3 Neat Typography Effects In Illustrator – Try Them All!

January 5, 2020 posted by

today not one not two but three
different type of e-text effects that you can do right now in the illustrator
there sure to spice up your typography so let’s get right into it
now the first text effect is a neon typography design with some handy stroke
techniques that you might not be aware of so firstly of course we need some
text and I’m using a nice bold thick font from the family Aaron now we’re
going to need to outline the text and then ungroup the lettering and you’re
soon gonna see why but I want to have the lettering touching ever so slightly
so just nudge each character into the touching of the edges okay so now select
all of your characters and then hit command or control X to swap the color
field over to a stroke now if you look closely you can see the stroke outlines
actually overlap and run into each other this isn’t going to be ideal for the
design so the let’s head into the Pathfinder panel and unites the entire
section of the typography now that’s looking better already but we still need
to make some changes in the stroke panel so firstly add a round cap in case you
want to have do typography cuts anywhere along a path and then also use the round
to join but importantly change the design so the stroke is aligned on the
outside now we can increase the stroke weights and you will see how needs that
is already looking but let’s go ahead and add a gradient of the stroke itself
so select the stroke and then in the color palettes a degrading to the stroke so now it’s time to choose each color
for the nodes on your gradients and I’m going to be using three color nodes for
this design today so as often is the case we’re going to apply the effects to
the topography in the appearance panel and once you have it open click the
stroke layer and duplicate it in the top right of fly down menu click the lower
most layer and increase a stroke weight to around this kind of amounts it’s now
time to add a Gaussian blur to this thicker layer your blur might look
pretty pixelated especially if your design is quite large so increase the
document raster effect settings that you can find here and that will probably
smoother now most blur effects so that was the first of three typography
designs today and you can really have some fun with this one
but let’s move on to design and number two this technique works very well in
handwritten and calligraphy style typography and again outline your text
and then in group it as well there are two crucial techniques for this second
design and for the first one I will copy the a here with command or control C and
then select the first two letters I’m going to use the minus front option in
the Pathfinder panel so then with command or control F I will
paste that a exactly in the same position it was copied from so now I can
nudge the S over somewhat and that easily reveals a nice effect for hand
lettering the secondly you can take the pen tool and manually draw in a section
that we’re then gonna cut into the typography so the crucial step for this technique
however is that we can complete a non-destructive workflow function in the
Pathfinder window so once you have your shape press a V for the selection tool
and then hold down shift to select both the character and the shape in the
Pathfinder window hold down the alt option key and then
use the minus front option this creates a compound selection which is very very
handy we can then use the group selection tool to select the shape
itself or we can use a direct selection tool to edit the anchor points
individually now both of these techniques can be used in tandem to
create some very neat hand lettering and it’s going to add that finishing touch
to typography but let’s take a look at the third and the final typography
technique in Illustrator today now the knockout typography effect is really
really great for things such as posters and brushes but I’m going to show you
some handy techniques and steps that elevate your workflow to the next level
so I have the thickest version of LR unavailable and then I’m going to press
M for the rectangle tool to create a rectangle to fit my text over the top
off the typography needs to be in the front
of the rectangle and I’m gonna use the eyedropper tool to sample the white from
the artboard now I’d like to bring the rectangle close to the edges of my text
for the knockout text effects as I think that does work best in most situations so then I select both the text and the
rectangle and bring up the pathfinder window or one more time so again by
holding down the alt/option key we can use the minus front option which is
going to allow the text to be 100% editable if we just click minus front
without using the autopsy key nothing happens so do make sure to hold down the
alt option key when you use this process this is going to allow us to change the
text itself as well as the fonts even though the text is cut into the shape now you can then use your knockout text
on just about anything you want to but it does often work really well on black
and white photography and this instance is no exception now if you want to
change the color of the rectangle you can use a group selection tool to select
the rectangle and then change the color from there
but that was the third in the final way to spice up your typography in
Illustrator which one was your favorite today and did you actually learn
something be sure to click the video on screen now for yet more graphic design
content and do subscribe to my channel for weekly graphic design content and
TEDx some guys design your future today peace


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  1. Satori Graphics says:

    which of the 3 typography techniques did you enjoy the most?

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    AMazing, so glad i came back to your channel , you have grown so much

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  5. Max DesignX says:

    One of the best teacher ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. Love 5.0 says:

    Love From INDIA โค๏ธ

  7. Faisal Ibne Hashem says:

    You're my lovely teacher๐Ÿ˜

  8. Jack Ryan says:

    The editable text knockout tip was phenomenal! That tip will save me so many headaches. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Super Malario says:

    check: ifonts dot xyz for some font inspirations

  10. Rickard Eriksson says:

    Whats the font?

  11. Mohamed Foda says:

    Thank you for this great effort. I admire your intelligence

  12. Jackson Brown says:

    Broooo! Get a skillshare!!

  13. Mimi B says:

    fav is 3

  14. Creators Connect says:

    All tricks are awesome but personally I like the 3rd one…

  15. Pradip Songara says:

    Very very Nice ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  16. Reedwan Salmee says:

    Thank You satori, so refresh i really love it ๐Ÿ˜

  17. INHEODESIGN says:

    Hi satori, i have a question, what Mac are you using? Because on my brand new Imac from 2019 illustrator is very laggy and slow. When you want to move a empty canvas or transform rectangle shape, you get some kind of wired delay. Pls tell me what Mac and illustrator version are you using – I want to resolve this issue because its hard to work. Thanks mate !

  18. Meira Vich says:

    Good to know about knockout effect existing in Ai as well!

  19. Tarkan Kayli says:

    Good stuff SD..

    Yes will be also applying this technique to my work…


  20. Alexandru Grecov says:

    All of them are great.

  21. Muhammad Salman says:

    Thanks… 1 & 3 I like most.

  22. Shourov Reaction says:

    I am your great fan… please explain how to create good logo and presentation . And how to animation the logo …

  23. Shourov Reaction says:

    And please short cut key need to screen please

  24. Oumar djibril Sy says:

    Thank you! The last one was my favorite!
    Could you show us how to make your profile effect?

  25. neeta budhraja says:

    All are superb
    Thank u for showing these effects..
    Happy new year to you..
    Awesome videos!

  26. Bernard Williams says:

    I learned some cool new text effects today. I like them all. Thanks for sharing Sir Tom. As always have a great day.

  27. Pvc Mehra says:

    wow very nice…….!

  28. Edward Seeber says:

    The 1st was a new one for me, it's pretty cool almost like a neon light effect ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  29. MichalPlays says:

    Thank you very much for showing us all the typography techniques.
    It's very hard to figure something like this out, if you're not into typography style of things and your friend requested something that has to do with that ๐Ÿ˜…

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