50 Replies to “20 Jobs In Fashion | Fashion Week With Shivangi”

  1. UPAM DUDHE says:

    Can we do short internships on weekends?

  2. Anjana Pandey says:

    What if one want to become fashion blogger is there any course or study ?please ans I need help 😭

  3. Sraban Singh says:

    Plzz make a video on fashion technology and jobs related to it….

  4. Sophie Noor says:

    Thank you so much for this❤

  5. Asna Faded says:

    Can you please make video on jewellery designing pls! ❤

  6. Deepa Chauhan says:

    Di kya hm IIFT ya IIAD private kr sakte h isse koi problem nhi hogi ye NIFT ki tarh hi hoga ya usse alag plz reply me

  7. vijay prasad says:

    Plez… Make video on best courses in india , opportunities ,sallary etc😁😕😟😏🙄😬😳..plez……

  8. kusum joshi says:

    Di please make a video on b.voc courses in fashion design please

  9. Sweta Goswami says:

    Can u please make some videos for cad tutorial it would be really beneficial

  10. Saumya Rastogi says:

    Di what kind of jobs are for textile designing

  11. Ashley Perry says:

    You look like a Japanese Beautiful Girl !! I am so into your videos and they help me a lot but I'm just 14 so how many people of my age want her to make a video on how to prepare yourself from this early!!
    U agree=1 like

  12. Shrutika Dash says:

    Di please make a video on "bftech" ..like what it actually is what jobs we can do after studying that.. Everything about it.. Please di!! ❤

  13. FS farheen says:

    Please make video on how to do work while interning with industries …how to maintain log books and all

  14. smita chakraborty says:

    What do u do now.. nd what is Ur salary.. nd what are the placement for nift

  15. My shoppings says:

    Which carrer will you choose?…😍

  16. Madhu Kavya says:

    Hy…..plz try making video on top fashion designing institutes in india

  17. Deeps 24 says:

    Please make a video on 'how to forecast fashion' or 'how fashion forecasting is done'.

  18. Sunita Bharati says:

    Can you please enlighten me about pg degree ( M.des.) after persuing B.A. ….

  19. Harsh vardhan says:

    I love you so much!!!!!!!! 😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤ Thank you so much.

  20. KUNIKA BAJAJ says:

    Di can you explain the scope of leather designing?

  21. Subiya Samrin says:

    Wat type of designer r u mam?

  22. Satakshi Mishra says:

    What is the diffrence btw garment designer and fashion stylist

  23. Ashu_ tost says:

    You are looking too pretty

  24. Mohit Kumar says:

    hey what about salaries??

  25. Shreya Sharma says:

    Her room is such a goal!!!❣️❣️❣️

  26. Nikita Rai says:

    10K to come soooon 🎊 🎊 🎉 🎉 ✨

  27. Nikita Rai says:

    10K to come soooon 🎊 🎊 🎉 🎉 ✨

  28. Daffylabeth Mawlieh says:

    Can you please tell me which is better? Fashion designing or accessory designing in nift?

  29. Amrita Chugh says:

    Ma'am can u tell which is more good to choose as a career leather goods and accessories designing or textile designing 😃😃

  30. aritraa dey says:

    Shivangi thank u so much for giving such information!! 😊

  31. Rapstar Kingdom says:

    Mujha v ek fashion designer ban na ha… Or mujha. Sab sa jada street wear pasand ha banana so uss field k liya job opportunities ha. India ma ya koi scope…. Plze iss topic pe bataega kisi video ma

  32. Anamika Singh says:

    Hey didu.. Which one you chosen?

  33. Vipul Vishnoi says:


  34. Char Tea says:

    If I take up accessory design in nift will I have good job prospects?

  35. Muskan Sharma says:

    Pls make job options for bdtech students as well

  36. Panchu Jain says:

    pls tell more about costume designing in INDIA

  37. Sameeksha Shikha says:

    Shivangi di I hv been shortlisted for situation test.. plz suggest me something regarding that.. I hv already watched ur videos over that.. 😊
    Waiting for ur reply

  38. Durba Bose says:

    Hey Shivangi, lots of love to you from Kolkata. I am 23 years old and I have done typical b.com and currently doing a corporate job. But I am also a painter cum designer but I don't have specific designer degree. I want to go for graphics and want to explore this field coz now I realised this job is not for me. One day or the other I will end up quiting this job. So now without a degree can I do anything with graphics and designs?

  39. Garima Singh says:

    what do u do??????

  40. RAJENDRA BHATI says:

    Which job is financially strong?

  41. Damyanti Bara says:

    hi shivangi dee my name is Anmol bara, ur videos r really informative nd fruitful. I wanted to know datt d entrance exam procedure is same for other fashion inst. as NIFT conducts or derrs a difference??

  42. Geeta Methwani says:

    I want to know about your career

  43. Sweta Raj says:

    Koi to bta do…when will be the result come of NIFT cylcle 1 ????

  44. Tech players says:

    Could you please a make a video giving an idea about the category wise rank required for nift's

  45. Ritwik Srivastava says:

    Hey dii..
    I wanted to know that to be a part of Pantaloons, Shopper Stops, etc which branch of B.des should be pursued?

  46. Suraj Kumar says:

    Make a video for footware designing

  47. samiksha suvarna says:

    can anyone just tell me when gat and cat results r going to be out dey said feb-march nd m tired of checking it everyday!!!!😭😭plz someone if u know

  48. Poulomi Ghoshal says:

    Amazing like always!!Thank you so much for giving an insight into the worlds of fashion.Helps budding designers like us so much❤️❤️.Will u please do a video on your life in Nift and how to apply for Fit and get it!!

  49. Ríddhí Bäráñwâł says:

    Wht designer you r??

  50. Ríddhí Bäráñwâł says:

    Hie love ur hair now😅♥️ Btw wht is the difference between stylists n designer or are they similar??

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