedition looks fine but it turned out that he hurt his hand on a piece of rusty metal and the wound was infected it doesn't look like it up we have to patch it who you either cut it off or bandage it we have to just let it go because we don't have the ability to do that make contact with other wastelanders dude we gotta let it go cut it off – not a good idea there timber cutting off his hand and stuff oh my gosh look at all six looks yeah dolor cement runs started out as a spelling of size screw the math revision yeah Timmy's wait what happened we got some stuff there okay Timmy is very hungry Timmy's been talking other than watering he should drink some okay what's Mary Jane keeps fainting okay everybody eat everybody drink oh crap up we're out of water who needs two who needs to water more Mary Jane's fainting okay I think that's what we're gonna have to do there Mary Jane's been awful silent today this is very unlike her should we try talking to her yeah sure wait for the instructions from the military all right everybody should be good Dolores is gonna always back is it dad is back oh look at him he looks fine nice what are you get Ted a safety in terms of the voice of the surface we set off an expedition to the nearby zoo we're happy to report that it was productive supply run as well as an educational trip between the fat the East Asian and Australian sections we found some Panda Roos I've got a flashlight we got some water nice cup some playing cards you got a suitcase dang man Ted stomach is rumbling okay we need to get Dolores some water we need to get oh he and he's fine and Ted some food I'm not certain about the situation on the surface okay we're gonna send out in Dolores de Lori you're going AB sad Dolores is going on with the gun she's going out look at Ted's out bonkers licking Ted's gone nuts guys he is hungry isn't thirsty more dude I have been feeding this guy can't leave it okay I've been feeding this guy man he just were almost out of food okay almost out of food during little things is more important we don't know if there are any vegetable seats but if they are planting that might be a worth a shot shall we use a bottle of water to start our own garden well that sounds like a horrible idea since we don't have much water at all we got no sunlight in here so how's anything gonna grow no thank you no thank you are we gonna about to go steal from some old people and we're almost out of water and food so we've got to do it the dark side yeah yeah did it yeah what is that we went there it needs to come back we're we're sure the group will do just fine most probably yeah a few drops of water okay what did I get some door-to-door sales and found his way to our shelter now he just wants applies and he says he will reveal some state secrets to us in return no no I'm not gonna do it not gonna do it at all what's a harmonica I don't know if it's ever a good idea to let anyone in our shelter especially people who are dressed up in green pajamas saying that their merriment and then they give to the rich take from the rich and give to the poor but we're almost out of supplies so we're gonna do it there's a chance we're all gonna die from these Psychopaths but somehow we've lived perhaps they are actually good people all they grabbed a few things in left great dude all they took was the board game all right that's fine by me Ted is hungry we got no food okay tired thirsty all right we're all gonna die mysterious sounds are coming from a radio do we want to tinker with it a bit and find the right frequency yeah let's do it probably someone's gonna probably get electrocuted there's something wait a minute Morse code coming in dude Delores better come back be set we're all gonna die and she doesn't manage to get a slightly cleaner signal female voice started talking about being stranded in space some of the crew members going insane eating all the soup there's enough food to go around even Ted has nothing to eat and your jeans no longer thirsty she hasn't eaten in a while Timmy he's no longer thirsty Timmy was never a fan of soup but supers all he talks about now well that's great now but we don't live under soup okay you're gonna have to just go starving today the music from the radio stopped abruptly and instead we got the listen transmission from the army we're almost halfway to the door and they started talking about evacuation there's something we need to do first all survivors were asked to leave a sign that there were alive somewhere in the area it's given a Oh coordinates okay we've used the map to find a location to the military to the nearby location given by the military Dolores would you come home already she probably found a better life I know I don't blame her there is enough food to go around even Ted has nothing to eat yeah everyone's gonna die we got it Ted thirsty hungry okay we're gonna wait seems whoever it was they met their end after a series of terrifying screams the radio fell silent just before that a distressed woman were sighted her full name and address she used to live in our own town should we take a hike to her house and find out if she left anything of value yes absolutely there could be food there yes she's back – holy smokes woody what happened to her what happened to Dolores we got two soups yes two waters yes at first aid box yeah okay all right let's heal her up hungry tired okay dehydration we got to get him some Sun drink don't give her a little bit of food thirsty no not until you get dehydrated not till you get dehydrated Ted seems yeah Ted's tip will send Timmy out okay patience wearing thin we thought it would be a good idea to take a quick look outside to see if there's any trouble in the area he's we're about to stamp out a pair of Anam eyes flash in the darkness they don't started growling in the most terrifying way we only had moments to decide what to do take a rifle and shoot it in the face day 28 we will survive you will make it we will live Delores would really love to eat something she was cured from her illness quite hungry it keeps fading okay Mary Jane Ted isn't thirst anymore it looks very weak he doesn't eat anything okay Timmy is in terrible shape we need to give him water now okay we're gonna feed it we're gonna feed everybody there we go I'm gonna give everybody drink we will make it guys we will make it take the gun always take the gun that is my go-to method of survival okay I think what guys I'm on day 33 I think I need to wait until they're dehydrated or like fainting from like starvation I've been wasting supplies okay got a bunch of new things coming and so I'm flying through this to see how long we can last all right the kids back and he look he's looking good he's looking good day 36 darn it we had to chop wood for the army but we lost our ax that's great you got our gun we got some water got some soup nice okay Timmy how you doing there boy tired just needs to rest she's dehydrated she's dehydrated he's both hungry and dehydrated man we're gonna we're gonna keep it up Dolores you're going out okay Dolores is going out vehicle parked down the street sure looked okay Dolores she'd go out again Dolores is in like good shape every time so we're gonna send her out every single time because she's always doing okay love to eat something I don't even need to read this I just need to scan this see if any of them are likely dire need thirsty and starvation there you go my man but it's this day 37 we got a tank wait further instructions from the military Dolores is going outside dolorous you know what let's stick I think I might be able to trade it if I take something let's take playing cards let's just see what happens here we're gonna try something here we're gonna let Timmy starving to thirsty never gonna see how see how fast he dies I'm not gonna mess up them I'm not gonna do anything – we're just gonna let him B's you know what – if I get an opportunity to send him out we're gonna send them out as well we're not gonna let it get old Timmy do anything he can go ahead and just die okay so that's what we're gonna do right now huh that didn't take long one day Timmy didn't have any water suing crazy she opened the shelter daughter ran away without looking back he literally just ran outside and died or he's going crazy over here what the heck man he's just gone he took one day he took one day for him to disappear that is hilarious we'll give some food I don't care we got the soup supplies stock pile over here look at this we found a thing we found like a suitcase and we found a bunch of soup found a shelf with a big sign that read everything for 99 cents we got a bunch of water dude we got so much stuff gasps miss look at this Delores I gave her a map and she went out and she found all kinds of stuff we are hard literally stalked to the rafters and vigorous enough to withstand the hazard the wasteland we got so much stuff we could really use some more supplies yep okay let's do it well I'm just like sending every I'm just sending people out like we're on day 60 waiting for rescue from the military and we're doing like incredibly well and what's-his-face is gone and gone all crazy he's gone for good he's not coming back if you if he was coming back I think he would've came back by now so he's gone and we got so much stuff okay go on dude take that gun with your set take that gun with you actually we should keep the gun here because if something's in the vault he's gone and having it we don't have the axe anymore so we can defend ourselves got a gang of thugs coming they're banging us ordering us to surrender let's get the gun when I can use the padlock it seems like the appropriate choice but the probably just break it you got a gun you might be able to defend ourselves they might leave oh yeah oh yeah that's for a man we brought came in handy sweet we defended ourselves what I'm talking about I'm making all the right choices guys except for driving our Sun and saying dropping hints at a special day for today we had to think about it hard after letting the average facilities he anniversary of the great barbecue at three years ago international popcorn day we realized she was talking about her birthday we need to get her a gift bug spray have some bug spray on your birthday hurry a day 65 wins his end what are they coming come on man Oh turds dude turn you went to a gang and he died no Ted is dead you guys well at least we're gonna survive forever holy smokes Oh oh man Ted is dead that's no good Oh vainest came and we used a rifle but uh we guns a piece of junk now it blew up on us so the guns gone that's no good we got to send her outside let's send her with some with the briefcase I guess I don't know let's just go look at the guns I'll bust it up what the heck look at that a bunch of teenagers came and they asked us to open and we opened it and we got our gun back sick that's awesome man ooh nope we don't have either of those things sorry bandits came back I've gotten too destroyed again but at least we fended off the bandits darn it did we just got that gun back and somehow we got our gun back she repaired it but he's dead now no dude it's just Dolores least she can survive forever I guess no we can't send her outside she's not gonna come back Dolores you gotta wait for the military to come but I heard the door open why did I just hear that open what what the heck you just have to wait offer soup and exchange for that offers water in exchange for that okay no we don't need any that banister back TP just keep coming back good thing we got that gun but it's just gonna keep breaking I think perfect everytime they come we lose it but then we we somehow get it back like soon after sleezy the controller carrying should we make a deal it's usin yeah okay let's give him some soup I guess and maybe we'll go get a gun but gun in return oh great a cat's here now yeah we're probably gonna die love to eat something no great and that's not good that cats probably gonna kill us I mean doubt they're real for a second they did have lab coats and everything should we help them yeah sure let's get that because they better give us some meds and in return before when that cat tries to kill me odd the cat nope there's a cat I thought the cat was gone what they steal great you took our water took some water we got a ton of it though so we're okay there isn't a lot of space down here I can smell everything got loose today reveal the hole we fo pretty sick it's the smell come from the hole it's terrible should we investigate and remove the source of stench oh yes hopefully we don't get sick or die or something where's the military I'm gonna have to end it been doing this forever we got some we got some soup okay more soup that's great to see all right here we go we're gonna padlock up the door the radars Raiders are here and hopefully we survived it looks like we have cats alive everything's good alright that means the next time they come though we're probably gonna die so us okay but we can't help but wonder how much of a self-made cat it is just so happens we found an address on us collar it's still alive and a trip to the waist on this risky she would go on side and check the address no don't go okay here we go GG bandits are here dead the bandits came and we're dead just freaking great alright well thanks for watching we died made it the day 87 survived for 88 days that's pretty darn good if I do say so myself for now I haven't played in a long time GG thanks for watching


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  1. eNtaK says:

    60 seconds is getting an update and a remaster of the game. what do you think and do you want to see more?

  2. A Wild Brony says:

    If you want to ration easily to save food and drink feed them every 5 days.

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    Today is the day

  5. Dylan Fry says:

    The seed scenario actually gives you more food if you decide to use the water bottle

  6. Locadio Marcucco says:

    this game better be REAL cheap (and ported for Android)

  7. Justin Wang says:

    Dude when an event about flashing eyes pop up, you're supposed to use the flashlight to get Pancake.

  8. cabin cars and gaming says:

    Hmm, wonder where you could find a water chip, I heard Shelter 13 has one. But ya gotta find the school of wolverines first 😀

  9. Toxicman 200 says:

    Hell ya i loved this game

  10. Lof BoyYt says:

    If you have a suitcase it allows you to bring 3 other items while exploring

  11. Sledge _Jk says:

    Try playing rainbow 6 siege it's a epic game 5 vs 5 defend vs attacker choose operators etc but search it up it a epic game

  12. Sledge _Jk says:

    Nice video bro

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    this is cool do more video's of this game

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