14 Replies to “5 Tips to Get Started with UI Design”

  1. Lauch says:

    Do you have any resource to learn how to design a good looking webiste?

  2. Waleed Hammoudeh says:

    Hello, thanks for advices, i am graphic designer since 2001 and now some company offer me to work as UI / UX designer and i accept the offer but honestly i don't know how to start and where and what i should do! i am professional as graphic designer but UI/UX is something confuse me, please give me some direct things and useful make me start know how to start taking tasks. Thanks a lot

  3. Marina Álvarez says:

    Daily UI challenge :O Thanks!

  4. Abadur Rahman says:

    Great Video! I also a do Ui/Ux design I also use dribble but i don't have pro can you invite me
    My id: Abadur

  5. amir chababi says:

    Nice tips bro .. good job <3
    if invite available on Dribbble
    [email protected]

  6. Nitai Lev Oren says:

    cool video can i ask for a dribble invite? 🙂

  7. aditya pasricha says:

    hi, I wanted to know about the dribble invite

  8. Zhuoya Shanz says:

    this is very useful! keep posting!

  9. KrishanKant Kashyap says:

    Which software will be more useful for icon design Adobe Xd or Photoshop.

  10. KOHLI says:

    Good stuff man keep it up!

  11. Fabian Pontén says:

    Love your intro man, great video content as well 👌👌👌

  12. Angel A. Acevedo says:

    Nice work hermano!

  13. Yetzel González says:

    Duro duro. Great tips. Keep it up. Saludos desde PR.

  14. Saish Sankhe says:

    Thank you for all the useful tips. 🙂

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