#2 computer graphics programming in c

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consider this as a graph this is y axis and this is x axis the value 10 and 500 our x axis values this line starts this line starts at the value 10 and ends at the value 530 is x axis value 400 this line and said the excess is valued 500 now we are dividing this line now we are dividing this line into four equal parts jet for the program sake we are considering this line as a radius when we divide radius into equal four parts we get quarter radius half radius three r by 4 radius and coal radius and this is what 1 sine wave looks like this program is about when we give input as to then we should get two sine waves within this radius when we give input as three then we should get three scientists within this radius that is within the value that within the x axis value 400 now it goes on the number it goes on increasing for the n number of inputs you give but the sine waves should come within these x axis value 400 you you you you you you you

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