🙀 New Log Added 🙀 Rules Of Survival Fixed Lag Finally (PC Version No need Nvidia card)

July 30, 2019 posted by

hello guys my name is IMaadh and finally
I found the solution for rules of survival Lagging issue who doesn’t have
NVIDIA graphic card so everybody knows when we open the game there is error
messages pops up that it requires OpenGL 4.1 or higher and there is a solution
for it OpenGL32.DLL so before get started we
will check our properties I am using Windows 10 and it’s Windows 10 Pro 4 GB
RAM 64-bit operating system so let’s go to the device manager let’s check my
graphic card it’s 4000 and it’s Intel always what you
have to do just update to a video graphic driver it’s really important
just give the priority for it just if you are out of dated to install any other
software and check the latest version of your video graphic card and you need
to install it and update your being those also after what you have to do
just copy the dll file and right click open file location’ you need to past it over
here ok I already have the file it’s ok minimize it and go to properties go to
compatibility mode and Windows 8 maybe it will work on Windows 7 also just try
it on but I did not try …….. just override high DPI scaling blah blah
blah just apply and ok now we will see when you open the game the game is
really lag its lags we cannot play at all I just want to make sure I just want
to show you guys the game is lagging after that we will go for the solution
of what I found it ok we need to scan I will scan through my mobile because I
always use my account in my mobile confirmed okay guys now we can see the background
theme is really slow and after some times the game will little refresh and
the avatar will try to move really slowly let’s wait for it yep now you
guys can see the game is really slow so I will click on play okay guys let’s go
for the solution it’s better to close it because it’s really slow you guys can
see it so I will close the game yeah refresh so what you have to do it now
just right click and open file location’ this file just delete it before you
delete always keep a backup in your desktop so it’s very important just keep
the file in your desktop or anywhere after that just open the game okay it’s loading I will scan it from my
mobile yep now you guys can see the background theme it’s really working
fast and the enemy avatar everything is fine and we make fullscreen and start
okay before that I want to show you I will close the game yeah and if you open
the game again as I know the game is still slow again it’s lagging so this is
the trick what we have to do now after a long time I figure out why this one
happened okay I need to log again okay fine it’s working fine sometimes it’s machines oh my goodness
okay let’s play okay it’s loading up what you have to do guys actually when
we open the game if it’s still again come back to like lagging what you have
to do with just copy the dll file because it happened to me one time but
it’s not happening now just open file location’ you need to paste it and open
the game and close it and delete the dll file and again you need to open the game
then it will be alright so now there is no lag go to settings and put power
saving mode then you don’t need this remove it and I’m really sorry my this
is kind of fun I’m using a female avatar that’s let’s get so whatever I found it I want to just
let others knows and if it’s work for you thumbs up please share this one and
let others also know regarding this and we will wait from rules of survival team
to make a proper solution for it this game is no it’s working fine but always
remember guys you have to just update and update the latest version of Rules of
Survival last time it happens tonight open the
game second time the lagging is coming so what I did was I copy that unit 5
like I said before and after open the game and 4 and close the game and again
remove the dll file and open the game so always always choose the compatible mode
a Windows 8 and override DPI tick that one also don’t forget it
ok so we will get down I just won’t you guys can see now there is no that
much lagging like before after the dll file details we can open the game but
it’s lagging at all but no it’s ok it’s working fine yeah
so it’s depend on your laptop if you are laptop will be work fine for you guys so
I have a core i3 and dell inspiron that’s it guys thank you very much for
watching the video and I’m sorry for my English or I don’t have words what
should I do I will post this one on the rules of
survival thread also please share this video if it’s working for you and maybe
for others also it will work if it’s not work just comment below and join my
whatsapp group and let me know so we didn’t finally have a discussion and we
will try to fix it that’s it guys thank you very much and have a nice day


100 Replies to “🙀 New Log Added 🙀 Rules Of Survival Fixed Lag Finally (PC Version No need Nvidia card)”

  1. Toan Nguyen says:

    omg it works. Thank you so much!

  2. BLAEZ says:

    looks lik I was wrong when I thought AMD was worse than Intel

  3. RganG says:

    its work in 32-bit ??

  4. KiaGaming YT says:

    it still bit lag but thx it more faster

  5. SD Gaming says:

    i have
    8gb ram
    NIVIDIA geforce 820m
    cpu – 2.4ghz
    but it lags on ultra
    when I downloaded it runs smoothly
    but afterwards It lags

  6. KOS GaminG Tv says:

    thank you so much it work have no lag thankkkkkksssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. Gods Battle says:

    hi bro can u help me pls.how to fix if map is bugged?

  8. Harold Dumadara says:

    how did you find the dll something?

  9. anonymous says:

    i have same laptop but i3 4th Gen and this game were running smothly on ultra but now this game didnt opening

  10. ALLSTAR Faker and Quân Chanal says:

    not link

  11. PROS TV says:

    work on graphics card chipset family

  12. YT user says:

    Plz tell me best and cheap graphics card

  13. meme-sama! says:

    hi man i want to sub u but first reply this comment

  14. meme-sama! says:

    i dont get it download the file the delete it??

  15. computer tutorials says:

    just download razer cortex and boost ros and your not lagg ez:)

  16. kent pasay says:

    hey when i download opengl and put it at the ros file the exit button doesnt appear

  17. jjoey0322 says:

    thx bro

  18. Aaron Joseph Domingo says:

    i hope they remove the shadows and the animation of the grass for low end gpu thats the things that lags my intel gma 4500mhd but it is playable 🙂

  19. cooo0B says:

    still shit

  20. Sid Plays says:

    it actually doesnot lag on my laptop but it freezes in between after every few seconds but when it does not freeze it is lag free.Please make a video on how to fix freezing in ros.

  21. Kristian Pe says:

    how to download the opengl32.dll

  22. Rogue Hunter2187 says:

    am just trying to find something to help my friend with his lag bc he's pc is bad

  23. 《Samir》 Gaming Mobile says:

    worked in win 7 ?

  24. Ritish Rai says:

    Help I have gt710 and I'm stuck on loading screen

  25. RGaming GD/GT says:

    u mike sound a like scammer phone lol ur not a scammer lol i just want tell ur mic is like a phone

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    where did you get openg132.dll

  27. Jaņis Productions says:

    where is link?

  28. Aljer Jr says:

    not work

  29. ??? says:

    having no nvidia graphic card doesnt affect your lag, it affects the fps on your game. Your internet connection affects lag

  30. Cyrill Ren Pineda says:

    Where is the link?

  31. Christian Corral says:

    What is that file need to delete.

  32. Hakeem Antonio says:

    How do you upgrade your Graphic card thingy?

  33. Rafail Pappas says:

    I have amd a6-7310 and amd radeon r4 with 4 gb of ram can i run this game?

  34. Muhammad Affan says:

    thanks bro

  35. KOS GaminG Tv says:

    I subscribet you

  36. DragonBall Super says:

    i have gma 3000 64 mb 🙁

  37. Chiron Arcturus says:

    Here's the link for the OpenGL.dll. Haven't tried it yet but I think it'll work.

  38. Richie Boiser says:

    Why it did'nt still works maybe the problem is on the resolution of pc because it's too small for ROS or internet i dunno why, I have Pentinm (R) Dual Core CPU e6600 @ 3.06 GHZ 4.00GB Ram and 64 bit. I already follow the steps, Or should i increase the fps in game. Please help me

  39. the monkey says:

    i think now u dont need opengl just reinstall ga,me they have dxd3

  40. Mustafa Karademir says:

    how can i find opengl32.dll file

  41. DaRKONE says:

    how can i play this with my xbox controller??? can you help me?

  42. Night Moon says:

    Sometime the ros will run smoothly but sometime will a bit lag but everytime i check my fps still remain 60 fps even thought it's lag, but why?
    My pc spec is 8gb ram, i5, intel hd 4600 graphic

  43. Jan Mark Patalinghug says:

    Its not working… im still lag

  44. A K says:

    why the fuck do you keep refreshing your desktop? what the actual fuck??

  45. Morris Velasco says:

    kinda help me please…i have a very good inet connection…i have 14pc's AM4 socket …a8 9600 7th Gen Proce,,,A320M-ds2 hperX 4Gb ..same as may server…set up for W7 on this Pc's ROS specs not that high..played Dota on high specs still smooth..how come we experiencing lag in ROS..please help

  46. Pearl Fighter says:

    how to fix Ros no selecting server please help

  47. Joshwel Romulo says:

    what file is that there's no link

  48. Joshwel Romulo says:

    ok tnx. a lot

  49. Zen says:

    Thanks it works!

  50. Leon Hacker says:

    Ami me va sin lag solo que tarda un rato en empezar cuando carga la partida

  51. superc casi says:

    sir i cannot login it says check your network but i was having a perfect net work sir plz make a video on it i had subscribed u as wel as liked your video

  52. abas_ games says:

    I have openGL 2.0.1.

  53. Smosh says:

    I have no graphics card and only have 2 gbs of ram and I run ros smoothly..lol

  54. Olai says:

    hey dude 🙂 ty so much . dont listen to others comments you cool . their pc's sucks that's why .

  55. Prankster404 says:


  56. GokuRobloxYT says:

    omg it work thank you for your help

  57. Joke Ba Kamo says:

    how aboutwindow 7

  58. Ramon Mulingbayan says:

    My computer is 32 bit but ros compatible in 64 bit

  59. Ramon Mulingbayan says:

    Imoa production

  60. Ramon Mulingbayan says:

    Becuz its still lagging

  61. Away B says:

    ur gameplay is so lag

  62. Diego RZ says:

    Do you have a solution to onboard nividias?

  63. eunice geronimo says:

    sir why i dont have opengl32.dll file in ros file?

  64. 0.8 var says:

    The lag isnt fixed

  65. 0.8 var says:


  66. Edison Hibionada III says:

    Will this work on a 2GB ram?

  67. ConamoSquidGAMING says:

    Even though I had a good PC, i still had 30-40 fps on Max settings, I still wanted a higher framerate, I tried this method and I got 60-65 fps on gameplay, Thanks bro!

  68. Sachin bhai says:

    He when I type my nickname it show the background in black colour and then I click on create it doesn't start it only show's. Nickname used . pls help!!!!

  69. streaming is a life says:

    It works i love….my spec suck but now i can play ….i have 0GB RAM

  70. tung daoduy says:


  71. gg bro says:

    I have intel hd 520 and i3 6 generation win 10 does it work

  72. Nathan PG3D says:

    love u bro!

  73. Kurt Manabo says:

    in order for this to work you need to find out how many bits your pc has ex. your pc is 32bit u need to put opengl32.dl
    if 64 = opengl64.dl

  74. Robin Daniel says:

    Bro how to remove lag R.O.S using lenovo laptop windows 10?

  75. aljun joey velasco says:

    How about windows 7?

  76. Carlos PH says:

    windows 7 workds?

  77. Dang Naldo7 says:

    Can you tell me ? My laptop Intel core i3 (2) ram4GB window 8 it can play rules smooth ort?

  78. Torzy Tube says:

    bru you just lag yourself

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    I'm still downloading openg132.dll?

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    OMG! The game is horrible

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    What am I gonna delete? Pls reply quick

  82. The King says:

    work this on 2 gb ram?

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    Bro How to Fix Loggin Not working?

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    windows 8 will work

  85. EnKvvL EnKvvL says:

    i need graphics card 😀

  86. djamel eddine Belhoum says:

    Windows 7 How To Fix it ?

  87. Wraith says:

    My PC is 2 GB RAM with familycheap graphics card in it will it work? Plzz reply

  88. Rev Stryder says:

    hi guys, I found a solution for windows 8-10 pcs
    just right-click ros.exe then
    choose compatibility
    then click run compatibility mode for:
    then choose windows 7
    hope this works

  89. Gepoyy Cariaga says:

    Does it work in 1gb ram windows 7 hp reply fast

  90. Mark T VLOG says:

    i have no opengl32.dll what i do?pls answer

  91. Oreo Salandanan says:

    Do you have solution for ROS lag in WINDOWS 7? Please 🙁

  92. Jhonrey Jimenez says:

    This is a virus?

  93. PInoy Dank Memes says:

    does your pc had an HD graphics?

  94. ghost _ty says:

    ill giv a solution

  95. ghost _ty says:

    i have 2 g ram and intel chipest graphiques card : 1- go and delet all trash files in temp and %temp% and prefetch 2- make a viritual ram for ur pc and aplly window in high proformance 3- go to compabilitè do run as an adminstateur and on windows 2 4- this is the most important u should open task manager while ur playing and go to ros.ex and set her proprites to high , after doing all this the game will run so fast without any laging

  96. ghost _ty says:

    im sry, i didnt meen windows 2 its 8

  97. SamuelGamingYT says:

    thx men it works 100% legit thx

  98. Lance Manlin says:

    ME: hey it was just like our cumputer
    after watching all parts
    WTF!!! My game runs so fast

  99. BILLY MARQUEZ says:

    Where is the link

  100. ryan ravelo says:

    my Display Adapters is NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti,,i dont know what to do

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