100 Replies to “Zotac GTX 1650 OC Edition NVIDIA’s $149 Gaming Card”

  1. Tech of Tomorrow says:

    Another day means more tech from Tech Of Tomorrow, this time NVIDIA drops their under $150.00 Gaming card the all the GTX 1650, what do yo think?

  2. MusKubium says:

    considering you can find rx 570 8gb for under 200$ nvidia and jensen huang can shove this card up their ass

  3. Shivam Jha says:

    Benchmarks please :))))

  4. d00m Slay3r_G1 says:

    OMFG BEST CARD EVER I NEED TO BUY IT !!! Oh… wait… i have a RTX 2080 already 😀

  5. ADR Hindi Gaming says:

    Wtf?? 1050ti with new body and name.

  6. toontownlegomaster says:

    Im just waiting for 1650 ti

  7. Realme C1 says:

    Hey 1050ti was released a year later 1050??

  8. TheOnlyTwitch.R6 says:

    I am so happy you're reviewing this card.
    Does it have the rtx cards encoding capabilities of all the other new cards?

    I need a streaming pc gpu, and want the new nvenc encoding capabilities.

    the 1660 has the same nvenc capabilities as the 2080ti, but really don't want to spend $200+

  9. Ahmed XH Chakhoum says:

    zotac is increasingly becoming my favorite aftermarket GPU brand, they have good card designs and pretty good thermals @MSRP , 1660 Ti Zotac is far the best 279$ 1660 Ti you could find

  10. Dante says:

    My old PC has been waiting for this card, I hope performance is at least equal to a rx 570, and that local pricing is reasonable. Although that last part is probably unrealistic.

  11. Clarence 007 says:

    At least it's the most powerful 75-watt card you can buy….💪🏾💪🏾

  12. The Master says:

    Those Scumbags at Nvidia have a LOT to hide with this release it seems…

  13. DonAngel13 says:

    Well comparing any graphics card from the GTX 1050ti to a console is just not the same… Majority of PC gamers if is not High settings or above they don't the resolution, also if is not atleast 60fps either…
    Now on console majority of the games are well optimized for the hardware, and when playing at anything above 1080p, say 1440p to 4k, they use low to medium settings that mimick some high PC settings, and at 30fps…

    I took my GTX 1050ti and pushed to to match a console 30fps at high res and the 1050ti did better in many games… So to say that you can get console "4k" or better performance is just a joke…

  14. Juhwan Kim says:


  15. Abhishek Prusty says:


  16. dcikaruga says:

    In the UK, the cheapest price I saw was £138, my first thought was 'Go f*** yourself.'

  17. DJRICKYDEEUK says:

    The song at the end was – https://youtu.be/BDbUEydkuR8

  18. Storm Aercy says:

    GTX 1060 6 GB is still better right?

  19. Alley B says:


  20. SUPER USER says:

    Rx 570 is cheaper like 130 USD and way more faster than this card

  21. HiddenAdept says:

    Seeing "X 1650" immediately took me back to my first video card I bought, ATi Radeon X1650 Pro with the really cool box art. Another end of series refresh for budget gamers. Beat the Geforce 7600 GS for $250.

  22. E O says:

    1650 vs 1050 ti??

  23. Fred Flintstone says:

    Low end cards are nice for pc only games like WoW.

  24. Mr.Fluffy84 says:

    I still got my 1050ti am good !

  25. PolSounds says:

    men i need benchmark, i buy RX 570 or GTX 1650??

  26. Tomáš Bouzek says:

    Another overprice Turing shit by nvidia! 149 USD for that? GTX 1030 successor. Disgusting!

  27. Khai First says:

    still 149USD is too much… should be 100USD if Nvidia wanna win heart entries end user who want game on budget

  28. Boyd Mc says:

    Thanks Elric for showing these cards. Some YouTuber's talk as if its below them to test these cards, but I'm very curious to see what they can do. I'm also looking for a replacement card for the wife who's only a casual gamer.

  29. MueedVI says:

    RX 570 will still be the best budget card in 2019.

  30. 191desperado says:

    This literally is Tech of Today. Drivers of today. Haha

  31. gamertaboo says:

    That Zotac cooler looks almost the same as the Zotac Mini GTX 1060 I bought for my 9 year old's PC. It's surprisingly quiet and stays decently cool even with the small cooler on it.

  32. MrPartyGamer says:

    If the RTX 2060 was at this price…

  33. ATE Gaming :o says:

    SLI compatible?

  34. baghlani92 says:

    It’s made for third world people

  35. MrSammy says:

    😒 u guys do know that u can get a used $125 580 8 all day long on the web? and a new $125 570 all day long as well? What does the 1650 bring to the table that would be appealing 🤔

  36. STYNCLSY says:

    I'm sticking with my zotak amp extreme 1080ti.

  37. gazzertrn says:

    Intresting card , good for a budget build i guess . Just for streaming/internet use , low end gaming ?

  38. Budget PC Gaming says:

    No you will not get better performance from an xbox/ps4. They don't do a real 4k in most games it's upscaled, or only certain parts are at 4k and everything else a lower resolution. Hell a 1050ti is noticeably better then the newest consoles when paired with a good cpu.

  39. MEDUSAGG says:

    1650 Vs 970 ?

  40. Bane BlackGuard says:

    who would buy a product that hasn't even been tested yet?

  41. Deividas Pačkauskas says:

    Just buy rx 570 4gb rather, than this s*it, after update rx 570 is a beast!

  42. hiephoi058 says:

    Nvidia is greedy again.

  43. Rex Tilton says:

    No low profile card = pointless.

  44. Paul R says:

    quick answer no, Rx 570 if you have the power supply/connectors. Probably if you don't

  45. 4M4 says:

    Wow, you're lame for lowering settings. Just test 1440p and ditch 4k. If you go through with lowering settings, you're literally helping out Nvidia. Not a good look.

  46. Bruno Amaro says:

    Looks like this GPU will perform the same as my R9 280x 😁😁😁 Nice video Elric, looking forward to see the results of this one.

  47. PrinceV1R says:

    NVIDIA employee: we’re overstocked on memory

    NVIDIA boss: make a 1650 and put 4GB on it.

    NVIDIA employee: DONE 🙄

  48. psiklops71 says:

    what's the point amd will be flooding the market

  49. Jon Donnelly says:

    Can't do pc esports on consoles, no lol, no dota, no overwatch, no CS go, no rocket league, no proper fortnite, apex legends. Fuk consoles.

  50. p c says:

    "tech of today"

  51. The Kinky Merc! says:

    At nearly £159-220 UK , I see them as being pretty damn good bang for buck , they’d get a PC running if it didn’t have intergrated graphics , let you get stuff done like some photoshop a small amount of video editing , web browsing and light to medium gaming if your not too fussed on the graphics etc ( I personally go low graphics as rather something play smooth that at its peak)

  52. alireza kf says:

    i think at this price hell no this doesnt worth it at all

  53. peter gildersleve says:

    nope, it is overpriced like all nvida products

  54. Mitchell Putukara says:

    This gpu is rubbish Nvidia

  55. TxT Peer says:

    powerful as my gtx 980

  56. Smeltie's Mopeds says:

    How are you always the first… wow

  57. truekiller says:

    Card so bad the camera wont focus on it.

  58. K Par says:

    just passing along this information I've posted it on a couple other YouTube channels that I follow I was just on eBay this afternoon and there's a guy selling powercolor Red Devil RX 580 8GB cards really nice ones with a backplate for $115 plus shipping I made him an offer of $100 and I got one for $115 shipped. If you're not against used PC parts he sold hundreds of them and has hundreds available I don't know where he got them but they all come in anti-static bags and he has excellent ratings and reviews.

  59. Triplicity Damystery says:

    I'm keeping my 980 till 2020 or longer. No good budget cards out yet

  60. DocBrewskie says:

    Get a rx 570.i grabbed one for 135 plus a code for 2 free games and sold the code for 40 bucks.cant beat that shit.

  61. Wilbur Landaverde says:

    Gtx 1650 with zero miles, no need for a new case or psu sounds like a better savings than buying three pc parts and on top of that putting in the work. This is for low experience, low budget, older systems. You probably have support for software based features also. Im getting one soon. Better than gaming on a gt 1030

  62. CJC says:

    is it better than a GT210??;-)

  63. CJC says:

    i'm thumb up number 650>>>am i winning something??

  64. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I wouldn't even spit on it, especially with Navi announcement around the corner. Just another kick in the nuts to the loyalists.

  65. baltaza says:

    Amazing coverage! hope u get a lot more of support in the upcoming months. Best wishes

  66. Unfiltered Truth says:

    RX 570>GTX 1650.
    GTX 1650=Less performance for more money.

  67. amey2kool says:

    Same GTX 1650 card In INDIA costs around $195 which is approximately Rs. 13,650

  68. der_Balrog 13 says:

    So it's "only" 150$? So it's more expensive and slower than a rx 570.
    Dead on arrival. Still going to outsell the 570 because too many people buy brands instead of doing research

  69. Michael 101 says:

    I feel like everyone else could do better by buying a used card

  70. Patrik Miskovic says:

    another garbage

  71. Poxa says:

    This card is a joke and it's not even a good one.

  72. Jethro Albay says:

    RX 570 wins and it costs US$115 here

  73. Gin says:

    "1650 OK maybe it's worth.. "
    "But new architecture and new… "
    "But Rx 570 is older and… "
    "Dude I'm not buying an AMD shi… "
    (Heavy slap sound)
    "Rx 570?"
    "Rx 570!"
    "OK I'm buying"
    "That's my good boy! "

  74. Gustav Gamer says:

    4GB and 128 Bit memory bandwidth in 2019 on a brand new card. sheeesh. JUST BUY IT 😀

  75. Lords Throne says:

    I hate gtx 1650

  76. Retro-Musik Channel R.M.C says:

    The card is worse than an RX570 by 25% … And the 1650 is even more expensive!!!! Find the bug … Nvidia can't handle the customers for this purpose!!

  77. Peter M. says:

    You'll find them in vending machines in case you forgot one on vacation.

  78. Shane B says:

    Spoiler alert, NO this card SUCKS. Price to performance is trash.

  79. Omega Man says:

    Why aren't the reviewers calling this out for what it is? A SCAM CASH GRAB aimed at newer gamers that aren't very well versed in gpu specs!

  80. gameflux says:

    Cool !

  81. Matt says:

    GTX 1050ti same price more power…

  82. TheCooperman666 says:

    Let me make a joke…..nvidia gtx 1650

  83. rus hunt says:

    Let me answer….um no

  84. Kon says:

    Piece of junk for that price.Long live RX 570

  85. Sultan Alsobh says:

    Damn, no offense, but since I saw this channel for the first time years ago, it was still around 500k subs and still around this number till now…

  86. feraljim says:

    Wouldn’t make sense to get this here in the UK either because it’s the same price as a 1060 6gb and more than a 3gb version, both of which are much better and there’s still good driver support. Well overpriced!

  87. A6Trinity says:

    just picked up an R9 Nano for $150 not too long ago. I'll be good on that for a while

  88. 笑ボックスボックス says:

    The 570 may be a cheaper and better performing card for those in tech price heaven regions. From where i'm though, the 1650 is a no brainer eyes closed! 1650 cost 179$ vs rx 570 4gb at 215$ !!!!

  89. E Hole says:

    This card, just from a technical perspective, is complete crap.

  90. Der CrysisBZ says:

    People are better off getting a gtx 750ti

  91. Ron DLH says:

    Big fail by Nvidia

  92. m_ micke says:

    holly shit, this guy is still alive ?…

  93. Fake news, Fake food, Fake world says:

    If only Nvidia would drop the price down on each of their cards The 1650 should be a 75 dollar card! RTX2060 should cost us $249 RTX 2070 $349. The prices are just way to much and too high and many will start moving to the consoles cause they do 4k no problem. If a mouse and keyboard works with the ps5 then Nvidia will push out the gamers from PC. AMD don't have anything to offer at 4k and Nvidia is charging 1200 bucks to get your feet wet in 4k but don't use that RT. I can't my bud's PC gaming is king any longer with these prices.

  94. aqsha izac says:

    This card is good for gaming laptop

  95. Jingle Jangle says:


    RX 570

  96. Kaur 93 says:

    i bought a 480 for 80€ and i dont really know why i am watching this

  97. UwU what's this ? says:

    do a video on msi gtx 1650 gaming x 4gb

  98. dibbstar says:

    Yeah it worth but the zotac is a shitty card I would buy the msi

  99. Vivek Maru says:

    Despite what everyone is talking about this card – it is going to sell big. This card is best suited for the budget gamer, and is ideal for small form factor PC's like HP. This card will save you money on electricity and will run at cooler temperatures when gaming – ideal for those living in tropical countries or other countries where the climate is hot most of the year. Second hand PC market is also where this card will be used to upgrade the old card(if any), sold with the PC.

    I had a EVGA 1060 Ti 6GB SC, it kept on rebooting when playing games. As I didn't want to invest in a beefy PSU because of high monthly electricity bills, I sold the card, and hopefully I am going to upgrade to the newer 1650. Also note that the 1060 Ti runs hot and consumes a lot of power when running games at high/ultra settings.

    Sure go ahead, buy a GTX 1080/1660 or RTX 2060/2070 card. Mind well these use a 8-pin connector, so you need a PSU catered specially for these cards. You will not get this in any shops in most parts of Africa or Asia, where a large part of USA/UK/EUROPE second hand computers are sold and cheap Chinese PSU are the only option.

  100. Güllü Kurt says:

    I love you ZOTAC🇹🇷😀😀

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