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Hey guys welcome back to If
you are looking to upgrade to a new graphics card then you need to check the
contenders of the Zero1 Awards. Remember we keep your performance as a
threshold to judge the winner. And the Zero1 Award winner for the best graphics
card of 2017 goes to the Zotac GTX 1080Ti Amp Extreme. Amongst all the GTX 1080Tis that we received this year, the Zotac GTX 1080Ti AMP Extreme is the year’s
best performer. It’s a three slot graphics card with the triple fan cooler
that’s built to ensure cool operation and has the thermal Headroom should you
further overclock the already factory overclocked graphics card. 4k gaming at
60 fps is the norm when you pack a gtx 1080ti.
Even a purely optimized title like PUBG when played on Ultra settings at 4k
resolution gives 40 to 45 frames per second and that is quite impressive. The
runner-up for this category is the INNO 3d Ichill GeForce GTX 1080ti Ultra X4.
The synthetic benchmarks are what set the two apart. But when you look at the
real world gaming performance, then they are very similar. The Ichill Card has a
unique cooler unlike we have seen so far where they have added an intake fan on
the top side of the graphics card. And the best buy for this category is the
Powercooler Red Devil Golden Radeon RX 580. AMD refreshed their entire Polaris
lineup earlier this year with the RX 500 series. However there are RX 580 and
RX 480 units have been extremely hard to come by. Thanks to cryptocurrency miners
who have wiped the aisles clean. The same can be said of the GTX 1060 series from
Nvidia. Speaking of Nvidia they didn’t have any mid-range launches this year.
Since the law of diminishing returns makes the 1070 TI pale in comparison to
the RX 580 in terms of value for money, we pick the RX 580 as the Best Buy among
all the cards released this year. So what do you think about our winners? Comment
down below and don’t forget to like and share this video. Thanks for watching.

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