◤dear future husband◢ → TYPOGRAPHY MEP, rules in desc [21/22 taken, 1 SPOT LEFT!]

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24 Replies to “◤dear future husband◢ → TYPOGRAPHY MEP, rules in desc [21/22 taken, 1 SPOT LEFT!]”

  1. mvllifluous says:

    name: mvllifluous
    part: 20
    editor: videostar
    password: password

  2. Yari Abigail X3 says:

    Ima roast u

    When typography is the best you can do

    Fight me 😉

  3. no one in particular says:

    Part 4 Melia. I’ll try my best

  4. 『PotatoMiid :D 』 says:

    I wanna join but idk how to do typography ;-;

  5. c a f f e i n a t e d c o f f e e says:

    name: c a f f e i n a t e d c o f f e e
    part: 13
    editor: video star
    password: password ikr best password ever

  6. Mint Tea says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to see the result! (I’m not joining because my editing is 💩)

  7. a m e l i a says:

    read the rules before joining please!
    intro: mine 🦶🏻
    part 1: KanaKookie 🦶🏻
    part 2: zoinks 👌🏻
    part 3: Jilko 🦶🏻
    part 4: Jilko 🦶🏻
    part 5: mine 🦶🏻
    part 6: Gacha WonderLand 👌🏻
    part 7: xoMoonSoo 👌🏻
    part 8: xoMoonSoo 👌🏻
    part 9: spicyavocado 🦶🏻
    part 10: DawnPlayz 🦶🏻
    part 11: Kizuato 🦶🏻
    part 12: Toasted Marshmallow 🦶🏻
    part 13: c a f f e i n a t e d c o f f e e 🦶🏻
    part 14: KanaKookie🦶🏻
    part 15: SenpaiKara 🦶🏻
    part 16: Gacha Giz 🦶🏻
    part 17: Gacha Giz 🦶🏻
    part 18: Ice Cream Edits 👌🏻
    part 19: Ice Cream Edits 👌🏻
    part 20:
    outro: gacha roseyyy 👌🏻

    done: 👌🏻
    not done: 🦶🏻

    [7/22 done]


  8. Gacha Roseyyy says:


  9. Gacha Roseyyy says:

    Name: gacha roseyyy
    Part: outro pls?
    Programs: ccp ibispaintx
    I think that your password is very unique :>

  10. Gacha Giz says:

    Gacha Giz
    Part 16 and 17 :3
    Videostar, Ibispaint X
    omg no one will know the password is password

  11. Gacha WonderLand says:

    Gacha WonderLand
    Part 6
    I love how the pass is password 😉

  12. SenpaiKara says:

    Name: SenpaiKara
    Part: 14 And 15 UwU
    Password: Password Is Totally The Best Password In Any MEP
    Editors: KineMaster, IbisPaintX, Blur

    Also If I get the part can I make it like animated as well as Gacha?

  13. Ice Cream Edits says:

    Name : Ice Cream Edits
    Part : 18 & 19
    Password: Password is totally not the password
    Editor : Videostar , CCP , Ibispaint X , Gacha Life

  14. Kizuato says:

    Part 11
    Video Star
    Password because best password ;’)))

  15. DawnPlayz says:

    Part 6 And 4? Kinemaster – Cutecut () Password

  16. Rachel.i0 says:

    I would join but I do not know how to typography!

    I am doing a Mep but so far it’s ded ;-;

  17. Jilko says:

    Part 3 and 4
    Pass: magic 😉
    Video starrrrrrrrr ☕️

  18. Meishii says:

    Part 2
    Editors: video star and ccp
    Password: password is the password ikr the best password ever

    smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🚗

  19. Toasted Marshmallow says:

    Toasted Marshmallow
    Part 12
    Editors: Cute Cut IbisPaint X Phonto
    Password is the password ikr the best password ever

  20. spicyavocado says:

    part 9
    video star
    the password is insanely smart my friend;)

  21. xoMoonSoo says:

    Part 7 & 8?
    I use Videostar
    Password is infact the best password 🥴

  22. KanaKookieなぜ says:

    Kana the idiot
    1 and -9- (wait ill let yari have that part uwu) 14 xox
    Cute cut pro or Kinemaster (idk yet lol-)
    password: password amazing so smart omg

  23. Yari Abigail X3 says:

    So Asian I can't see anything

    Jk ur hot

  24. Yari Abigail X3 says:

    First of all bitch!
    My editing sucks.
    My OC is fucking hot so you don't need to add the OC rule.
    I tell people to hurry up so THAT'S MY JOB.
    If I need an extension it's probably cause I'm fucking lazy and I have my own mep to run. Lol BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW CUZ UR LAzy ASS DIDNT JOIN. REEEE
    takes all the parts
    If I have more then one editor watermark that's ur problem.
    Ima add my name cause I have this font I like UwU.
    heart this comment.
    I'll text you on snap cause I'm so annoyed with the tags.
    I'll send it to you on snap bc I want it to be a surprise and it's easy

    Explain wtf is typing thingy is.
    Gimme the parts I want or I tell lexi.
    Part 8 and Part 9.

    Please. Lololol I will expose you if you in disc when I find some info.

    Jk I love you gimme the part

    when I saw ur uploads I was happy UwU.

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