2018-2019 Mustang AmericanMuscle Graphics Hood Stripes – Black Review & Install

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If you’re the owner of a 2018 and newer GT
or EcoBoost Mustang and you’re looking to change up the look of that factory hood without
blowing hundreds of dollars, then you might wanna consider adding the AmericanMuscle Graphics
hood stripes that we’re talking about here today. Now, these stripes will fill the two voids
in your factory hood behind those factory vents with a 4-mil black cast vinyl, all for
right around that $60 price point. Install, according to the site, will get a
one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, take about an hour or so from start
to finish. But you guys hang with me for a little bit,
we’ll show you how it’s done. So if you guys didn’t know, I’m a big fan
of vinyl for the simple fact that it allows you to change up the look of your ride dramatically
at times, but without being terribly expensive, and the best part is, if you don’t like it
or you get tired of the look, you just simply pull it off. Now, I’ve had a few doubts with vinyl myself
on my S197, and while I did enjoy the look of those GT500 style stripes for a few years,
eventually, the time came when I was ready for a different look, and that meant just
simply pulling them off with minimal effort. Now, the kit we’re looking at here today,
again, will appeal to the 2018 and newer GT or EcoBoost owners who wanna switch up the
look of the hood on your new S550 but without making the leap to an aftermarket hood which,
as you know, also will need to be painted, and we all know that combination is not cheap. So, that’s where this kit from AM Graphics
comes into play, give you some options, change up the look of that factory hood, but, again,
without breaking the bank. Now, the specific part of the hood that this
kit does fill in, in my opinion, was begging for vinyl the moment these cars came out,
and as a result, it was one of the first vinyl exterior designs that the crew at AM Graphics
came out with. Now, we are featuring the satin black option
here in this video, but you should know that we do also offer this kit in other colors
as well, such as silver, for instance, and even a matte black version, so feel free to
check out the complete list of all your color options on the site if you’re looking to do
something a little bit more different. Now, material-wise, the crew at AM Graphics
uses nothing but the best stuff, and in this case, that means the 4-mil wrapping cast vinyl,
which has been rated at eight years of extreme outdoor use without fading or peeling, thanks
in part to the built-in clear coat layer up top here. Now, the bottom of the vinyl also features
what is called air release technology, and that’s just gonna help prevent any bubbles
during the installation process. Finally, you guys should know that the crew
here at AM Graphics does test fit, tweak, and redesign each one of their vinyl pieces
before sending them out on our own fleet of cars here at AM, so again, you can just expect
a perfect fit on your ride at home. But now, we wanna show you just what it takes
to get this pre-cut vinyl installed on your S550 at home, so without further ado, here’s
a quick walkthrough of the job and some tools needed to make it a little bit easier. Tools required for this install: a soapy water
mixture in a spray bottle, a clean microfiber towel, the supplied squeegee. Optional, but very helpful, is a heat gun. So, today, I’m gonna show you how to install
these hood stripes on our EcoBoost. Now, I already have my soapy water staged
up here as well as my supplied squeegee. So, what I’m gonna do is actually spray down
the hood first. I’m gonna go all the way up. Then, I’m also going to peel back our vinyl
here and spray it down at the same time, so I’m just gonna get a little bit showing here. This top is probably gonna get cut off because
we do have a little bit extra. Be pretty liberal about this, because we can
squeegee out all of it and even use the heat gun to get everything out of there. Now I’m gonna lay this on my hood and I’m
gonna move it into position here, right over our hood vents. We’re just gonna slide it into place here,
then we’re going to just move it and angle to where it meets up with our body line here,
and then we’re gonna take our squeegee and start squeegeeing some of that water and soap
mixture out of there. What we’re gonna do now is take a fresh razor
blade. We’re gonna find that hood line right here. We’re gonna cut about an eighth of an inch
past it. This way, we can wrap it back underneath that
hood for a clean finish. So now we’re just going to tuck that stripe
right underneath that hood, get our squeegee out because we still have some air and some
water underneath that. Get rid of all that. So, I’m actually bringing in the heat gun
now to help get rid of a lot of that water underneath and bend our end here underneath
our hood. So, I don’t have this full blast, I have it
right in the middle, but you can see it’s definitely helping get the rest of that liquid
out from underneath and dry up that edge so we can tuck it underneath our hood here. All right, so we’re gonna repeat those steps
on the passenger side and get that hood stripe installed. That’s gonna wrap up my install of the AmericanMuscle
Graphics black hood stripes for your ’18 and up Mustang. For all things Mustang, [inaudible 00:06:21]
me here at americanmuscle.com.


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    1:53 eagle eye spots bubbles

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    Can this be done to the 2017 Mustang GT California Special because of its unique factory hood?

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