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today we’re going to look out for
important illustrator logo design tools but if you want to skip the intro move
to the time stamp in the corner these are Illustrator tools don’t have to
strictly be used for logo design but they’re very important when it does come
to logo designing I’m not only going to show you them I’m going to show you how
to use them in today’s tutorial what is that people welcome back to
Satori graphics the home of graphic design content right here on YouTube I
want to say a quick thank you to all of my subscribers and viewers because you
guys have now pushed this channel past the half a million views across all of
my videos this is a huge milestone and I’m super hyped about it so thank you to
everybody who tuned in often to my content learn something post a comment
and alike and shares my videos it really does mean a lot to me
now let’s jump right into my list of four important illustrator logo design
tools the first tool for local design we’re
going to be looking at is the shape builder tool I’ve made a group of
circles here with the ellipse tool you can experiment with the whole house of
shapes to create different Lego designs but the idea is to create shapes and
spaces within other shapes here is a she bit a tool here
but you first need to select all of your shapes and then select a shape bit at
all you will notice by default is a plus
sign above the cursor you can now draw within the areas that you want to use to
join together for your logo design to remove the areas that you didn’t want
for your logo design hold down the alt/option key until you see this icon
appear then carefully go around your design removing areas that you don’t
want the shape builder tool is great in Illustrator because you can quickly make
shapes for a logo designs that you could not make in the Pathfinder window you
can then flick the stroke over to a fill and then go about adding text to your
design essentially completing the logo this is obviously not amazing logo
design I just wanted to show you guys how to use the shape builder tool for
logo designing the Pathfinder tool is something I’ve used on my channel quite
often granted there are some things that you cannot do with there and that’s why
I showed you the shape builder tool previously the Pathfinder has many
settings but I’m going to show you just a few for logo designing right now but I
can however go into each individual setting in the Pathfinder in a future
video so if you guys want to see that let me know you can find the Pathfinder
tool here I’m going to show you three ways in which is important for logo
designing in Illustrator for the first example I’m going to
rotate the square real quick you can draw shapes with the pen tool
that will eventually cut into or cut out of the original shape to make a new
shape for a lego design you can hold down the shift to select
both shapes at once and then turn them over to a fill group the two shapes
together and then select everything and use the money to an option in the
Pathfinder window so as you can see is very simple to use
the Pathfinder tool to make a quick logo design if you have a solid idea
beforehand then it makes it a lot easier again I’m going to add some tags real
quick and actually I feel like a serif one is best for this type of local
design I will now show you how to cut your leg
up into a shape with the Pathfinder tool so make sure you have the Pathfinder
window open in Illustrator and then bring down the logo mark to the front
like so it’s a good idea to change it to why so
you will see how the finished outcomes gonna look and then rearrange the layout
on the size into happy for the design syllabi for them and then again use the
minus reduction in the Pathfinder window as you can see here the logo is now cut
into the circle making at one entire shape the final way to use the
Pathfinder tool illustrator for logo designing is going to be the crop
setting as you can see here I have three shapes just for the purposes of this
example so two circles and one square you will need to make sure that the two
circles are behind the square by sending them to the back like so you then need to select everything and
then use a crop option this method can create some very interesting designs so
experiment and play around with it to see what you can make remember to let me
know if you want to see tutorial based around the Pathfinder window exclusively the direct selection tool is essential
for editing logo designs in illustrator and here’s why you can find the direct
selection tool here and it performs different operations in comparison to
the selection tool to the left if you hope you direct selection tool over your
logo you’re going to see words like path and anchor if you select the path you
can stretch and edit the logo design in this manner if you then select within the shape
itself you can move the entire design and if you select the anchor
you can either the logo in its appearance if you use a direct selection
tool in this way you can really change the way your logo looks edit to get more
and more as you approach the final logo outcome it’s always best to make a lot
of pre design concepts on paper first and then when you design the actual logo
and move it to illustrator when you have several solid concepts a list about imports and illustrator
tools for logo design would not be complete without the pen tool the pen
tool allows you to make designs and shapes and on the better path if you
perfect your skills with the pen tool you literally have no limits to what you
can design for your logo here there’s a sketch of an elephant
which might be part of your pre design process for your logo design project
so uploaded to illustrator and then carefully go around it with a pencil
making sure that you play code attention to detail as you also saw in the first part of the
serial the pen tool is also handy when using the Pathfinder tool for logo
designing and you can freehand draw shapes to cut into other shapes the pen
tool really is used to a quad illustrator for almost any type of
design so let me know if you found this video
on four important illustrator tools for logo design helpful I’m gonna try and
finish a video on the logo design process from start to finish next week I
have been working on this for quite a long time but time is against me quite
often so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see on this channel also
drop a like on the video and share our content if you do find it useful subscribe to Totoro graphics for three
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until next time does on your future today
peace you


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