2018 Mac Mini Review – Full Review using an eGPU

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Hi everyone, Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the 2018 Mac mini. Now if you’re not familiar with this, that’s
probably because it hasn’t been updated in four years or so, but basically this is a
computer you can buy and plug into any monitor you would like. So what I did is I bought this with the intent
of actually using it as my main editing computer. Previously I had been using a 2017 MacBook
Pro fully spec’d out and I decided to pick this up. Now the first thing is the price. These range all the way from $799 to $4199
and you can spec these out quite a lot with a lot of different options for storage and
RAM and things like that. Now this one in particular is pretty expensive
just because I wanted to edit video with it. So this comes with a 3.2 Ghz 6-core 8th generation
core i7. It turbo boosts up to 4.6 Ghz. It also has 32GB of RAM which you can replace. You just flip this over, take the bottom off
and you have to slide the whole computer out of this container basically and then you can
replace the RAM. I didn’t really want to get into that too
much even though I could have, but I got 32GB of RAM, 1TB of storage and then also a 10
Gigabit ethernet. And we’ll talk about the jack on the back
in a moment. It also has an Intel UHD Graphics 630. Which that is the big downfall of this computer. There is no dedicated graphics card inside
of this. The one thing they did do though is put a
lot of really great ports on the back. So on the back we have our power button. Then we just have a plug where this actually
connects to our power supply which is inside the computer itself. There is no power brick for this, just a simple
plug to the wall. 10 Gigabit ethernet, 4 thunderbolt 3 ports,
HDMI, two USB-A and a headphone out. We also have a giant vent here on the back
for a redesigned cooling system. Now if we compare this with the previous generation. It’s the exact same dimension and everything
it just has different ports on the back and it’s a different color. So you’ll see we have older ports on the back
of the older one. We have Thunderbolt 2 and then we have an
SD slot, audio in, audio out and those are a couple things they probably could have kept;
the audio in and the SD card, but they decided not to. You’ll see it’s the exact same dimension as
the previous generation, but it’s a lot faster. On the front it’s the same except it doesn’t
have the IR port like the old one where you could use a remote for it when it was out. That’s it, they’re pretty much identical as
far as form factor is concerned and then you just have a new paint job of space gray. Now this one comes in at $2599. It’s very expensive, but again I was going
to edit video with it full time. So the single core geekbench on this was pretty
impressive. Now I have seen higher scores that this. This is what I got when I was running it. I probably could get a little bit higher,
but 5670 for single core and 24343 for multi-core. If we take a look at a couple other benchmarks;
lets do that now. Now I ran Cinebench and you’ll see the CPU
score came in at 1001, where the Open GL score came in at 46.17 frames per second. Now my plan was to use with an eGPU. What that means is I’ve got this connected
to my monitor and then I use one of these ports to connect to an external graphics chip
of my choice. So I’m using it with an RX580 and I got some
pretty impressive results with that as well. Now with the eGPU I got 1018 for the cpu and
67.94 frames per second for Open GL. Now using Geekbench without the eGPU I got
23921 which isn’t very impressive, but with the eGPU I got 122604. So it definitely makes a big difference. Now I did all of my editing in Final Cut Pro
and while you’re using the timeline in Final Cut Pro there’s no slow downs whatsoever. It’s super fast all of the time and that parts
really nice. And the one thing I was really impressed with
is even when you’re exporting video there’s no thermal throttling. Not really under its base clock speed of 3.2
Ghz. So when you’re editing video or exporting
video, I did see it go to 3.2, bump up a little bit higher and come down like I’d expect with
turbo boost, but even though this computer was at 90 to 100 degrees on the chipset it
still maintained its base clock speed for the most part. My concern is the overall temperature over
the long term and reliability of a long term. And Apple’s known pretty much at this point
for having really warm Macs or really hot thermals. And the top of this Mac, I’m not sure if they
are using it as a heat sync because it’s always about 110 degrees on the surface of this Mac
mini. So it’s really warm all of the time. So as far as editing video I did do a test
exporting with the eGPU and without it. And with the eGPU this file, I did the same
file when I exported it through the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro and what I was using
was an external solid state drive. I have a Samsung T5 and I have all of my files
for Final Cut on this. This is my scratch disk. I just connect it, it’s actually USB-C, but
it’s using a Thunderbolt 3 cable. USB-C into the back of the Mac mini and what
happens is I edit off of this and export the file onto the computer itself. And in doing that I got fifteen minutes and
twenty eight seconds with the eGPU. Then I took the eGPU off, let it cool down
a little bit and then exported it and got twenty two minutes and thirty five seconds. Now to compare that with a 2017 MacBook Pro
that was fully spec’d out, I got thirteen minutes and fifty eight seconds. So I actually beat it probably due to that
internal graphics chip. Also, I ran that on the MacBook Air previously
so I thought I’d share that here. That was fifty minutes and fifty six seconds
and a 2016 MacBook Pro was twenty four minutes and thirty six seconds. So yes it’s fast, but I don’t know if it’s
worth its price if you’ve already got a MacBook Pro. Now of course you can do everything outside
of editing as well. If it’s going to run Final Cut Pro and export
video and everything you can probably run some pretty heavy things on this as long as
they are not graphic intensive. If they are you are going to want an eGPU
for this so that’s an additional cost. And the eGPU isn’t as fast as if you had an
internal GPU so you may want to get an iMac for example which would be faster and about
the same price if you’re going to spend for the higher spec. But if you want to get into the Mac ecosystem
with a cheaper device around $800 to $1000 then this is the one to get. It’s actually the cheapest way to get into
a Mac at this point. So if you want to use it for web surfing,
playing some games on FaceBook, whatever you’d want this will do the job, but don’t expect
it to perform up to an iMac level or a MacBook Pro or iMac Pro level. SO that’s it for the Mac mini, let me know
what you think in the comments below. I think this is a great little machine and
definitely worth picking up if it’s the right fit for you. But a lot of people will use these in server
racks as well. There are some server places that use these
quite a bit in a row of them and just daisy chain them together with the 10 Gigabit ethernet
and that’s it. So let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. If you haven’t subscribed already, please
subscribe and like. As always, thanks for watching. This is Aaron, I’ll see you next time.


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  1. cgwworldministries says:

    110 degrees you'd have 3rd degree burns touching it. You'd set any papers touching it on fire.

  2. Michael Moy says:

    Nice to see results but I wanted to see it hooked up. I've thought of getting one of these as a portable computer. Add a portable Retina monitor, mechanical keyboard and mouse and it provides ports, replaceable display, replaceable keyboard and fewer thermal issues than the MacBook Pros.

  3. Rknee Gordon says:

    The only spec I upgrade is the CPU. With the money you save doing your own RAM an staying with base storage, you can add external storage an reasonably good GPU. Also this is not a machine you want to do any heavy graphic editing over a period of 8-16 hours a day, every day.

  4. Bike Tyson says:

    So the only thing really improved is Intel’s part.

  5. woodswork says:

    I have the i7 version but didn’t spend the $600 Apple wanted for the 32gb upgrade. Did it myself for 200. Got then Blackmagic EGPU and using it with DaVinci Resolve. Works great for me

  6. Chance Word says:

    What resolution are you able to achieve with the LG 34WK95U-W and Sonnet eGPU, and which port? I have this same set-up with monitor and mini. I was using a Razer Core X eGPU with an ASUS AMD Vega 64 Card. But the best resolution I could get out of it was 3440×1440 over the DisplayPort port, and that didn't seem right (all the letters were slightly fuzzy). The Vega 64 seized up after a week so I returned both so I can get the BlackMagic eGPU Pro and connect via Thunderbolt whenever it becomes available (hopefully).

  7. Nannie Pie says:

    Jide remix os is better

  8. Fiano Anthonio says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. Seems to me, FCPX not fully utilize eGPU in exporting video. How about color correction and color grading work? Is there any significant difference? I have a max out macbook pro mid 2012 with an old integratedGPU. I am still hesitant to upgrade to the newest macbook pro for video editing work. I think I would be better saving more money if I buy mac mini i5 + eGPU(rx580) instead and still keep my old macbook (+ipad pro) for mobile.
    I am just not sure at the moment about the performance of mac mini combined with eGPU for graphic intense work on FCPX. Let me know what you think. Thank you

  9. Ashley Lahm says:

    Quality video. Subscribed 😉

  10. doggaki says:

    Nice and honest review!!

  11. Louis Mariano says:

    most all of the other peoples reviews of this that I've watched on you tube say that this actually worked BETTER for them than an iMac Pro…. So i don't know where youre coming from with this info…? (confused)

  12. Apple Bits says:

    An iMac would not be a better option. Putting an RX 580 or above will outperform anything current iMacs can offer, while putting in Vega cards will give you iMac Pro performance.
    An eGPU may have a slight performance dip vs internal GPUs, but the internal GPUs in iMacs are lower power, and actually have more of a performance dip compared to their desktop counterparts.

  13. PassiveSmoking says:

    Just to clarify these temps are in F. It’s not getting hot enough to boil water!

  14. Direktörn says:

    Full eGPU review? where?

  15. Roger Alexander says:

    Pretty Light on the EGPU info! ;(

  16. lasarith2 says:

    You would edit video even faster with an iPad Pro and LumaFusion ~ real time, before any additional effects.

  17. THorne H says:

    Why would you get 10gb Ethernet if you’re not going to use as a server chain? Thanks for a good review.

  18. twoodcc says:

    so are you going to use this as your main editing machine?

  19. mylemon blue says:

    To make the Mac mini complete now, eGPU is the new big repeat buzz. Should Apple use the Mac mini to sell it's own eGPU?

  20. Misingyu2 says:

    Great video! Are there any inexpensive monitors you would recommend to use with the new mac mini? Like $200 and under?

  21. Thomas Knall says:

    When testing the new Mac mini, did you notice any hissing noise (very faint) coming from the inside? Thats what I can hear from my Mac Mini (the exact same setup)… not permanently, but mostly when doing I/O operations… should I regard that as a flaw and return the device to Apple?

  22. Spunkmire says:

    Needs a Hot plate element decal on the top

  23. Ivan Raimi says:

    4000$ just to edit videos lol

  24. chinito77 says:

    Not exactly a “Full” review with an eGPU. I’d like to know the difference between BlackMagic’s Pro 580 vs Sonnet’s 580 box. I’d like to know what gaming is like with GPU intensive games like Cities Skyline or PUBG. What other Mac video editing software takes advantage of an eGPU? What video card to you recommend for gamers or video editors? Can you use more than one eGPU? What issues have you encountered with eGPU’s? Do all eGPU’s work with the new Mac mini?

  25. Colum O'Dwyer says:

    Thanks for the video. All I can add is that after getting very excited by the Mac Mini I ended up jumping to a dell gaming laptop (£934 versus £2.5k for the equivalent Mac) after hearing about the throttling on an i7 inside the Mac Mini chassis. Real hard sell for video work especially when combined with the lack of a dedicated GPU.

  26. Håkan Rohdin says:

    I imagine an eGPU stackable with the Mini and with a proper GPU would sell like hotcakes. Not much point in getting a tiny computer if the eGPU enclosure attached to it is the size of a mITX system like most of them are.

  27. BitPlay says:

    Why is the MacBook Pro 2017 faster than the mac mini? I mean, the Mac Mini has a faster clock speed as well as 2 extra cores, and twice the ram and a better gpu, why is it slower?

  28. Philip Cooper says:

    I know it's tiny, cute and all that, but at that kind of money, you'd have a video editing desktop beast, a real workhorse.

  29. Gabriel Dorcino says:

    Thanks for subtitles. Now I can use translate. 🙂

  30. sG Kim says:

    I have 2016 macbook pro 15inch with touch bar. Does it worth to buy MAC mini for Xcode?

  31. PCUser1024 says:

    4:40 – It's warm because heat is dissipating – externally…it has got to go somewhere! If you don't feel it, it means the internal is getting hotter and hotter (assuming the unit is running)…till it reaches a high point of thermal equilibrium. Thermal dynamics. @5:36 – You need to work on your PowerPoint presentation / layout skill.

  32. Shawn Matthews says:

    I plan on waiting until someone builds a mini itx board I can drop a 12 to 16 core chip on that will accommodate 128GB of RAM and has 3 m.2 slots and put it all in an old G4 cube with a good GPU. It might take a little creative rearranging, but it will eat that thing alive and cost about what you paid for yours.

  33. Marek P says:

    Great review Aaron. Did you actually get the LG 34WK95U-W monitor to work with 2018 mac mini at full 5K 5120 x 2160 resolution over TB3 without eGPU? I am considering the LG 34WK95U-W for my 2018 mac mini; however, there are many conflicting opinions regarding the ability of mac mini to connect to this monitor at full resolution.
    I would appreciate your guidance.

  34. 24063457467984263567 says:

    what's the max number of displays you can connect with an eGPU plus internal ports? I would love to make a 6 screen hull hd setup in my studio with a mac mini…but so far it seems 3 is max no matter what. anyone chime in?

  35. David Gregory says:

    I own one of these i7, 256GB storage and 16 GB memory. It was ordered as the NY event closed and the store came online, so I have had mine about as long as anyone not getting a preview from Apple would. It replaced a MacBook Pro 13" Retina 2015 generation.

    I have not seen the high temperatures you describe as "always" on the top of your device. I have tried it sitting as you have and usually have it vertical in a metal stand and it has never gotten hot or even warm.

    My usage is not so much video editing, but I do rip and transcode BluRay and DVD files with Handbrake and have heard the fans spin up, but not anything too excessive. The rest of my use is pretty common apps and Parallels running Windows 10 Pro. I commonly multitask my Mac mini with multiple windows open to include streaming media (YouTube TV, for example) and any number of other apps.

    I would suggest you might check with Apple regarding the heat you are measuring on the device as maybe there is a problem. The mini should also be more robust than using a laptop as the CPU is a desktop grade and not a mobile processor version like the MBP.

    I am considering an eGPU but want to wait and see what the best combo is before buying. I would love to see a combo hub/eGPU in a housing that matches the mini's size and shape. It does not have to be a bleeding edge GPU, just a decent discrete one.

    Finally there are many of us who want a Mac but do not want a laptop or an iMac. The mini is quite good as a headless Mac that can be used with any display. Mine is connected to an H-P 32" UHD display which is well suited to my use. Some users concerned about security also do not have to worry about mic or camera hacking as there is not one of either built in.

  36. GamerGee says:

    Farenheifht or Celsius

  37. Jason says:

    I keep looking at this Mac Mini. First off, thank you for the video, comparing it to other models with & without an eGPU. My current Mac is an iMac 5K late 2014 model. No longer under warranty and suffering from over heating. It's already had it's heat sync replaces, along with other parts, while it was under warranty. Of course right after the warranty expired, the issues returned.

    Wondering if I should try having my current iMac repaired (may or may not cost a lot) or if I should invest in a high-end Mac Mini or wait to see what the rumored Mac Pro will bring. I mostly just watch streamed games on Twitch while maybe messing around in Photoshop or playing a little Ark (back when Ark actually worked flawlessly on my iMac, but patches broke the game).

  38. busywl69 says:

    eGPU lol.

  39. Trigga Rackso says:

    Terrible IO, terrible specs and it doesn’t even come with a mouse a keyboard. I tell everyone just save the extra 400 and get an iMac.

  40. Achilleas Labrou says:

    I suggest to upgrade only the CPU. Thunderbolt 3 is 40 Gbit/sec fast. Which is unbelievable. You can install programs into a Thunderbolt SSD disk and run them from there. It is much cheaper.
    The RAM from Apple is very expensive too. If it is ECC it is not expensive. But I doubt it is the premium ErrorCorectingCode RAM like that of Mac Pro.
    The 100$ 10Gbit Ethernet isn't expensive. But if you don't really need it now, you can buy a Thunderbolt adapter to 10Gbit Ethernet later.
    Thunderbolt is very versatile.

  41. mbanksj says:

    you're editing off your external ssd, and connecting your monitor directly to your computer? not the egpu?

    maybe i misunderstood, but if this is the case, you're doing it wrong

  42. Hudson music says:

    What soft do you use at 4:17 plz ? 😯

  43. Chuck & Deb Wood says:

    Great video! Thanks! Do you have benchmarks for your Macbook Pro 2016 using you eGPU with FCPX?

  44. Iván Durán Pérez says:


  45. Straight 2DVD says:

    $2600 for a machine without a dedicated gpu lol

  46. Rob Rownd says:

    Thanks for this. Would you consider doing a video on EGUs in general and when they are beneficial? I shoot 4K science films and do everything inhouse except the color and final audio mix. I'm wondering how much it would improve my workflow if I used an EGU.

  47. WR4P-TP PSN says:

    It use $220 i5 8500 cpu, $90 8gigs RAM, $200 pcie SSD, iPhone size basic motherboard and low power psu. What Apple charging extra $400-500 for. Aluminium chassis?

  48. Shield S. says:

    You could have saved 900 dollars for the same ram and 1128 gb of ssd storage if you would have used a samsung ssd and upgraded the ram yourself. Doesn’t seem like the effort is worth almost a grand. Ssd shouldn’t really affect performance. As far as I know apple used slower ssds in the mini compared to the macbook pro. An external ssd should be good enough

  49. cresshead says:

    too expensive, rubbish gpu spec, poor interface to user upgrade ram

  50. TheMack says:

    Nice video! Although I'm not going to buy a web surfing Mac for 800$…who is this for again? I really hope Apple releases an iMac with reasonable price/performance, otherwise I'm not buying another Apple Mac anything.

  51. Mac Guy3135 says:

    Every Mac mini video I’ve watched has come to conflicting conclusions. I’d personally never get a MacBook Pro because the keyboards are an abomination and the thermals are a joke and I would also not get an iMac as 4 cores in 2018 is unacceptable.

  52. Westley West says:

    I have the 2014 mini and I'm using all 4 usb port and 2, 4 port usb hubs!
    I don't think I could manage all of my peripherals with only two usb ports!
    So now I'll have to lay out more cash for thunderbolt to usb connectors?
    Thanks again Apple!

  53. Chris Schneider says:

    i got the i7. 16gbs ram, and 512gb hd. with a rx rx epu. total cost 2400 euros. super smooth. my first mac. just used my videocard from my pc and got the egpu case from amazon for 250.

  54. קארטיוב says:

    So, you buy an expensive Mac mini, add an expensive egpu to get render time of 2018 MacBook pro 13 for cheaper price. The Mac mini should have been $200 cheaper or have some modular eGPU (and not these giants egpu we have today) that people will be able to buy if the wanted – to keep it a portable system.

  55. kaede19xx says:

    I never understood people who need a powerful apple product to do "EDITING". Do they realize that what they really need is MacOS X and some particular software that runs on it. So… yeah, hackitosh.

  56. Trey Lopes says:

    Will auto cad work on it quick or slow???

  57. Sergio Garcia says:

    Would you recommend this for photo editing ? Not a video person just strictly Lightroom and maybe some casual Photoshop for larger edits.

  58. Tony D says:

    gosh guy you should have research this thing before you bought it, the rotten apple screwed everybody again

  59. nugznmugz says:

    Use a high pass filter on your dialog audio… it'll get rid of those thumps and plosives… sounds like your mic is picking up vibrations from your table. Or… send me you videos and I'll fix it all for you… 🙂

  60. David Polák says:

    Please help ! We´ve bought Mac Mini 2018. The mini was conected to many LCD by HDMI. Picture is terrible, not sharp, its too smudged. We have tested five monitors and pictures are still terrible. From resolution 1920×1080, 1920×1200 to 2560×1440. We have tried conected form usb-c by reduction to display port, still its terrible. Any idea ? Many thanks for any tips.

  61. Anderson C says:

    Should I decide to setup another Apple desktop system I'd go with a Mini too. Have an old 27" iMac. Overpriced like almost all Apple products. Good to know there are companies like Sonnet with eGPU's. Should any one feel the need for one.

  62. Jon-David Woods says:

    Please don't make their "options" for configuration sounds like a pro. It's ridiculously overpriced, especially the storage, in an age where it's supposed to be getting cheaper, it's getting more expensive.

  63. Solo Consciousness says:

    Damn…. imagine the workstation you could build with 4000 dollars.

  64. MickyMouseLimited says:

    Mac has become recently a bit too heavy on the price. The reason customer buys mac is the software. But now we are facing computers that are at least double in price comparing to the same thing in windows version. This again brings up the question isn't it better just to go back to windows and simply buy the software that you will need again and get a faster computer or keep paying a premium price . For me I don't play games so build in video card more than sufficient . I don't have the answer but I do hope Apple gets around and makes some price corrections because there sales are going down and I am planning to get a new laptop but I want to see more value for the money.

  65. Jose Pedro Carmo says:

    If you want to get into macOS it's better to check used parts such as MacBook Pro 2012 (still supported by macOS latest version). It will cost you around 300 bucks. Or you could try hackintoshing…

  66. Neosolyt says:

    Attention! MacMini 2018 > Blackmagic eGPU > LG 34UC99-W via USB-C doesn’t work properly.

  67. Flash Mavi says:

    Thanx for the review! I'm looking to get the exact same setup for a second editing PC. Have you tried RAW or Braw playback 4K or 4.6K with this? I know it's not going to be enough with grades and effects added. But looking for smooth playback only.

  68. PinballLunatic says:

    Perfect for me, I use it for music production and don't need a lot of GPU 🙂

  69. Ahmed Tarek says:

    watching for my hackintosh

  70. Alexander Nelton says:

    Okey people get it its expensive but while your Hyper tower of an I9 with 18 cores is faster that's not what you are paying for when you buying a mac mini you buy it for the EXTREAMLY small form factor and Mac OS…. it all depends on what you care the most about some people don't mind spending 2k$ or even 4k$ just to get that high spec with a really small form factor..

  71. William Hamilton says:

    I have a 2009 mac pro that was upgraded for a whole lot less, and would make this computer look a turtle. Sorry Apple, but you didn't even try on this computer.

  72. Sonicgott says:

    Okay processor, good RAM, nice that the RAM is upgradable, small SSD, but fast, good IO, paltry graphics processor. They ask too much money for what it is. 6/10. It's a definite improvement over the 2014 Mac mini.

  73. Jhenu says:

    My choice would be to Get the i7/8g/128gb SSD which is around $999. Well worth the money because of TB3 ports. Rest can be added externally. Btw I don’t own a MacBook. I’m a FCPX user.

  74. Ben Lee says:

    Shame on Apple

  75. Adam Towers says:

    Do you know if it's possible to run the primary monitor from an attached eGPU? I have a 2018 Mac Mini and a Razor Core X, only issue i'm having is the need to have a secondary screen attached directly to the HDMI port on the MM. Any help would be much appreciated.

  76. Alonzo N says:

    This is a good video for someone in my position. This year I'm pushing hard to be a more successful professional freelance motion graphics designer & video editor. I primarily work off my 13 inch, Mid 2012 MacBook Pro its specs are:

    2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
    1 TB SSD (That I added to it myself following YouTube tutorials)
    *I pair my MacBook Pro with my ASUS MX27AQ display that I LOVE!!!!

    1) I use Adobe Creative Cloud and the programs I use the most are After Effects CC 2018/19 & Premiere Pro CC 2018/19 will the Mac Mini 2018 be a good option for me?

    2) Since the RAM is upgradable and I can install it myself (this does scare me because I don't want to break the product) what is the best option for a guy like me just starting out as a freelancer but wanting to have a good workstation with the Apple ecosystem?

    3) Should I buy an eGPU to pair with my Mac Mini because I use After Effects & Premiere Pro for most of the few gigs I do get? What is the best kind of eGPU for someone in my position?

    4) Lastly, should I buy a new monitor or continue using my ASUS MX27AQ that I love once I purchase the Mac Mini?

    Thanks for this video and I would love the responses & suggestions by people

    P.S.- I will eventually learn Cinema 4D but again I primarily use After Effects & Premiere Pro so that's where my bread is buttered and my focus lies…

  77. anthony cayetano says:

    Great vid. Have you tried the eGPU on port 1 and the SSD on port 3? That would put each unit on a separate TB3 controller.

  78. The Sad Potato says:

    Apple is the only company that would try to sell people on an external GPU on a desktop computer. There is a huge performance loss and the enclosures are not cheap. Apple doesn’t want to offer their own tower computer because it would cannibalize all their other desktop Macs.

  79. SuperDigitalMe says:

    overpriced shit. Cinebench score is poor. The 8700 is capable of 1400 in a good ventilated pc, at stock speeds. Why do you keep on defending apple and their overpriced shit? You say "but final cut pro X is fast"… Its just because it make use of intel quicksync. But, newsflash, on pc's you can enable quicksync too….

  80. Applecompuser says:

    Just curios how this would perform with eGPU. Is it better or less than iMac and MBP. Just curious. Thanks in advance.

  81. Howie Young says:

    How loud does the Mac Mini's fan get when rendering 4K and HD video? How much graphics editing can be done using the Intel UHD Graphics 630?

  82. Alan says:

    Not in the same league as this guy but..
    Just had fitted a 1tb SSD to my 2009 4gb Mac mini. The performance upgrade has blown me away. Reboot times and app launches are brisk. It's like a new machine! £240 all in.. 😀

  83. Valdez1D says:

    Thank you Soooo much for this video. You more than answered my question. I just bought a 15 inch MBP w/ 16GB RAM. But the 2018 Mac mini came up on my radar & I was thinking about swapping while still in my return period. I just started my own YouTube channel and use iMovie currently. However, I know Final Cut will be in my future. After watching several vids on YouTube about the weak graphic card on the Mini, I was debating if investing in a eGPU was worth the cost or just stick with the MBP. The MBP is still more expensive. But the price difference, even with 3rd party RAM & eGPU added, is worth keeping the MBP. I love the display on it. I love the Touch Bar & Touch ID. But mostly, I just cannot give up my mobility to edit anywhere on my laptop. Thanks again!👍

  84. Jason Reeve says:

    Good video, however an i5/i7 Mac mini with 32GB/64GB RAM and an eGPU outperforms any iMac and even equals the new i9/Vega 20 MacBook Pro – once you factor in thermal throttling for intensive applications then the Mac mini outperforms that too. My i5 Mac mini, 32GB, benchmarks with a Gigabyte RX580 box equals the top end MacBook Pro that costs twice the price. Don't underestimate the 2018 Mac mini – a 64GB i7 Mac mini with a Vega 64 eGPU would get scores in the range of: Geekbench 4 5,800 single core/27,000 multi core; Heaven Benchmark (ultra settings) 80fps+/score 2000+ – easily outperforming any Mac short of the iMac Pro.

  85. Dmitriy Vassilyev says:

    Once we start summing up $2600 + eGPU + external display, mouse, keyboard, etc.., we're getting close to $3900 (price of certified refurbished iMac Pro) really fast.

  86. Anand Parhi says:

    This shit is most worthless garbage I've ever seen in my life. I built myself a 990k and rx580 hackintosh for much less than the maxed out mac mini.

  87. Davide Rutigliano says:

    Super fast? The RX580 is a mid-low average GPU that only some arse faced bastards such as Apple executives could market as "wow".

  88. badboybarber1 says:

    This is what should have been released back in 2014… instead of that other pathetic Mac mini. They way over priced these, for that price it should be a solid gold 24 carat Mac mini.

  89. TheKingLeeroy says:

    How will it be outperformed by an iMac?

  90. Raphael Mastromonaco says:

    Hey so I really dig your video. I'm looking to getting one thinking I7 8gb 256 or just go i5? Buying the 32 gigs of RAM and doing it myself. Eventually I wanna use an egpu and here's my question. Which should I get? I'm only using Lightroom and photoshop so I know it doesn't need to be a Vega 64 lol but thoughts on some recommendations? I'm shooting with a Sony A7r3 and 85mb 14bit raw files. Currently using a 2012 Mac mini i7 16gb 256 SSD.

  91. dinofmj says:

    great review. Got mine this week.

  92. Hussam Abu-Hanna says:

    Can someone explain how a older generation and slower clock speed i7 with 16GB less ram AND a mobile dedicated GPU beat the Mac Mini setup with a eGPU???? Isn't that the whole point of upgrading hardware, what has happened here

  93. Otar Shengelia says:

    Hi Zollotech,

    I have watched current video and it was very informative, hence I would like to ask you next:

    Could you please make similar test with ableton live 10 if you don't have license could be a demo version://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-exx-yH99k&t=55s

    It is very interesting in real time experience how usefull indeed Mac Mini 2018 is.

    I'm going to buy Mac Mini i7-6cores/32or64GB/512GBor1TB featured model and sharing the information would be very helpful in taking correct decision.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Love Peace …

  94. Damien says:

    I found the dopiest people on the internet – they are here!

  95. cesar d leon says:

    How do you think it will perform for music production?

  96. Official Papi Cholo Beats says:

    you can build a mac mini 2018 with i7 and 32gb ram and 512 ssd for 1700, much cheaper than macbook pro even if you get a rx580 added so sounds like most of you guys don't really know mac prices before you comment

  97. BABA GAMING says:

    how much time it will take for 1080p video rendering make video on that also

  98. Dulana Wijeratne says:

    Don't worry MacBook pro level ain't that high

  99. Markus Junnikkala says:

    You don't actually talk about what you say in the video title

  100. Wei Zhong says:

    4:00 your graph showing me it didnt holding 3.2ghz a couple of times, while saying its above 3.2ghz all the time

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